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A better way to Color Correct 8-bit video: Logarist for Resolve, Final Cut Pro X and Vegas Pro - and it's free!


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There is a thread on Personal-view that has introduced a free set of input and output 3D LUTs to make video files respond to color correction like they were shot in RAW.

These are free and available at http://www.logarist.com

The video below explains how to configure your video editing software (in my case Resolve) so that exposure compensation, contrast and white balance (via offset) behave like they are working on a RAW video files.

I tested it on files from my Sony A7RII with shot with the Still color setting and Cine1 gamma (as recommended on Logarist.com) and it worked great. I tried the same CC settings without the input and out LUTs and it still looked ok, but not as good, especially when there were any exposure changes. Besides looking better after color correction, the process of color correction was easy to get great results quickly.

If you are looking for great color with 8-bit video files from your Sony cameras, I highly recommend you try it!


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Thanks for dropping by in this community Jacob,

Because PP is so expensive I shoot for 3 months, and rent it for a month, if that makes sense ? So I'll  try your GH2 settings and give it a whirl. It's amazing that gurus like you , Lee Powell, and Paul Leeming are still giving consideration to the GH2.

In May / June I'll hoperfully be at Pipeline with the 100-400 Leica and using cake, so i'll adopt your settings and show you what I got.







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On 7/2/2017 at 0:03 AM, balazer said:

Premiere Pro doesn't have the built-in color tools necessary for working in a log space.  That's something I might be able to correct in the future.  I know a lot of people use Premiere.

may you explain in detaild which type of tools should Adobe add to make it compatible please? thx!

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On 2/16/2017 at 0:13 AM, Dan Wake said:

may you explain in detaild which type of tools should Adobe add to make it compatible please? thx!

To use this kind of log space, you need these tools:

  • for exposure compensation, an offset adjustment that adds the same offset to each of the red, green, and blue channels
  • for color balancing, individual offset adjustments for each of the red, green, and blue channels, with granularity of 0.001 or finer
  • for contrast adjustment, a straight-line slope adjustment with a pivot of 0.5 applied to the red, green, and blue channels
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Final Cut Pro X users:

I have released Logarist for Final Cut Pro X 1.3.0, with these changes:

  • Fixed a level mapping bug for V-Log L and V-Log
  • Reduced the number of LUT points, to improve loading times in the mLUT Plugin and to fix out-of-memory conditions (especially for Cinelike D, which used too many points and could experience failures during rendering)
  • Added support for Canon C300 Mark II internal XF-AVC recordings made with firmware version 1.0.6.  This firmware version incorrectly sets the video_full_range_flag in its internal Canon Log 1/2/3 recordings, which causes levels to be mapped incorrectly in FCPX.  For these recordings, use the full_range_flag LUTs, which compensate for the problem.

I've also updated the documentation to note that Final Cut Pro's built-in log processing should be turned off for Canon Log, S-Log, and VariCam V-Log.



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