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  1. if apple pro goes away, hopefully then software developers will start supporting windows for professional and commercial applications. There is no reason for apple to be the standard for pros when it is more expensive and less powerful.
  2. I know I am not the first one to bring up the 0-255 vs 16-235 idea, but I have yet to see it make a difference in footage when editing in premiere. That being said, it is nice to see a lot of different members trialing this rgb boost concept and identifying quarks and characteristics. If there is indeed more dynamic range with boost, it may be safe to assume less at RGB values <1.00, as you have seen with the clipping of highlights. With that, it may still produce quite usable footage in a lot of situations. However, is it doing anything beyond dropping what would otherwise be overexposed into the clipped region? Or is there actually some benefit to shooting <1.00? I will play with it soon.
  3. thanks for sharing. That is definitely impressive. I am trying to work out the color shift so that I am not losing color detail while boosting. If the noise is roughly the same as iso 800 as iso1600 without boost, you aren't sacrificing much to gain that extra dynamic range. Was this 0-255 or 16-235?
  4. going to 1.99 does not improve exposure without adding noise. The noise added is very similar to going an ISO level higher. Also, I found it changes the color tint somewhat. We have been experimenting with going lower now, as it *may* act as a sort of digital ND filter, however, as shown above, highlights are getting clipped somewhat. I will go ahead and get some testing done in the next day or so (maybe tonight) at different levels and show what is happening with highlights. did you adjust exposure to account for the lower brightness, as in decrease shutter, open aperture, or boost iso? Auto exposure does not work when adjusting the RGB scales, without compensation. So if you set auto exposure and turned down the rgb scales, it will be *under exposed*, just as if you boost the scales without compensation, the image will be *over exposed*.
  5. Are you sure the highlights are clipping? The histogram is pre boost. As long as you expose for the scene it should be OK. Also, if you have overexposure guide on aka zebras they are still working properly. Also, good to hear about the ability to use as an ND filter. That is actually an amazing possibility. Set different picture wizards for different ND levels!
  6. I will see what I come up with today. I was hoping the rgb values had something to do with the back side illumination.
  7. I found the color to have a green tint or less red. It is hard to describe it was very subtle, but it turned brownish maroon colors into regular dark brown. It can be seen on dark cherry colored furniture. As for the histogram, it must get its information pre boost as it does not change with or without boost. Holy crap. Can we drop the rgb boost to keep 1/60 shutter speed without an ND? Now THAT is worth exploring!
  8. also seeing a green tint even with RGB set to 1.99, 1.90, and 1.99 respectively. Will need to adjust hue slightly it seems. It is odd, using RGB boost and iso100 was cleaner than no rgb boost and iso 200, but rgb boost with 3200iso was worse than no rgb boost 6400.
  9. if you look at the last 2 photos in my last post, the picture wizard with no changes other than RGB boost, sharpness contrast and sat all the same, iso 1600 with RGB boost is noticeably noisier than picture wizard off at 3200iso.
  10. here are some more. Last two have an exposure bump of 2.0 in post.
  11. here are some zooms (600%) of the above frames. I will get the higher ISO stuff tonight. you can see in the last two frames there appears to be more sharpening happening without picture wizard on. I made sure to leave all picture wizard settings at 0 except the RGB, so I did not turn down sharpness. Interesting.
  12. let me know if you guys need some other shots, perhaps at higher ISO.
  13. Here are a few exported frames from 4k video with various exposures and with picture wizard (PW) on or off. Description should be in the file name. and scopes, again description in file name.
  14. I will take some [identical] video with the boost on and off and post up some stills from 4k video as well as screenshots of scopes from premiere.
  15. Tried the "RGB boost" and yes, it is definitely brighter, just as setting them to 0 is black. I have to actually test it and analyze the video it produces, but it may even be 2 stops brighter IMO.
  16. this was a dumb way to end all of this.
  17. sandisk ultra 32GB micro SD sdhc class 10: 14955KB/s write, 68434KB/s read Lexar 64GB Platinum II SDXC 200x U1 class 10: 19853KB/s write, 44119KB/s read Delkin Devices 64GB SDXC SD 1900X u3 UHSI/UHSII "read 285MB/s write 100MB/s": 45416KB/s write, 88790KB/s read Samsung EVO 32GB micro SD sdhc u1: 27973KB/s write, 68691KB/s read PNY "high performance" 32GB micro SD sdhc u3: 38534KB/s write, 68730MB/s read
  18. maybe they're coming out with the "Samsung Galaxy NX2" based on galaxy s9, though the naming would be in bad taste.
  19. who are you calling a nerd, geek?
  20. on the 1st, he is going to upload the hack. We will install it, only to find when we turn the camera back on, it is playing a rick astley video on loop.
  21. this is like the willy wonka movie. Looks like Matthew Hartman is getting the factory!
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