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  1. I would say it depends, I can certainly see it backfire, but also if it's a problem then I don't see it as an overreaction to have no phone policy, at lest during shooting or right before/after. Due to the way some ppl use social media, you could actually make them less focused if they can't check there phone notifications, which is kinda weird concept for me since I don't have that addiction. At some places it's fine to check facebook during work since that increases productivity, at least according to a study that I never bothered to verify or find. I can imagine how professional that would look through the window tho.
  2. If your monitor can't display 24p and goes black does not mean the graphics card can't output it, but it usually means it won't output it unless you force it to, since the monitor reports that it can't display it anyway. You can make custom resolution in nVidia control panel and I think AMD have same option. I even think Intel allows making it.
  3. Get a proper application to play video files in (for example MPC-HC) and a good renderer (like madVR). If you still have problems getting smooth playback you are doing something wrong. You do not need a special graphics card or decklink to get proper framerates. You just need one powerful enough, which varies depending on what you do.
  4. Highlight and shadow rollof is going to have a huge effect on motion blur. Thins that usually looks stuttering is dark objects like lamp posts against a bright background like sky. If you look closely you can see it has 180* shutter but half of it is so faint it's almost invisible. So what you end up with is a lot higher "shutter speed" than what you originally thought. So you would need to overcompensate with say 1/40 or even 1/30 to keep those parts looking smooth. But then other parts that have lower contrast ends up being too smooth, maybe. Since old film cameras sometimes had a rotating shutter the leading and trailing "edge" would be somewhat faded and not as abrupt which I guess would lead to a smoother motion. Just like the filter thingy mentioned in the thread.
  5. You do realize ppl actually use these professionally for photo and video editing right? A thing that starts at 4999$ is hardly marketed to consumers or excusable to throwaway.
  6. Remember this is the same company that says if you repair our products you are counterfitting them and we will sue you. Oh and if we find any devices that where repaid this way, we will brick them.
  7. The repair center where going to repair it(since they said they already ordered the parts from Apple), but where forced to deny repair since Apple refused to send any parts for it. This is Apple denying there own service center parts and making it so that noone can fix it, anywhere, ever. No matter how you dress that up the smell still going to come through.
  8. I know Servers, the things that hums along in data centers and never break, right? Well no, they do break and what is considered essential is the ability to repair them and replace parts along with the support to back it up. Same with cameras, I know a pro sports shooter that had his gear held up for a big game and Canon had reps waiting with gear in hand for him to do his job. Now I would not expect same level of support for consumer equipment, but iMac Pro to not even be fixable?
  9. no_connection

    NAB 2018

    I hope thy use Fusion engine in Resolve, it's so far superior compared and it reads way more formats than Resolve. Although the one or two formats Resolve can read is not hard to beat. But I would settle for a Resolve that don't crash or lock up for 5 sec, that would be an epic improvement. *edit* also Nikon better release something useful!
  10. Well, now we know that Sony only regards it's customers as alpha testers.
  11. Well it's likely on some of the preview/review samples, I highly doubt it's going to be in retail version.
  12. https://www.rtings.com/tv/tests/picture-quality/image-retention-burn-in I'm sure that never happened then, move along.
  13. Just contrast it to the term "surge". Even a 5sec short is almost insignificant amount of energy compared to what is stored in the battery, I was just referring to the common perception that shorting a battery must draw a "huge amount of power" compared to normal use since it draws max amount of current. A surge, even if it where a lot higher current during startup does not really draw a huge amount of power overall. But as with shorting a battery wear and tear does come into the calculation. My point was that surge is insignificant overall unless you use it for 5sec every time, and by that point it's normal startup time gonna be more significant anyway. And probably hospital bill due to epilepsy.
  14. 100% incorrect and stem from the same belief that shorting a battery momentarily drains it in any significant way. (which it does not btw). In short the surge will have to be huge to have any long term impact in overall draw. Even turning off a modern cars engine for a few seconds is worth it today.
  15. Mostly cause you get burnin with anything lasting more than 5sec, which is even worse in HDR mind you.
  16. The results are in: "Done. And the results are pretty good: 24.3 ms in 4k FF 25fps, and 8.7ms in 1080p FF 25fps." Still waiting for s35
  17. And PC instead of mac for good skintones. Nope that is not a joke, we had two setups one PC and one mac feeding video to ATEM for reduncancy. Using QLab on MAC and MPC-HC on PC. The image was pretty much identical except for a green tint from the mac. Just about noticeable side by side Oh and mac can't do 50p so it stuttered slightly too.
  18. I checked one of them and it's 4k in VP9 I don't have a mac available but Ill test FireFox with ANT when I get to one. With Quantum it uses a new way of accessing since extensions can't talk to outside programs but need a middle man so to speak.
  19. *edit* I'm a dummy. Using h246ify means 1440p max since YouTube only does 4k with VP9 coded. Should have figured that out before scathing my head. So in short. H264 max out at 1440p and VP9 goes to 4k and beyond.
  20. There is no way that is not temporal NR It looks to be pretty decent at handling noise without color breakdown but it's no longer apples to apples comparison. Now if it's aimed at the "baseline" it might not be a bad thing since NR is very hard to get right. But what happens if we turn it off(if we can)? Can't really say cleaner 20 times and that makes it so.
  21. I have never had a problem downloading 4k even tho I have 1920x1200 monitor. *edit* this is the one I'm using https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/video-downloader-player/ You can grab older version that works with ff48 for example (I use that version) If you are using the one that looks like a tri color pellet then I stopped using that long ago. VP9 would be the default since it's used for HTML5
  22. The problem is that with windows update you don't have a choice, it will install it regardless you like it or not, so you have to physically prevent it from doing so.
  23. I use ANT video downloader plugin for FireFox. It uses FFmpeg to combine the file, you can ether install it yourself or have the plugin download it for you. On FF Quantum it's a little different so you might wanna test both. I use FireFox Portable from portableapps.com so you can mock around all you want without breaking anything. You might wanna try something like h264ify to get H264 instead of VP9 from youtube.
  24. It was a puff piece with no actual camera in hand. Look at the image credit, not a single one taken by nofilmschool. It's just putting something out there with little more than speculation just to have an article for google rank.
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