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Selling my lenses!


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I am selling my lenses!


1.Set of lenses Zeiss/Oberkochen

They give beautifle filmic look!


Zeiss/Oberkochen Distagon T* t/stop=1.2 18mm
Zeiss/Oberkochen Opton Di    t/stop=2   24mm
Zeiss/Oberkochen Opton Di T* t/stop=1.2 25mm
Zeiss/Oberkochen Opton Di T* t/stop=1.2 35mm
Zeiss/Oberkochen Opton Pl T* t/stop=1.3 50mm
Zeiss/Oberkochen Opton Pl T* t/stop=1.4 85mm
So how much i can get for them?
2. Totalvision anamorphic 
I am mainly intrested in price right now for these lenses?
Thank you!
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Those are Zeiss Super-Speed MKI, with the three-sided shapes diaphragm. That'd be my guess.


They were produced in bayonet, usually adapted to PL mount. They do indeed cover 35mm, though I don't think Super 35mm, I might be wrong on that.


I've not seen them with those markings before, perhaps they're very early? If so you can up the rarity factor again. Though the serial numbers don't seem low.


Some more info here: http://www.cinematechnic.com/resources/zeiss_super_speed_f1,2_lenses.html


I'd guess they are very valuable indeed and you'll get a lot of interest from specialist parties for such an idiosycratic set. Congratulations!

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After googling triangular bokeh, the only film I could find listed as an example for people to see is Zoo


It's about a man who died after being bummed by a horse.


I kid you not. And no clue as to what scene it's in. 


So you'll have to watch it all.




And here's the source thread: http://www.reduser.net/forum/archive/index.php/t-12878.html


It is supposed to have wonderful cinematography though, so it's probably worth a watch.

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Information on What is an Opton lens from Zeiss themselves.




I have an excuse to be this pre-occupied with german tech you know, it's in my blood. Hanover...


In short, it's the result of legal wranglings, the lenses are the same, pretty much.


A potted history...



21 July 1952       
Foreign trade from Jena must be processed via the German Office of Domestic and Foreign Trade in Berlin. This decision was reversed in 1953.



21 March 1953
Jena employees who collaborated with Oberkochen in the past are arrested as “spies”.


22 February 1954     
Carl Zeiss, Oberkochen, files a suit against the continued use by Carl Zeiss Jena of the name Carl Zeiss, the lens trademark and other trademarks such as product names in West Germany.



from 1954
Trademark lawsuits are conducted all over the world. The dispute about the Carl Zeiss brand becomes the longest lawsuit in the history of East Germany.


The London Agreement stipulates in what countries Carl Zeiss, Oberkochen, and VEB Carl Zeiss Jena may use the ZEISS brand and where not.

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These look like the Arriflex Opton Di Oberkochens, I've seen them go for $3,000-3,500 a piece.


another film that used 3 blade lenses was Taxi Driver: 


watching the "Taxi Driver" again and noticed that in the night scenes the background lights that appear in bokeh are of a semi-elliptical and semi-triangular pattern.

The famous movie Taxi Driver was shot with (amongst other lenses) an arriflex Planar 1.4/85, which is the same lens as Contax, Contarex and Rollei. In fact, it displays the unmistakeable 3-blades bokeh of the Rollei version.




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