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RED Scarlet-X or RED ONE MX (full kit) with lens

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4 minutes ago, Jimmy said:

They can call it what they want.... It is simply not a full frame camera (36mm x 24mm)

When they say Full Frame on that spec sheet, they just mean "non windowed"... eg, it uses the full frame of the sensor... They have been using that term since day one.


Check this out: https://www.cinema5d.com/full-frame-and-beyond-large-sensor-digital-cinema/

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On May 14, 2016 at 7:11 AM, Mattias Burling said:

It looks just fine and will in the future as well.

Yeap! Future-proof is an interesting concept. The Godfather was filmed on "old" technology. I will watch that 40 years from now.

Actually, shooting analog film is probably your best bet for future proof. The film scanning tech keeps getting better, you can scan super 8 into 4k raw now! :D

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Reds are plenty sharp enough for me. There's no sharpening applied to the raw, you can select sharpening in standard red debayer which isn't great, or apply your own.

Consumer cams use a ton in camera and compress the shit out of the data. Sharpening is part of trying to get detail back from a bayer array.

Here's a short test. I was going for Emmanuel Lubezski plus cats LOLOLOL!!!1one!!1!

1st shot 4K 25fps, 2nd shot 2K 50fps. So yes the second shot is cropped in. It's not that noisy, certainly not unmanagable at ISO800 here.

I think it was 60mm Macro


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On 5/11/2016 at 1:42 AM, IronFilm said:

I'd never drop a large chunk of change on a camera and expect it to still be relevant in 7yrs.


On of many other possible alternatives instead:

Instead buy a Panasonic G7 for a tiny tiny fraction of that amount. Invest the rest. In two years time buy a Panasonic GH6. Three years after that buy a GH8, etc...


On 5/13/2016 at 10:40 PM, Laurier said:

With the red mx sensor you have a nice look/colors out of the camera , redcode is fantastic in term of data management honestly .

The red one can have a m42/nikon mount for cheap and you can get cheap glass. 

Consumer product are consumer product , today you have a lot for the money, but you still usually have poor codec / dynamic range / colors compared to even older equipement .


For still, is use a mamiya ZD , it s a 22 megapixel medium format camera , it s native iso 50, it s slower than any new dslr and it s 10 years old .

But it was more than 15k when released and and paid 2k for it couple of month ago, but in term of highlight handling / image quality / look it s just way better than any sub 3/4k usd camera on the market today.

But that thing is made to be use in pro environment , with flash/lighting equipment ect.


If you want something easy to use / fast and your clients are low budget , go with the consumer grade stuff , then upgrade regularly.

If you want to get higher clients invest in entry pro stuff, or second hand high end .

If you plan to shoot fashion / music video I would avoid the red mx and the scarlet because of the lack of 4k slow mo.

Personally I pre ordered a kinefinity terra 5k , with the speedbooster you get T2 zoom and the vistavision look on a native iso 800 camera . raw/pro res and 4k 100 fps .


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2 hours ago, IronFilm said:

What a weird Zombie thread to come back to life like this

Looks like a spam bot, except that it has nothing to say...  it is funny though.

I'm hanging around in here waiting for random memes to begin!

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