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  1. I contacted JCH in my search for one. They're exceptionally hard to find, as they weren't sold in many stores (in Japan at least), and Kenko isn't sitting on any.
  2. It probably is a Super 16 lens.  It was probably made between 1946-1950, if a little internet searching is anything to go by.   I'd shoot with them, if I were you.
  3. No battery?  Hopefully there's a solution for that because I'd love to use it (assuming it performs well etc etc).
  4.     Fair enough.  When it comes to photography, the FF Canons excel versus m4/3.  While it is a better tool, a photographer reduced to a mere GH1 or compact will still be able to produce an amazing image.  "Knowing a system" is only a little bit more then reading a manual and shooting specific tests.   Getting a usable shot is much easier from a Canon/Nikon camera then others, which is a much better argument for owning one.  They respond well to professional care on assignment, which in my opinion is why those two companies are the go-to for professionals.  I know I'd rather hike through rain with an aging 1Ds3 and some L zooms as compared to my Arax CM/MLU; as much as I perfer images from the Arax, it is not weather sealed etc etc.
  5. People managed to shoot stills before AF; if AF matters buy a lens that can autofocus with the system. Fair enough. I apologize, my point should have been clearer; for someone manually focusing with a large aperture, the GH3 is much easier. Especially for stills. Panasonic 7-14. Not the best piece of glass but if there's no other solution, then that's it. If a professional needs AF then they will have bought the GH3 to be part of the m4/3 system. In fact, if a professional "buys into" the m4/3 system, then their m4/3 lenses will be just as future proof as lenses for other camera systems.
  6.   Zeiss lenses or Canon lenses via adapter       More DOF when opening up the iris.     SLRMagic 12mm, Olympus 12mm     A slight inconvenience. 
  7. I see people using Nikkors quite a bit. Canon FD, Olympus OM, and Contax Zeiss get thrown around as well. For sheer performance/dollar, the Rokinon 24/35/85mm primes are great (I own the 35mm and it owns all day every day). All depends on how much you want to throw down on a lens/lens set.
  8.   While awesome, even physics can't be over-ruled; there will be a very real time delay if Earth and Mars are on opposite sides of the sun.  The theoretical maximum time (transmission goes through the sun, which it doesn't in real life) is around 21 minutes.  The minimum time is a little past 4 minutes, when Earth and Mars are at their closest point.   Maybe I'm missing something, though.
  9. Wow I kinda went on a rant there, hope it isn't a problem. I just think that this film needed more careful consideration in several scenes and needed more time in the editing room.
  10. tl;dr This film has problems already and 48p does not help.
  11. If the Iscorama 54's widest taking lens is 50mm, then the corresponding focal length would be ~22mm.  If it's 45mm, then it's ~20mm.  If you wanted to mirror your 70-200 lens, that means ~30mm - ~90mm.  Maybe the Canon 24-105mm f/4 would do the trick for mirroring the 70-200?  It has IS and goes wider then the Panasonic, though it's still a bit pricey.
  12. Yeah I was talking about APS-C.  I have some friends around, but no luck finding old diopters...  In a few weeks I'll post some results with the LA7200 and the Schneider diopters.  At least I figured out that they come in 115mm, which -should- be more then enough.
  13.   Thanks for the heads up.  I was under the impression that shooting wide-open isn't a good idea - its just using the lenses I already have as compared to buying a whole new set.  Would it be cheaper to buy a whole new set?  Probably....
  14. The lenses I use have 72mm and 77mm filter threads, though.  Not saying I can't buy a step-down ring, but would the century cover those lenses (the Rokinon 24mm and 35mm, among others).  Otherwise I'd be all over the Century.   I missed the ebay sale, but the shipping was Europe only when I looked.
  15. I actually saw your thread!  However, I should have wrote 35mm (35mm equivalent), which would be the 17.5mm on the GH2...  which would probably vignette.    Am I pretty much boned here, or do you of any other wide-angle options (or am I crazy for going that route to begin with)?
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