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GH5 New Firmware: what do you want to see?


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Hey guys, just downloaded the new firmware to my GH5. I'm just happy about the 2.35:1 crop marks really but I realized you guys may have some questions or things you'd like to see tested. I hope to go out and shoot for fun next week sometime, what are things you guys want to see/know about?

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My future hopes are:

-the camera must show exposure values (ss, A, iso) in all video modes.
-AFS/AFC/MF lever should work with video.
-the red recording dot should be constantly red, not blinking slowly and more center of the screen. It is now difficult to see if the recording is on or off.
-EVF should have sharpening setting (easier to monitor focus).
-video autofocus menu item on/off should be assignable to FN-button (if the AFS/AFC lever will be impossible to work with video)
-iDynamic and wind cut filter should have symbol in screen (GH2 had those).
-when changing iso only the back wheel works. It would be easier for use front wheel for iso adjustment when my front finger already has pressed the iso button and is near the front wheel. Why not both wheels adjust iso?
-AFS should work with 4k/6k photo

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Or at least output a 1920/1080 signal while recording internally to be able to use an ext. monitor for better focusing.   This would be great.

On 10/12/2017 at 7:02 PM, buggz said:

HDMI to support 6K anamorphic out, though, unlikely in my lifetime, sigh...


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