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    GH5S or X-T3?

    but it's not. The 90mm is optically superior. But the 16mm f/1.4 is really special. The near focus ability, nice bokeh and overall rendering are outstanding. It's my second favorite lens. But overall all Fuji lenses are very good. And while they have their own characteristics, overall they are pretty similar. You notice this, if you shoot with third party lenses like Samyang or the Mitakon Speedmaster (I do own it ) mixed with the Fujinon lenses, you will see different rendition and color. No big difference, but I like that it takes nearly no work for the Fujinons to look extremely similar.
  2. https://kolarivision.com/nikon-z7-dissasembly-teardown/ after disassembling a Z7 they claim, that the IBIS moves even less than in a Sony. But the Video looks nice, much more like Panasonic or Fuji than Sony. Olympus is still a tiny bit better, at least for photography.
  3. no, but natural liveview function gives you an image very close to it
  4. As soon as I get back to my Fuji gear, I can test it. Will probably be mid of next week.
  5. And there is also a kit with the 1.4x teleconverter for just 100bucks more. Never saw anything similar with Sony.
  6. Some of the film simulations are made to produce waxy skin. They dialed it down after many raised their voices about it. But it‘s not a bug it‘s a feature. Fuji cameras are very popular in parts of asia and waxy skin there is often what people, especially young females, are looking for. of course it would be best if it were a menu option
  7. No it seems confirmed what was said back a few days: -T3 will get ExFat support with the firmware update at the end of the year. https://www.fujirumors.com/fujifilm-x-t3-new-firmware-will-add-exfat-file-system-support-eliminating-4gb-file-size-limit/
  8. I have to agree with @jonpais I don't think Fuji was looking at the Samsung. Fuji has been iterating their cameras pretty predictable, so the X-T3 became what was expected. There are a lot of nice things there. Their optics and colors are some of the best in the industry. And with the MK lenses they clearly showed, that they are also committed to video shooters. Personally I prefer the handling of the X-H1, but the image quality out of the X-T3 is just better. It might be one of the best cameras to get for video - and that for 1500$!
  9. GFX 100MP is 4:3 format - how about anamorphic support? this! the Arri 65 lenses are modded Hasselblad lenses which are designed and manufactured by Fujinon. So they have the optics. And the MK, XK and so on. show, they have the mechanical knowledge too.
  10. Well, techically that's not right. --> Well, those are STM motors instead of LM motors. The older f/1.4 lenses use different type of motors. Overall personally I find all lens motors fast enough, even the old f/1.2 and f/1.4 lenses. It's more about the settings. The main problem with some lenses that the new f/2 WR lenses don't is sound. The older once are noticeable which can be a problem. Personally I love the rendering of the older lenses and didn't buy a single f/2.0 lens after testing them.
  11. there is only one speedbooster with autofocus, the Kipon one.
  12. the Fuji can, the Sony can‘t. There is only facial detection and that one is limiting. That‘s why it‘s impossible to compare them. could you link those quotes? Haveb‘t seen any of those yet
  13. ??? Eye AF is unavailable in movie mode! <
  14. raw. But just cropped to just a bit more than mFT
  15. no Ibis at all, released around photokina and sub 1500€ price range is what is speculated
  16. Hasselblad calls it medium format, Fuji calls it medium format, Phase One calls it medium format, Pentax calls it medium format, Sony calls it medium format. Leica calls 30x45mm medium format. If you think it's not it's fine, what do all those manufacturers know
  17. GFX sensor: 1450mm^2 full frame sensor: 860mm^2 So the GFX sensor is nearly 70% bigger
  18. I'd think so. They are great cameras, the shutter is not too loud and even the cheaper cameras have the silent shutter. With around 1/30s they aren't the fastest, but that's only a problem with special lighting. The handling is great, the color out of came are gorgeous and skin tones are nice. Doesn't have to be the X-T2, you can also go for X-T20 or X-E3, very good cameras! If you ever want to hear something special, take a look at the X-H1's shutter. But of course, Sony, Panasonic and Olympus make great cameras too.
  19. Autofocus with the new firmware is faster in general. The Dynamic Range bug seems to be fixed, so DR200, DR400 and Flog work very well with video, just like the DR200 recording. If the transition is smooth, depends a lot on the lens and the settings as well as subject distance/distance difference. With the old and slow f/1.2 and huge subject separation I found that settings for af speed +1 to +5 track very well, as in the video, but if you want to pull focus with the touch screen, it feels like it does it in two steps if the subject is far away. With near subjects it does well. With other lenses, especially wide angles, it's not as prominent. With different settings, like af speed -2 it does a very smooth focus transition, but it does it slowly. Also watch out to stay in the inner phase detection area, if you use the outer points, it does contrast detection with is neither fast, nor does it track well nor does it do smooth transitions. Touch function in video has also been changed. If you are in manual focus and the magnification, it camera doesn't start recording if you hit the touch screen. With AF lenses it does instant AF, to start the recording via touch screen, you have to leave the magnification. Auto ISO in video has been improved too. It's no longer 1/3 stop steps, but feels extremely smooth. 1/10 stops steps at least. That's just what I noticed in the first few minutes, there probably are a few more small changes. Overall it's a very nice update. edit: I now watched the video from Zed Pro Media. If the tracking sensitivity and af speed are set right, the 56mm tracks very well, as he shows. I can't say anything about the canon adapters, since I don't own any. The smooth Auto iso I can confirm.
  20. That wasn't my intend. I just think, that claims like that should be discussed, otherwise they might end up as fake news. Anyway, I really enjoyed your view on the camera, I've been enjoying it too.
  21. Pixel binned or line skipped. It‘s just that the Sony data sheet, a bit of technical knowledge and common sense suggest no 12K read out :D
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