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  1. will the F6 be using the same/similar sensor as the Mavo LF?
  2. If I wanted save money on lights, I would only need to spend 30K on a full frame cine camera? Deal!
  3. Dave mentioned the crop mode being 1.8x...compared to the stills crop (which is 1.6x). The EOS R can shoot 1080 in full frame mode.
  4. Interesting that they shot a decent amount with a 90° shutter. There are a few Steadicam scenes where it seems more noticeable. Great BTS
  5. Biggest problem for me was the compression; Sky Now made it look crap tbh! Should look gorgeous on blu ray though...
  6. Yeah they should have attached an Alexa to the operators head. Brilliant ?
  7. @tekeela have you considered this setup? half the price of the sirui setup...
  8. This prototype image was posted on the fb group... Not much info but hopefully we see a few more third party options!
  9. Again... We don't even have a release date for the Raw update.
  10. But the Z6 cannot shoot 10 bit internally. So it costs quite a bit more than 2k for that.
  11. The Art of Photography uses the copilot... Looks like the best option atm for iPad/Luma fusion
  12. Do you have a link for the workaround? Really interested in that aha!
  13. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing shot with the Laowa 7.5mm F2 MFT
  14. Resolve now has object removal. NICE!
  15. From the p4k FB group Blackmagic going live at NAB soon
  16. £899 in UK for body only? Very disappointing!
  17. Definitely. Going straight for the head of Kinefinity!! Hopefully we'll hear some more details after Nab... Exciting times ?
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