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Let's go 4K on the big screen at home for 1 grand and a half...


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Yes, as said and here is a comparison test with another one of same range:



There's also this one by DELL:


Here's why I'll be ending to buy the Optoma (not my TK800 model I bought but gives a pretty much the idea of my own recent findings) :


Nonetheless, Optoma's Laser Phosphor entry model compares with much higher range -- here are two distinct comparative tests with one year in-between to exactly justify the point:


In any way whatsoever, on minute 7:00, faux-K shows up and testifies : )

In any case, proves how inaccurate is to say it is dead, as much as MFT is... LOL : D


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From these YT videos, new Xiaomi's 4K introduction seems a promising product but we're actually speaking about a different thing based on 0.47" chip:




As well based on the following reports:



(scroll down to English version:)






Last but not least, Optoma with their own offer too (named CinemaX P1 for US market) :



Here's some interesting info on topic:


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Some notice, others don't. Last technology is not that much prone to the issue as often as before at least. I have my TK800 for almost one year now, never occurred with me or any of other people in my family, friends and colleagues... Hope this helps to gather confidence! Don't trade realistic approach for pessimism please... connect yourself! LOL : -)

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12 hours ago, no_connection said:

That rainbow tho, image seems to look good just won't be able to move eyes at all. And input lag means you can't use it for anything else than movies and other pre recorded/broadcasted things. Impressive how far things have come in a short time tho.

It depends on the refresh rate and also on the content.  Anything where you're moving your eyes a lot and there are high-contrast edges make it more visible.  If you want a torture test then watch The Crow - lots of high contrast fast moving edges in that and it was unwatchable on the first generation tech back in the day.

The other thing to consider is sports.  Those who watch a lot of sport will have a very different requirement than those who don't watch any.  

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I know it's not my 1st DLP love nor a LG CineBeam choice of other fellows over here such as @BTM_Pix but the fact is now you can buy it for a third of before when a quarter of century ago was a dream for 64x less resolution to cost 20x more, literally ; )

Which means a difference of 1280x : X

Only to those who haven't had the chance to realize how critical the gap has been fulfilled since then...

No need to be depressed if life expectations don't meet the standard of your dreams if that's the case of anyone of us to read this : ) Get one for 500 bucks : D and you can only end just fine ;- )


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EDIT -- I should have written expectations in life instead, rather than something which can be confused by life expectancy... LOL In any case, you get the meaning of that anyway. Numbers speak volumes in fact : ) No need for much else :- )

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