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  1. thanks. Video file says 1080p/30. Is that how you shot it? Shutter speed looks faster than 180*, do you recall what it was?
  2. That is what I was referring to as well. I think it may be the denoising in post, not an in camera setting.
  3. that looks clean, denoised? I just got one of these cameras last week, still no lens though.
  4. Seems they are not looking for super low budget films. That being said, I think it's a fair list. It's Netflix not vimeo.
  5. How is the stabilizer in resolve? I've always had mixed results with premiere warp.
  6. The main thing I wish it had was IBIS. The one thing I love about my NX1 is it has digital image stabilization, which isn't even sensor stabilization, but works very well for handheld shots. Seeing how shaky that video posted a few pages back was (and I'm not shitting on the person who shot it or the person who released it. as far as I am concerned, more is better when talking about footage from an unreleased camera), it seems like handholding it is going to require quite steady hands. Will have to see how the OiS lenses do alone.
  7. does anyone know if blackmagic will have (or already has) a phone app that acts as remote viewfinder/shutter control?
  8. I assume it means you cannot capture to SD/cFast as well as SSD at the same time.
  9. Not missing anything, no. Just hear to talk cameras.
  10. Just trying to keep the thread on topic, captain.
  11. Don't worry, I take full responsibility for getting us back on track 🤣 I do quite like that cage. Perhaps there is a channel for the cable to be kept out of the way rather than twist tied on the left.
  12. So the 1080p on this camera is just cropped in to the sensor read out of 1920x1080 correct? As in, the only advantage of shooting 1080 is if I need to send a 1080p file without editing? Since I could get 1080 cropped from the 4k footage in editing?
  13. Should work, but I'm sure they will release something more specific once cages come out for this camera.
  14. I'm ready to order this camera pending rolling shutter info.
  15. For single cam stuff, I have been really trying to minimize my kit. I have recently been using the Case Logic SLR Sling. It fits my NX1 with 16-50 on it, a 45mm, a fisheye, 5 memory cards, stuff to clean the camera lenses, grey cards and xrite color checker passport, an on camera mic, battery grip, battery charger, some earbuds, and usb cables. For stuff that needs more gear or cameras, I have a Lowepro Photo Trekker Backpack. It fits EVERYTHING I will ever need. Fits 2 NX1s, 1 NX500, 5 different lenses, 2 mics, 2 sets of headphones, chargers for everything, external hard drives, extension cords, you name it.
  16. I'm going to say 4k60 will be true, but 10 bit will be limited to external only. If I'm right, I win, and if I'm wrong and it does 10 bit internal, well that is still a win
  17. good to know. seems like a problem with studio 14 (and older...?) and 15 free on windows 10 machines.Hopefully they push out an update for the free version, considering some change they made between 14 and 15 studio resolves it (no pun intended)
  18. what are you asking? Why havent new models come out, or where to buy existing cards?
  19. I've been debating picking up the e1 since they're really fair in price. I know it has its limitations, but compared to a go pro in situations that don't need a plastic enclosure or waterproofing, there seems to be a lot in its favor.
  20. that is interesting as well. How do you like the e2, and where can you buy one?
  21. GH2 has certainly aged well, if a little soft in the 4k+ oversharpened era. Nice vid
  22. thanks! That worked! I can now play my h.265 footage, color cast and all! resolve.bmp edit: Also appears to be an issue with the free version only. I do not believe it appears in 15 studio on windows 10.
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