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  1. I saw this awhile back that they may be able to get MJEP at 422 on fast CF Cards. Is there an update on this and when It might come, will it help at all or just the 422 color space. My thoughts are it might be like the Canon 1DC and its MJEP which seems to have more detail, at least to me and the frames that I have seen. 
  2. Wait till NAB though if you can the RED ONE is a great deal, that is as long as you plan to stay in the RED Pipeline of production. 
  3. Ive now had my 5D3 for about 2 weeks, I finally bought it and I love it amazing to have it as a tool in my bag, but thats all it is a tool. I beats in my mind every dslr out there well except the 1DC but thats on a new level. 
  4. Yes they are but they are no better then 5d2. 
  5. Right people tend to forget that this camera is made mainly for stills. And what a stills monster it is. Its the main reason for me like I said but if you know what you are doing and have good glass, It makes for a great little cinema camera. I know its not a gh2 or gh3 or blackmagic...but if you want that, then go buy one. Simple. 
  6. Like others said if you can Ive heard the 1DX is the way to go from many but myself has had no real hands on when filming just photos. The 5D3 can do amazing things also
  7. Ya I saw and still see a ton of bashing from people, and yes its sorta soft but not as bad as people make it. I have a buddy who owns a RED Epic and uses the 5D3 also on every production. His clients want 1080p most of the time and in his footage you cant tell it apart most of the time. 
  8. Well after working with the new Canon 5D Mark iii a few times this weekend I have to say for me, its a hell of a lot better hands down then any other Canon DSLR, except for the 1DX because I have not had the time with that camera to really tell. I have to wonder though about the HDMI out update that is coming. I'm now looking at buying a 5D3 soon but would like to know what you guys think this upgrade will bring. One other thing is why is in April, could we see maybe the new 7D with the same function at the same time. Will we see 60p added? Will the HDMI add more detail, I know most of you wil
  9. I believe a RED Epic is the camera that shoots it... but could be a RED One. Says it here http://www.red.com/shot-on-red/television
  10. I was wondering in the Untied States when a company gives you money to help make your film, like a sponsorship is that a service that is taxed or a a donation or how does that work?
  11. Well its not that nobody cares, I was one of the ones ready to sell all our Canon Gear, but Sony didn't really make that amazing of a product. Its a good camera from what I have seen but since I have yet yo have any real hands on time with them I cant say for sure.
  12. I have to say I had really really high hopes for this camera, but so far its really not that good. The Black Magic is looking great to me and sorry to say but even the 5D is looking kinda better since all 63 points work on whatever canon glass you want not just certain ones. I make money doing photos and now a little doing film. My dream of course is the RED but right now I will have to settle on either the 5D or the BlackMagic or mabye the A99 if it starts to show better IQ in Movie Mode.
  13. The GH2 no doubt does better video but is to small and no weather proofing means its a no go for me.
  14. Hello new here on the site, but been following it for a long time. Frist let me say this...I know cameras arent everything but in my line of work I need a better camera that shoots faster and is tougher then my current 550D. [color=#444444][font=Tahoma, 'Trebuchet MS', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif][size=3]Im a action sports photographer and filmer that is getting into more and more jobs with bigger names so I want to upgrade. But dont know what way to go at this moment. Some of the camera that I have been looking at and the reasons why are[/size][/font][/color] [color=#444444][fo
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