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  1. Hi Everyone. I was hoping to find any advice (and share my tiny bit of experience with this set-up) on shooting with the Iscorama on the Sony A7S while recording in 4K on the Atomos Shogun. Fisrt off, does anyone have any experience with this? My wee bit of experience with this set-up came after the latest Atomos firmware update (6.4 which allows for anamorphic de-squeeze) was released, I shot a super quick test to see how this would actually look and to really just see if it would actually work at all. I used a Helios 44m-2 58mm f2 as the taking lens, had the A7S in standard non-APS-C mode an
  2. Really beautiful, thanks for sharing.
  3. If I need to shoot in the cold for long periods of time, I will acclimate my lenses to the outside temperature.  For example, I will take my lens case (with the lid OPEN) and lock it in my car or place it in my garage an hour or so prior to shooting.  A warm humid interior is the culprit for exterior fogging.  Then when ready to march out into the cold to shoot, toss in some silica gel packs like this into the lens case then close it:   http://www.filmtools.com/silgelselin.html   Moisture+Cold=Fog   If you cannot acclimate the lenses, purchase some disposabl
  4. Beautiful footage.  What's your set-up?
  5. Tony, are you saying that it's perhaps possible with your prescribed "base" lens?  This may be a tall order, but is there anyone out there with an Anamorphot, 100mm (in 35mm format) and 5D III to give it a go?  
  6. Hello all.     I was curious if anyone has tested the Bolex 8/19/1.5X Anamorphot with a Canon 5D mark III.  Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I've only found evidence of the lens paired with the GH2, 7D and BMCC.  Many thanks in advance for any help on this topic.  
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