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    Daniel Galli got a reaction from MicahMahaffey in VFX Heavy NX1 Short Film (Game Station)   
    amazing broo
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    Daniel Galli got a reaction from Kisaha in NX1 Flat image, closer to C-Log   
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    Daniel Galli reacted to Kisaha in hardware for fluid premiere playback   
    Cuda cores, raw processing power and RAM. Pascal GPUs are the standard right now, and for many good reasons (less power consumption= less heat = more durability = less money for cooling options = less noise etc).
    You also need a more recent CPU that does H265 decoding internally. I would say a 6700 or a 7700(better) with a 1060 GPU (value for money right now, no need for anything less).
    I do not know about AMD cpus.
    For financial reasons I went for 6700 and 1060 recently (for an editing laptop). For 600€ more I would have gone for 7700 and 1070 gpu (that is the combo that I consider as best value for money/perforMande right now), but as I upgrade/renew a lot of my equipment and office space, those extra hundreds were needed elsewhere.
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    Daniel Galli got a reaction from iamoui in Samsung NX Speed Booster   
    exactly, i was never hostil to luca.
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    Daniel Galli got a reaction from iamoui in Samsung NX Speed Booster   
    just lack of words :v
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    Daniel Galli reacted to Matthew Hartman in NX1 Film   
    These images prove a few things about the NX1 and many cameras in general and I'm super happy you shared these to help me prove something I tell colleagues all the time.
    1.) The secret to getting NX1 footage to look warm and or filmic to is first turn the sharpness down in-camera to -10. Samsung purposely uses sharpening algorithms in many of their products because their user research tells them that most people are attracted to it. It's the same for their tendency for bold contrast and saturation. While this is good for large screen 4k TV screens, it will make your footage look like video or broadcast quality. Even with sharpness essentially turned off, the NX1/500 image still is one of the sharpest images known to the entire industry. I implore anyone to test this assertion out against any Arri or RED.
    There are times I will even put a fast blur on my on my footage in Premiere at .25/.5 just to give it that "emulsive" look. Some people may find the sharpening in the NX1/500 a turn off, but personally I like having the latitude. You can always reduce sharpness but it's very difficult to add sharpness to blurred pixels.
    2.) The art of lighting separates amateurs from professionals. The sets of images above demonstrate this beautifully. This aspect has very little to do with the camera, if at all. Lighting your scene should be part of the narrative. It should tell it's own story while being a part of the bigger picture. In the whole high ISO craze Sony introduced to the industry, I feel many cinematographers or videographers have gotten lazy or simply forgotten the art of lighting a scene. It's more than just about proper exposure. Darkness is as much a narrative as light.
    3.) Composition and setting the scene. This not only includes principles like the rule of thirds, but also wardrobe and even actor's micro expressions. Even in these stills you still get a sense of the character's motivation and persona. Trust me, even the crappiest digital cameras today can technically produce a better IQ than film cameras of even the 80/90s, but that means nothing if there's no story and art direction. It's not really all about the camera. It's about the narrative and everything in concert that supports that, which the camera is only part of.
    I also wanted to add that no general audience would view this film (or stills) and think it didn't come from a camera the size and cost of a two-story house. If the movie is successful, the only thing they'll being thinking about is the emotional impact the story had on them. Good film quality is exactly what you DON'T think about.
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    Daniel Galli got a reaction from Marco Tecno in Samsung Camera Manager new Update!!! The very first good news   
    anyone have download or create color profiles ? i would be interersting to create and share new color profiles.
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    Daniel Galli reacted to SMGJohn in Petition for Samsung NX1 hack   
    Grain is super fine on the NX500 on higher than 1600 ISO specially in 4k and 1440p.
    But above 3200 ISO there so much grain noise that its unusable image specially because the grain is white so its impossible to remove with noise reduction tools.
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    Daniel Galli reacted to sondreg in NX1 internal mic stopped working   
    Update: Sent my NX1 into service and it was repaired and covered by warranty - replaced a 'PCB' at the top of the camera and is now working
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    Daniel Galli got a reaction from wolf33d in Patagonia + GH5 here is the video   
    Excelent video! nice to know you enjoy the landscape of my country
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    Daniel Galli got a reaction from grey in white balance glitch nx1   
    yea dude i have a problem with the wb on kelvin too, sometimes when i turn off the camera and i start again the wb activate as awb but the camera say that is on kelvin mode, so i just have to press again the kelvin mode and it have fixed.
    i got the nx500
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    Daniel Galli got a reaction from SMGJohn in Power2000 batteries   
    i know is always better and comfortable change batteries, but what you can do is use a dirty cheap usb charger and connect while record,i recommend start recording and plug in in 100%, the carger arent powerfull enought to charge while you record, but let the battery dont discharge so fast.
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    Daniel Galli reacted to mnewxcv in SD-Card Benchmark (with Samsung tool in DEV mode)   
    I ordered one of these and will post the results when it arrives:
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    Daniel Galli got a reaction from Liam in NX1/NX500 Hack Test Footage   
    First video with 120fps at 720p upscaled to 1080p, i think there are 60mbps on bitrate.
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    Daniel Galli reacted to lucabutera in Samsung NX Speed Booster   
    Thanks everyone for support.
    I would like to clarify that I have not started working on NXL adapter to make money. I decided to invest my time and my money for the love of NX1 camera.
    I am a ex user of the Canon 5D mkII, 5D mkIII, Black Magic C 4K, Sony a7s (waste camera, always crash with metabones smart adapter).
    The only thing I missed in this camera was the FF look that could not give me the aps-c sensor.
    I recommend this adapter videomakers, photographers who like to shoot in manual control, and have a large park full frame lenses and photographers who use the camera for artistic photos of portraits or landscapes.
    Responding to Pavel, the camera with NXL adapter, shoots at ISO 800 as ISO 1600 without NXL adapter, so even for the night is very indicated. Do not recommend to buy this adapter to those sports photographer because she would not have any benefit.
    Surely you will be better than me to find strengths and weaknesses of this adapter, and only you will know to use it according to your needs.
    It certainly is not perfect and certainly in the future, with your suggestions, I can improve it.
    Now I'm ready, I'm happy to announce that, I am preparing the website for a Kickstarter, where you can order the NXL adapter.
    P.S. Meanwhile I enjoy the Olympics on TV tonight!

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    Daniel Galli got a reaction from sandro in Petition for Samsung NX1 hack   
    yee me too, i will put m42 lens anyways
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    Daniel Galli got a reaction from kidzrevil in Petition for Samsung NX1 hack   
    Thanks man! works perfectly, even at 2% of grain!
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    Daniel Galli got a reaction from DPStewart in Petition for Samsung NX1 hack   
    Thanks man! works perfectly, even at 2% of grain!
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    Daniel Galli got a reaction from Marco Tecno in Some question about nx500   
    thanks man! now im gonna get my nx500 :D 
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