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    leslie reacted to xzobinx in The SINGLE SOVIET PRIME LENS challenge   
    Pretty sure I have used two lens for this which broke the single lens rule but I can assure that both are Soviet.
    I made this a while ago as part of my street music passion project. 
    If anyone can tell me the name of the song, much appreciated 
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    leslie got a reaction from nathlas in Kipon Adapters For Nikon Z And Canon R   
    dont know, but posts from helsinki wont help you, he is a spammer another name to keep an eye out on is kimminseok or is that kimminsuck i do get confused 🙄
    a few of us report such posts but it is up to mr reid to sort it out.
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    leslie reacted to Helsinki in Kipon Adapters For Nikon Z And Canon R   
    Thank you my issue has been solved,.
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    leslie got a reaction from cam1982 in Girls on film   
    At the risk of getting gutted by kaylee, i'd like to mention i have seen some new movie trailers for a movie named hustlers. it looks rather interesting. Seeing its a big screen release i assume its has a bit substance than most of the other stuff thats been posted in this thread. looks like an interesting take on women getting some of their own back on wall street. i googled it seems like rotten tomatoes liked it but audiences were less favorable, anyone likely to see it ?
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    leslie got a reaction from kye in The SINGLE SOVIET PRIME LENS challenge   
    actually i tried two enlarger lenses, one projection lens, and the russian lens that arrived today . I'm not really surprised i have read that the once you go lower than 70mm or so with enlarger lenses its harder to get infinity focus and you need shorter and shorter mounts. The el nikor 63mm enlarger lens is notoriously difficult to get infinity focus without a custom mount. I didn't think this russian lens was an enlarger lens i figured it would mount up to m42 and i'd be away but its m39 which is a popular size for enlarger lenses and i dont read or speak  russian so theres a good chance that maybe it is an enlarger lens 🤔. I'm not too perturbed i have a bunch of adapters of different thicknesses, two helicoids yet to arrive.
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    leslie got a reaction from noone in Formula 1 cameras ?   
    may as well give it a go, nothing ventured nothing gained
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    leslie got a reaction from kye in The SINGLE SOVIET PRIME LENS challenge   
    if this was the formula one thread, btm would get a dnf, Did not finish !
    continuing the f1 theme, scrutineers should examine all footage for irregularities 😎 
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    leslie reacted to BTM_Pix in Iscorama vignette   
    How about this wide ?

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    leslie got a reaction from Cinegain in Lenses   
    after the soviet challenge we may as well progress straight to the takumar challenge  😎

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    leslie got a reaction from mercer in bmp4k adventures   
    works been a bit slow which has constrained my purchases of late. I have bought a few cheaper items like some uv filters and a cheap hood for the tokina 28-70 some smaller step up rings for a project i have in mind but more about them once they turn up. i did get a hoya digital filter for the tokina. The interesting thing about that was i found a lens rental review on 21 different protective filters from 2017, some being uv, i guess most of you would have seen it however it was new to me. there's a link to it here  for those that want to peruse it.
    ots. i probably need some time with full sun to compare filter verse non filter. Its spring in a couple of days here and the first flowers on the stonefruit are out.

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    leslie got a reaction from tweak in GoPro Hero 8 worth buying?   
    i presume the advertising sells it as easy peasy. You go out, blasting along with whatever activity your doing, capturing all that awesomeness on the gopro bring it home to watch it in 4k or hd perhaps, the reality is somewhat different, there is perhaps a lot more involved than people anticipated  in producing awesomeness. I would venture to say that even at a gopro level one will need to apply a few  filmmaker techniques to make it watchable for more than five minutes for anyone other than family. Not to mention the persistence and practice required to learn your camera as well. I'm not surprised people give up after a few tries.  
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    leslie got a reaction from Otago in Lenses   
    that covers pretty much everything i cant afford  🤔 
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    leslie reacted to CaptainHook in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K   
    The Blackmagic RAW highlight and shadow rolloff sliders affect the roll off of the "S" contrast curve you create with the custom gamma controls. If you add no contrast, they will do nothing as there's nothing to roll off. Increase (or lower) contrast and they will start to take affect. Choose "Extended Video" from the gamma selection in the Blackmagic RAW panel and you will see it's actually just a custom S curve with saturation preset via the custom gamma controls - you can start to modify it to your taste and the "gamma" automatically changes from "Extended Video" to "Custom". Or you can start from scratch with "Blackmagic Film".

