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    1 hour ago, rokkimort said:

    Sorry, I did not mean to sound mean. But this is not how internet works, I am free to voice my opinion. I see a BS post and I call it out. OP pretentiously talks about "galilean action" and "horizontal artifacts", yet the images are highly uninspiring home shots with some of the ugliest flares I've seen. Then he proceeds to post lenses that look butchered. It seems he just took a hacksaw to some schneider cinelux lenses, then butchered some other lenses and randomly paired elements until he got a useable image. Using pseudo scientific terms to describe this process does not make it anything different. Just pure lens hacking. Pointless exercise, because no self-respecting DP will use something like this to shoot anything remotely important. Sure, if you want to learn by destroying lenses – go ahead. They don't make them anymore though.

    But what really worries me is that I see at least 4 different kids in these shots. I don't know how old OP is, and I don't want to assume their gender, but this is not normal. 

    To be honest what Dan Sasaki from Panavision says is much more valuable to me than what you wrote.You can read my private conversation i had with him. These are only DIY prototypes  and there is no hacksaw involved, even a child would know that these would of course benefit from a new housing , but since I am not selling it or launching anything on the market I am not worried. But most of all  please do not worry at all about my children, I am the father. How dare you! 



  2. 17 hours ago, rokkimort said:

    No offense, but this is pointless. I mean, maybe if you have too much time on quarantine it's an interesting hobby, but it looks like you simply ruined schneider cinelux lenses. Any cheap sankor lens can do much better than this, with nice waterfall background. Get yourself a good cinelux and it will be a proper lens with good image, that won oscar.  I don't know what's a point in these, they look hacked together, not suitable even for lowest budget indie productions. I don't think any DP would put that on their camera. Maybe you should look at Rapido Technologies, they make good products like cases for anamorphics with engravings. etc. They still don't look very good, just a dull black pipe, but anything would look better than this. I think this would scare away any model or client when they see it in front of the camera. Maybe that explains why you only photograph kids and have no serious work to show with these.

    let off steam, remember to clean up when you're done.

  3. 9 hours ago, leslie said:

    Digressing abit,  a 3d printer would be cool, spent years running cnc machines, was learning a water jet cutter before corona virus, but thats fallen by the wayside. I have a powerful need to get a rapido fvd16a next. So that is what any spare money is going towards at the moment.

    If i get back onto a waterjet I'd be tempted to throw the nap 35 lenses under it and resize them to something a bit more convenient Probably just enough to have them fit the  rapido fvd16. No idea how that would work in reality but the nap was pretty cheap, i'd sacrifice it in the name of science

    yeah cool idea,  I did cut the HI FI 2 and the 35Nap  to 70mm diameter to fit inside the FVD, then used both  front  glass and mixed with other rear glass.  Among the pictures I posted above you can see the 1.75X  still which is a mix of the 35Nap and Moller 46 rear and the HI fi 2 front mixed with the rectimascop 48, fixed at infinity with the single focus ability.  Quick focus video test  of the Hi FI 2  front with the rectimascop 48.




    Hi Fi 2 Cut.JPG

    1.75X 35Nap moller 46 rear lomo 75mm f4 with FM cropped to 2.40 Laila  with LUT_00000.jpg

  4. 5 hours ago, leslie said:

     my mistake, i was thinking the image was from a frame of a clip, not a photo from a full frame. I hadn't really connected the dots so to speak. Of course now that i have reread everything not having to grade and having such colours,  it makes sense. Still its a nice image (no pun intended)

    that flaring is pretty bold, not sure it would grow on me. I do have a nap 35 pulled apart sitting in a box, maybe i need to keep an eye out for another broken anamorphic to play with.

    No worries, and good luck with your 35Nap.

  5. 13 hours ago, leslie said:

    nice colours, quite vibrant i think. i guess some of it comes from the grading but the lenses still have some input into the outcome. I do like this combination however i'm not sure about the multiple horizontal flares on your earlier post.What sort of flaring do you get with this combination ?   I hope your not paying full price for these lenses to break apart ?

    Thanks Leslie! To be honest I also had some doubt about the multiple horizontal flares,  I have contacted Mr Dan Sasaki  Panavision optical engineer to have an opinion about my scopes and my experiments. I had a lovely chat with the guy. You can read the answer on the screenshot I have attached from my private messenger .There is no grading at all in the photo I 've posted. No I haven't paid full price for my lenses , it is an early investment I did when the anamorphics  weren't  so expensive like in these days,, I am glad I did though, most of these were quite cheap as well since they had small issues. This is a quick flare test I did quite long time ago with this scope 



  6. 3 hours ago, PannySVHS said:

    Awesome! Now if you could explain a bit more to the clueless:) Beautiful images. What camera did you use? Out of likes for today.

    Thanks very much,  In short, what I do is experimenting with anamorphic glass using the 35mm and 16mm projector scopes. Once the glass has been extracted out  its original body from different anamorphic lenses I combine  and mix them, finding a match with different systems that meet the afocal condition. That is parallel light in/ parallel light out, ending up with a completely different scope in terms of compression ratio, IQ, character, multi-colors in the horizontal artifacts and structure (dimensions). The process is quite tiring and time-consuming. The first photos show 3 Schneider Cinelux-based hybrid prototypes fixed at infinity, without focus ring. These hybrids will fit inside a FVD focusing now is possible  from minimum to infinity. I have made other interesting combinations with very large front glasses such as front 35Nap and front  HI FI 2 which have been cut to the right diameter matched with the right rear glass re-housed and ready to enter the FVD. There is much more to say but I don't want bore you. I am on full frame sensor 5D3.


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