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  1. NDA lift: A7S III confirmed NO IBIS No fully articulating screen, similar screen design as A7 III/A7R III A "professional add-on unit" will be available (could be a dedicated external recorder), making A7S III a capable B-cam to VENICE.
  2. Z7 Real world IBIS test out, leaps bounds ahead of Sony, might be on par with GH5: Z7的防抖效果比索尼强一万倍,看来真不是空... 来自主观独立第三方 - 微博.mp4
  3. As we expected, due to the significantly increased diameter of Z mount, the IBIS performance of Z7 looks on par with GH5: Z7的防抖效果比索尼强一万倍,看来真不是空... 来自主观独立第三方 - 微博.mp4
  4. We are talking about a specific individual on Weibo. She's the one who debunked the fake rumours including the 15.4MP sensor and A7000. https://www.weibo.com/KazuoHiraiSONY She's also the first one to (implicitly) point out that X-T3 uses a Sony sensor.
  5. All of these are likely to be true, as it came from a Japanese semiconductor engineer who's involved in the development. We'll see soon.
  6. androidlad

    GH5S or X-T3?

    When shooting 4K 50/60P, X-T3 has a crop factor (relative to FF) of 1.77, when shooting 1080 100/120p, it becomes 1.92. GH5S sensor has a crop factor of 1.9.
  7. There's no compromise. It's the same as Fuji's DR200, basically one stop shadow push for better highlight latitude.
  8. Have you tried neutral 0 -4 -2 0, with highlight tone priority ON?
  9. I heard an X-T3 owner who received the first batch of Ninja V shipment say that X-T3 can output 1080p 120fps via HDMI, when the high speed option is switched on in the menu. Can anyone confirm?
  10. Latest A7S III news from Weibo: Production sample does not have IBIS. Quad base ISO. 4K 120P confirmed.
  11. iPhone uses OIS and digital stablisation. There's no IBIS for mobile phone sensors yet. The reason why FF sensor IBIS doesn't work well compared to M43 is the mount diameter to sensor size ratio, if you look at FF mount, there isn't much space for the sensor to move around before vignetting. With M43 mount you get plenty of space and image circle for the sensor to move around.
  12. My take: A - GH5S, because of the yellow skin tone. B - 1DX II, because of the harsh highlight clipping. C - C200, because of the smooth tonal gradation and wide DR. D - X-T3, because the low contrast and slight colour tint scream ETERNA!!
  13. It looks on par with A7III 120p, minimal aliasing. Just wish it's available in 17:9 DCI mode as well.
  14. Not all of us have the latest PC/Mac hardware. However Adobe/BMD should release some updates soon to address HEVC performance issue.
  15. All those complaints about how difficult it is to edit HEVC footage further highlight the fact that HEVC isn't really intended as an acquisition codec.
  16. BT.2020 for now is only used as a container colour space, only a handful of RGB laser projectors can fully cover the gamut. Current UHD Bluray discs are encoded in P3 D65 colour space using BT.2020 primaries.
  17. Crop in 4K60 is 1.18x, the 1.25x crop is the sports finder mode for 30fps stills shooting. Also just FYI, the 120p mode is 1.28x crop. Quite different. X-T2 has no crop in all 1080p mode including 120p. 1.18x crop in all 4K framerates. X-T3 has no crop in 1080p up to 60fps, then 1.28x crop in 100/120p. (very likely to be supersampled from the crop area, the images are aliasing free). No crop in 4K up to 30fps, then 1.18x in 50/60p.
  18. F55 is the only global shutter cinema camera.
  19. As discussed before, HEVC smoothing filters SAO and SIS contributed to that waxiness.
  20. Only the cover is removable. There are third party services that replace the stock lens assembly with a higher quality, near-zero distortion one.
  21. It IS remarkably good, and I hope it can be remarkably better!
  22. TBH the exFAT file larger than 4GB should be available at launch. I hope AF especially AF-C/Face detection are being worked on as well.
  23. Ha I'm not that daft prick, are you? https://www.fujirumors.com/fujifilm-x-t3-new-firmware-will-add-exfat-file-system-support-eliminating-4gb-file-size-limit/ The Weibo lady is a well respected figure in the Japanese semiconductor industry.
  24. SAO and SIS are essentially smoothing filters and are bitrate independent. UHD BD authoring tools have these turned off. http://iphome.hhi.de/wiegand/assets/pdfs/2012_12_IEEE-HEVC-Performance.pdf
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