    If you want the highlight/shadows sliders that were in DNG panel, those are not RAW specific controls and are still available in the 2nd tab of the primaries (same algorithm as found in DNG tab and same exact effect on Blackmagic RAW clips as DNG).

    If transforming to another log curve or colour space helps you get what you want faster, great! Different log curves like ARRI/Red or using highlight roll off sliders/presets don't give you anything you can't do yourself by using the curves tool etc, but not everyone is experienced with that stuff. Our log curves preserve the full sensor dynamic range though so the highlight roll off is completely in your hands, or you can start with another log curve if it suits.

    Something I tend to do a bit is expose for the native ISO in camera, then later in the RAW tab I switch to the highest ISO possible and compensate middle grey with the exposure slider which will lower contrast and have the most highlight roll off we offer in our log curves for a particular camera. I start with Extended Video from the gamma drop down and tweak the contrast/sat and highlight/roll off sliders for the shot. Adjust white balance/tint and that gets me 90-95% there with most footage.
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    leslie got a reaction from Cinegain in Let's discuss ingenious cooling applied to camera industry? Hey Sony, what about your overheating cameras?   
    occupational health and safety would have kittens if they saw that 🙄
    you could top it off with a misting spray bottle that would have to take 20 degrees of the temp at least 😁
    i have 2 options for you retro and modern

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    leslie reacted to kimminseok in Precautions for Use of Plate Conveyor Chain   
    Plate conveyor chain(GETECHAIN) https://www.getechain.com/product/conveyor-chain/ belongs to one of the conveyor chain. In the process of use, we should pay attention to some matters needing attention in the use of a plate conveyor chain. What are the specific matters needing attention? Let's give you a brief introduction.
    1. During the normal use of the conveying chain, due to normal or accidental wear and various abnormal phenomena occurring during the operation of the conveying chain, the use of the conveying chain must be stopped immediately and timely repair must be reported to avoid major accidents. Non-professional maintenance personnel or without the permission of professional maintenance personnel are not allowed to repair themselves.
    2. When repairing the circuit, the person in charge of the chain production line may be required to assign personnel to wait at the electric box to prevent others from opening the conveying chain and hang warning signs at the same time. At the same time, the power supply must be turned off to carry out maintenance, and no live operation is allowed.
    3. When the machine is stored for a long time, the conveying chain should be removed and cleaned with kerosene or diesel oil, then coated with engine oil or butter and stored in a dry place to prevent rusting.
    4. The conveying chain shall be filled with lubricating oil in time during work. Lubricating oil must enter the fit clearance between the roller and inner sleeve to improve working conditions and reduce wear.
    These matters needing attention in the use of plate conveyor chain are not only matters needing attention, but also relevant points for maintenance. You can refer to the above contents for maintenance.
    If you are interested in our products, you can click agricultural chain https://www.getechain.com/product/agricultural-chain/ to learn more information.

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    leslie got a reaction from kye in Lenses   
    that covers pretty much everything i cant afford  🤔 
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    leslie reacted to BTM_Pix in Lenses   
    Thats what I said.
    In 1981.
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    leslie got a reaction from Cinegain in speaking of which... gadgets.   
    emanuel,  you really should stop parking in the disabled parking bays 😉
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    leslie reacted to Cinegain in The SINGLE SOVIET PRIME LENS challenge   
    Then it went to bride.ru and now it's no longer single anymore.
    Sorry, I'll show myself out. 😅
    But yeah, awesome challenge. Been a huge proponent of vintage Zenits! Especially the elusive 'Red 'P'' ones with focal length in 'cm' and special coatings.

    There's a good joke that 'when you see Red P, please go to the doctor!'. xD
    But indeed. The Jupiter-9 is dope!

    That's a wicked aperture. So is that of the TAIR-11A. Blades for days! But 135mm on a crop... good luck with that here. 😛
    You know, both that TAIR-11 and MIR-1 won Grand Prix awards back in the day.

