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Kinefinity Terra 4k has landed

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Pretty sure I'm the first person outside of China who has the new Kinefinity TERRA 4k. I've been a bit of a ghost on this forum since going all-in on the Kine pre-order, but here's an unboxing video b

@IronFilm the audio's not as bad in this new test but still not perfecto. Some more cine-like images though:  

Thought I'd post this here for the curious who are not part of the Kine FB group. The only adjustment made to the footage is applying an Arri rec.709 LUT. Shot with Tamron 24-70 f/2.8. f/2

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7 minutes ago, jonpais said:

During an interview, Blackmagic said it’s a new sensor that hasn’t previously been used in any other camera.

That's PR BS.

Official sensor image from BMD:


Terra 4K sensor image:


IMX294CJK sensor image:


In the above three sensor images, every single pin aligns perfectly and they are exactly the same size. BMD uses a slightly different active area (extra pixels used for black shading).

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8 minutes ago, IronFilm said:

"they haven't used it in any previous camera" ("they" referring of course to BMD)

What interview are you referring to? Please share. 

First, he says it’s a new sensor. They can mean anyone. Why doesn’t he say, ‘we haven’t used it in any previous camera’? He is a BMD representative, is he not? You may be right, but I find the use of the word ‘they’ when referring to you and your colleagues, or when speaking as a representative of a company a bit strange. When listening to other representatives of companies, they almost always use the word we. But I concede! Ha.

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