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  1. Cinemoller 1.6X with 50mm f1.4 FVD on 5d3
  2. To be honest what Dan Sasaki from Panavision says is much more valuable to me than what you wrote.You can read my private conversation i had with him. These are only DIY prototypes and there is no hacksaw involved, even a child would know that these would of course benefit from a new housing , but since I am not selling it or launching anything on the market I am not worried. But most of all please do not worry at all about my children, I am the father. How dare you!
  3. let off steam, remember to clean up when you're done.
  4. very true!!! thanks man!
  5. yeah cool idea, I did cut the HI FI 2 and the 35Nap to 70mm diameter to fit inside the FVD, then used both front glass and mixed with other rear glass. Among the pictures I posted above you can see the 1.75X still which is a mix of the 35Nap and Moller 46 rear and the HI fi 2 front mixed with the rectimascop 48, fixed at infinity with the single focus ability. Quick focus video test of the Hi FI 2 front with the rectimascop 48.
  6. https://www.leboncoin.fr/image_son/1799428506.htm/?fbclid=IwAR3GKIbfPR6AG_MJjlZnPXP3Xd4SO5gRM15_WxIBTpawd_qieR5LcSVFrrk
  7. No worries, and good luck with your 35Nap.
  8. Thanks Leslie! To be honest I also had some doubt about the multiple horizontal flares, I have contacted Mr Dan Sasaki Panavision optical engineer to have an opinion about my scopes and my experiments. I had a lovely chat with the guy. You can read the answer on the screenshot I have attached from my private messenger .There is no grading at all in the photo I 've posted. No I haven't paid full price for my lenses , it is an early investment I did when the anamorphics weren't so expensive like in these days,, I am glad I did though, most of these were quite cheap as well since they had small issues. This is a quick flare test I did quite long time ago with this scope
  9. Cinelux front glass/ Moller 32 rear glass 1.6X with Lomo block 75mm on FF sensor.
  10. all good man, thanks!
  11. Thanks very much, In short, what I do is experimenting with anamorphic glass using the 35mm and 16mm projector scopes. Once the glass has been extracted out its original body from different anamorphic lenses I combine and mix them, finding a match with different systems that meet the afocal condition. That is parallel light in/ parallel light out, ending up with a completely different scope in terms of compression ratio, IQ, character, multi-colors in the horizontal artifacts and structure (dimensions). The process is quite tiring and time-consuming. The first photos show 3 Schneider Cinelux-based hybrid prototypes fixed at infinity, without focus ring. These hybrids will fit inside a FVD focusing now is possible from minimum to infinity. I have made other interesting combinations with very large front glasses such as front 35Nap and front HI FI 2 which have been cut to the right diameter matched with the right rear glass re-housed and ready to enter the FVD. There is much more to say but I don't want bore you. I am on full frame sensor 5D3.
  12. Matching different cylinders glass from different anamorphic scope is equivalent of a cylindrical Galilean telescope running backwards, finding a match with different systems that meet the afocal condition. Here are few prototypes I put together and some sample shots. I hope you like, thanks! .
  13. there are other solutions which reduce its bulkiness and can make you use the single focus adapters you mentioned above
  14. Ampliscope Hypergonar with a single focus adapter, Belomo Vega enlarger as taking lens with an heliopan VND on 5D3 with ML.An improvised test to share with you the character of this anamorphic lens as I haven't found much on internet, forgive the wrong camera frames and shaky movements as the missed focus.
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