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  1. Shot on the Canon 5D with Magic Lantern hack - a travel trip of Johannesburg, through the richest...the poorest and the wild life.
  2. Hey guys, Just wanted to share with you a trailer for the short documentary I've been working on, about the amazing journey that our everyday object travel on in order to get to us. All the footage was shot in China this winter on my 5d mark III with Magic Lantern. I'd love to hear what you think, and if you are interested in supporting this project through it's next phase, (landscapes!) then please also check out the kickstarter below, I hope you enjoy the teaser! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1487414135/made-in-china
  3. Here is a short nature clip I shot using the Cano 5D Mark III Lenses used: Canon 16-35 2.8L II Canon 100 2.8L Macro Canon 24-105 4.0L IS Canon 50 1.4 Tracking shots done with - Varavon Slider with Motoroid kit
  4. When you are shooting with ML and defining a 4:3 aspect ratio are you using the same height as normal 16:9 shooting or does this force you into a center-cut crop mode?
  5. Hi everybody!   Need some good advice. I've decided to buy a camera for free-lance film making.   What i need:   - 95% for film making - excellent low light performance - superb colors - maximum details in shadows - fast one - not so expensive... :)   I wanted to make also commercial-like films and short promotional clips to Hotels with girls in room or something like that for example Miss Hotel xy, etc.(dont joking...).   One of my friend mentioned me Panasonic AC90. Is it a good camcorder? Can it be better than GH3 or 5D3? Any advice can be useful. Wait for Your replies!   THANKS! (sry for my english) Balázs
  6. Hello all.     I was curious if anyone has tested the Bolex 8/19/1.5X Anamorphot with a Canon 5D mark III.  Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I've only found evidence of the lens paired with the GH2, 7D and BMCC.  Many thanks in advance for any help on this topic.  
  7. Well after working with the new Canon 5D Mark iii a few times this weekend I have to say for me, its a hell of a lot better hands down then any other Canon DSLR, except for the 1DX because I have not had the time with that camera to really tell. I have to wonder though about the HDMI out update that is coming. I'm now looking at buying a 5D3 soon but would like to know what you guys think this upgrade will bring. One other thing is why is in April, could we see maybe the new 7D with the same function at the same time. Will we see 60p added? Will the HDMI add more detail, I know most of you will say no but maybe Canon will add some code that will allow more detail in clean recording off the HDMI.  So if any of you care to read this is what I think of the 5D Mark 3. Im an action sports photographer and also now starting digital cinema work. I own just Canon DSLR and GoPros but I have buddy's who own other cameras and I have used them. They include the RED Scarlet and Epic, Sony FS700, Nikion D800, Canon C300, and Canon 1DX. Let me state this also off the bat, I don't believe we need 4K right now but it is coming and will be the main thing in 5 years time. Canon is going to have to step it up if they want to fight with other cameras. So first is the big fact that I was worried about, Detail. Well we all know it lacks in detail but can be sharpened up in Post to look cleaner, the clips I shot I did this on and it works great. Also I shot 1080 30p and 720 60p both in ALL-I Codec. On my 17 inch laptop the clips look fine and most people loved em. When then sharpened and put on a 65 inch LCD. I thought wow. That looks clean when sitting about 7 feet away. So really this isnt a problem to me. The RED and Sony FS700 are better no doubt but really not huge to me ( of course 4K is nuts on the RED) Also for the people out there that are comparing this to a T2i and saying its the same in good light, well kinda but once you go into post and sharpen it and color and finish. The 5D for me kills the 7D and t2i. Next would be the Camera it self, Its built like a tank in my mind. I have no problem putting it in the dirt and shooting motocross or Off Road Racing. Its feels great in the hand when shooting photos which I wont go into detail but the photos are amazing and has huge upgrades, this is the main reason for me to buy it. The focus and ISO is just wow. When shooting this weekend we had an LCD viewfinder and a 5 inch HD Screen on a DSLR Cage. Both are good but depends on you and what you are doing. The HDMI out at the current stage helps alot with focusing. For me I loved the Camera in a Cage with Screen on top that you can move around. We even said if the HDMI out is great we can get a Black Magic Shuttle and just mount it on the Cage in this set-up and then run the HDMI out to the screen and still have a small set-up for moving around.  So one other thing I want to say is that everyone is saying why get a 5D when you can get a Black Magic Cinema Camera. I'm not saying anything bad but for me the 5D is better, also I see alot of people saying its great for 3 grand, too bad its just like a RED at 3 grand. In order to get one really going it will take 6 to 8 grand in my mind to make one work. I've also seen the footage and yes while its RAW and amazing to some. I dont have time to edit RAW for every project we do and I don't have the storage for the Uncompressed. Now if Black Magic can buy Cineform or make a compressed RAW , add 60p , and fix the firmware with what much of Philip Bloom said, then I can see my self getting one.  So all in all, I love the new 5D. Its light powerful and a great film making tool when you need to run around and carry all your stuff in a back pack or travel light. The images after grading are great. Here are the full settings we used most of the time so you can get a idea. 1080 or 720 ALL-I, all 720 was upscaled to 1080p CineStyle Pic Style Our shutter was faster then most at about 1/200 or around there.  Iso was about 100 160 most of the time for film.  If you have any questions just let me know. If you disagree I would love to hear why just to get a different view on a subject.
  8. New video online: [b]Man vs Train[/b] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLkPG1H2uOk Enjoy and please subscribe! Cheerz, Ruan Twitter: @ruanlotter Youtube: www.youtube.com/tunnelviziontv
  9. Heya Everyone, Just finished another music video for local Cape Town hip-hop duo, Slaai ft Proqnosiz. The track is called "‪Rock This Mic‬". Shot on a 5D MKii. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6NIkKHgnMvo Comments welcome as always!! Thanks, Ruan twitter: @ruanlotter youtube: www.youtube.com/tunnelviziontv
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