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  1. I purchased this last week from adorama (used) when I got a good deal on one locally that I couldn't pass up. Asking $925 shipped for the body as shown, with box, battery, charger, strap, etc.
  2. none of those ebay listings are unfair prices, so I don't see any gain being made by claims of RAW ability. They could be listed for those prices any day of the week.
  3. mnewxcv

    NX2 rumors

    didn't realize so many users on this forum could get so worked up about something. Everyone should take a valium or something.
  4. agreed. It is very simple to answer some specifics of this mod, how it is implemented, what it entails, without divulging anything he wants to keep secret until fine tuning is done.
  5. seriously? That isn't amusing.
  6. This is a valid point....
  7. I thought it would be a cool idea to have a thread dedicated to photos taken behind the scenes during a shoot, showing rigs, setups, etc. Feel free to post anything you have!
  8. are you able to close the box with the modification in place?
  9. Is 24p possible as well for us NTSC folk?
  10. mnewxcv

    NX2 rumors

    Sound advice. I am just a nerd/tech enthusiast so I love pushing the limit. It's like someone on a car forum saying I found this way to double the horsepower of your car! Will tell you all about it in 10 days. Lol.
  11. mnewxcv

    NX2 rumors

    Why couldn't I have started reading this thread 10 days from now? That's 9 restless nights.
  12. subbed. Just picked up some gear too so this would be sweet.
  13. anyone have the jpeg with the chart showing pro, hq, and norm bit rates for various modes for nx1 and nx500 respectively? I thought it came with the hack but I cant find it.
  14. planning on using some songs for some youtube videos. Will be sure to give due credit. Thanks!
  15. I guess I just don't see the advantage over raising blacks in post.
  16. I still have no real idea what master black level does. I've left it at 0. :shrug:
  17. using the manual wb with a card is perfect
  18. I just used the manual WB with a white card / object.
  19. well what is the issue? I vaguely remember people talking about WB/color shift when using kelvin selection.
  20. is there a reason #4 is slower than 5 and 6 but ranked higher?
  21. It seems 100% stable at 180Mbps with AF on. Seems 90% stable at 200Mbps with AF on (first try results in stopping due to card too slow error, then try it again and it stays running for several minutes, then I ended the test). Not stable at 220Mbps with AF on or off.
  22. Just got the card and tested it. I am comparing it to my Lexar 1000x 64GB card which struggles with higher bit rate stuff it seems. First the Lexar: 52053KB/s write, 86406KB/s read Now the Delkin card: 64990KB/s write, 89404KB/s read I have yet to try it out other than these tests, will let you know how it works. I was hoping it would be faster than the Lexar 2000x though which it does not seem to be.
  23. I would have to check my settings again, but using -3 saturation, -10 sharpness, and -3 contrast, the video looks pretty good using the built in alexa input lut in premiere pro. edit: also have green at 0.95
  24. I ordered one of these and will post the results when it arrives: http://www.delkindevices.com/product/cinema-64gb-sdxc-uhs-ii-u3-v90-memory-card/
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