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Rokinon Cine DS 20mm T1.9 is coming at last!


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Yessssssssss! Been eagerly waiting for them to fill in the gap between 16mm and 24mm, as that gap was just too darn big and was rather annoying (even worse if you needed full frame, was a leap from 14mm to 24mm!). Now I just need to save up the US$600ish the lens will cost.



Samyang 20mm_2016.jpg

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12 hours ago, Matt Kieley said:

Now all they need to do is make a Cine Zoom lens and they'll have a perfect line-up of manual cine lenses.

Personally I'd like to see them make a 17mm Tilt Shift? Odds of that is very unlikely however!

28mm or 105mm are much more likely than a second tilt shift lens (Samyang already has the 24mm tilt shift), but still I'd rate them as rather unlikely. 

My guess is they'll make a few more mirrorless or/and AF lenses. 

Then they'll make their first zoom lenses?

Only after that then will we see maybe a 28mm or 105mm. Maaaybe.

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20MM is definitely a focal length not needed or barely even used.....  Especially not in APS-C and for FF disgustingly wide..... Now for M43 format then yes, but nothing larger.


APS-C 18mm is plenty standard/wide and the next jump to 24mm and 35mm is perfect.  There's a reason why Many FF shooters even shoot 35mm or 50mm and their wide lens is 24mm. Personally I don't like the 20mm focal length at all and can honestly say I would never use it, which is why you see very few prime lenses at this focal length.


Even throughout all of that I still would prefer a nice zoom lens vs almost any prime.... Primes slow you down, having to switch lenses, etc and you can lose a shot. A nice Zoom lens whether photo or cinema would definitely be my #1 choice always.

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