    Nice starry aperture formation on the Industar-61 L/Z 50mm f/2.8 Macro.

    If you really want something hilarious, get the tiny Industar 50-2. A 50mm f/3.5, it's sooo cute and inexpensive.
    Really always wanted the Helios 40-2... and they started making new batches again. But... 85mm (f/1.5).
    Used to shop a lot at my go-to Zenit dealership if you will, a well-kept secret for many years: https://www.ebay.com/usr/artemstore , but sharing is caring, no? Always superb condition, great details and info with the listings. Like... who knew about the 16-bladed Helios 44-3? I love browsing that place and learning a thing or two every now and again. You'll also still find a bunch of NOS (New Old Stock) lenses around on eBay. If you need adapters, I'd suggest Kent&Faith:
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    leslie reacted to kimminseok in Small Failures of Hollow Pin Chain Become Big Problems If They Are Not Solved   
    There are many varieties of hollow pin chain(GETECHAIN) https://www.getechain.com/product/hollow-pin-chain/, but their basic structures only need the following kinds, and the others are all variations of these kinds. We can see from the hollow pin chain structure that most hollow pin chain is composed of chainplates, chain pins, shaft sleeves, and other components.
    Other types of hollow pin chains only make different changes to the chainplates according to different requirements. Some have scraper plates installed on the chainplates, some have guide bearings installed on the chainplates, and some have rollers installed on the chainplates, etc. These are all modifications to be stopped in different application places.
    How to measure the lengthening length of hollow pin chain;
    1. In order to remove the clearance of all hollow pin chain, the measurement shall be carried out under a certain level of pulling tension on the chains.
    2. In the measurement, in order to minimize errors, local measurement in Section 6-10 (link) shall be conducted.
    3. Measure the inner L1 and outer L2 dimensions between the rollers of the pitch number to find out the discrimination dimension L=(L1+L2)/2.
    4. The elongation length of the hollow pin chain, the value of the hollow pin chain and the application boundary value of the elongation of the hollow pin chain referred to in the preceding paragraph are compared.
    If you are interested in our products, you can click Driving chain manufacturer https://www.getechain.com/product/driving-chain/ to learn more information.

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    leslie got a reaction from kye in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    i may not have explained myself properly. Personally i have nothing against instagram influencers, my issue, is people being paid to do a job then spend the next 8 hours checking their social status every two mins. i dont see that as productive. People might argue that its boosts morale and their more happy and productive but thats a load of crap.  
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    leslie got a reaction from Kisaha in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    Hey Btm-pix ever had your 3c app uninstall itself?  just went to use it and it was no longer there. had to reinstall it kinda curious for any insight
    I think you will like it 😀
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    leslie reacted to Kisaha in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    I just received a phone call that my P4K just arrived!
    I have a very tough schedule but I am getting it soon!
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    leslie got a reaction from IncriminatingPictures in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    i dont think i'm taking points away from the bmp4k, rather consider it as user feedback and mostly i'm pretty happy with it,  just in case there was any doubt out there. I certainly never said it was or wasn't run and gun. My style isnt running and gunning, actually my style doesn't include any running at all if i'm honest 😉. A lot of machines are heading towards multiple use, dual purpose functionality, take smartphones for example, heck even a fridge can connect to the internet these days. I reckon the first camera company or even upstart company that loads up on features in one model will clean up. They may sell less models but they will sell more of one kind. As they say, build it and they will come.
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    leslie got a reaction from mkabi in Scorsese compared MCU to modern theme park. What is your angle on it?   
    i must be shallow, i have nearly the whole set on dvd😁. I find them lighthearted entertainment. Life throws enough drama my way during the day, i dont need to watch more of it on a screen at night. I guess i'm after the escapism aspect most are so far fetched  thats it a load off the mind for awhile. Perhaps thats just me.
    i reckon barefoot_dp might be onto something with his theory, but its an industry it gives people a job, so who am i to begrudge them and they get paid for it some more than others no doubt 🙄
    edit : my first thoughts were that this is a mature age gent from a different era and i'd expect his views to represent that, and i am fine with that, but then i think of stan lee who wrote alot of this comic stuff he was also a mature aged gent. So now i'm thinking its like a perspective, none are really wrong its just what works for the individual.
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