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  1. no, nothing beats a mechanical manual focus lens, those are designed for it. But the new linear focus mode is really working great. Big plus for the Fuji, if you are also a photographer using autofocusing lenses. I will be using the Fujinon AF lenses a lot more now. Most of the fast once I own, are still loud though.
  2. I can do some more testing. I'd have to probably get a better subject and use a tripod to really compare it, but looking at the video you linked, to me it looks like he messed up his settings or files and only looked at slow mo from the X-H1, which seems to be pixel binned and not downscaled
  3. I have heard of it and I do know, that ISO has absolutely nothing to do with exposure. It's just gain. If you increase ISO for ETTR you are not exposing to the right, you are increasing gain to get brightness. Different things. And it's the other way round, what you loose in the highlight you can't get back, in the shadows you can get back a lot. That's just the way digital sensors work. Film was different and that's why many still talk about highlight roll off of film Actually I did. It took me a while to find a subject which shows moire, but when I found it I did compare the X-T2 and
  4. wtf are you even talking about. the physical dimensions of the lens are unaffected. If you want your picture brighter, you can increase the ISO. But all your talk about ISO cheating just shows, that you have no idea about the iso standard. Setting up a modern camera to underexpose actually makes a lot of sense, if you would do a comparison over the last decade you would see, that all manufacturers are going the route.
  5. an alternative fact, since there is no rule bending, it's all within the standards. but why even discuss such an unimportant detail?
  6. @Attila Bakos I will do. Don‘t know if I find enough spare time today or tomorrow, since I first have to get my X-T2, but weekend at the lastest I will do
  7. yes and no. I have managed to get it, but it was much harder than on older Fuji cameras. Comparing it to the X-T2 directly, it seems the problem has been extremly minimized. If you are free lensing with a very bright lens, it‘s easy to get the flare @jon are you sure those are bugs by definition? Could be design decisions. DR has been namend DR100-400 (and 800 as well as 1600 on some cameras) since Fuji introduced this feature. Everyone who does even a little of search knows, how many stops of DR it adds and how it does it. Same with the natural liveview. It is designed to deactiva
  8. still trying to figure out, if @jonpais has a personal problem with Fujifilm or is just trolling. Anyway, the thread got absolutely useless through input of people just repeating what they heard somewhere and not trying the camera. There is no gain for me visiting this thread, so if anyone has any questions about the camera (I own it for nearly 2 weeks now, so have a bit of experience) feel free to ask. But link me or pm me, because I don't think I will visit the thread anymore.
  9. @jonpais did you have some time to finally try the X-H1 for some time now and try different settings?
  10. and Sony fixes their mistakes by pushing out a new camera, is this really the way people prefer? If this bug is reported to Fuji by enough people, it will probably be fixed soon no. As much people as possible should.
  11. I do. just tried it. Inconsistent results with DR400, and very usable with DR100.
  12. I have had the camera for over a week now and even though I promised myself, not to post in this forum again, I will give my opinion about a few things, maybe they help someone. These are mainly about handling, the image quality seems to be very good and I don't want to start the discussion about 8bit vs 10bit again. The video options are set up nicely, the addition of DCI 4K is very welcome. You can start the recording with the touchscreen, if you set it to Shot. I also like the silent controls, even if they are a little bit small. I just touch it once to start it and then use
  13. 5K to 4K downscaling, but same crop for 24p, 25p and 30p Can't comment on 120p quality yet, will need some time to compare it to other cameras in this price range No. If there is enough feedback, Fuji might add it with a firmware update, but since they removed the video button going from the X-T1 to the X-T2 because people didn't want an video button, setting it with the mode dial has been the only option on both the X-T2 as well as the X-H1.
  14. interesting. You have been asked, what your problem with 8bit recording is, but instead of answering it, you just repeat the same stuff over and over again. My X-H1 should be here tomorrow, if anyone is interested in some details PM me, won't write in this thread anymore, it got way out of hand.
  15. A7r2 had it too. Seems that it is pretty common with new Sony sensors
  16. Yeah. I‘ll probably stop coming here. My camera should arrive March 1. It‘s probably better to learn how to work with it instead of being told what it can‘t do and that it doesn‘t stack up to the competition here.
  17. it says „Filmed on FUJIFILM X-H1“ It feels, like most of those Fuji X Photographers got 2 copies of the camera. One to shoot and one to film it. Sith limited time and most of them being photographers and not film makers I am honestly impressed, that there are even some good looking videos coming out. Fuji should really think about limiting the quantity and go for more quality of promo videos,
  18. Some of those results look extremely nice, others bad. Personally I will just test it for myself, most cameras require days up to weeks learning, so you get the most out of them.
  19. Personally I think the character of the lens distracts a bit, so I did a little bit of smoothening too.
  20. I really don't get it. 2 years ago Fujis were probably the worst cameras you could get for video. Heavy moire, missing sharpness, no control over settings. The X-T2 changed a lot of it. The image quality was very nice and it added some controls. And now, the X-H1 adds another bunch of nice features. No, it doesn't do 60fps or 10bit, but as a whole I think the camera looks very nice. It seems they improved the autofocus, they added a lot of features like 1/48s, linear response of focus or internal Log and added hardware like IBIS and the touch screen. No, it's not a GH5 killer, but
  21. Setting it into T mode and using the command dial is there since the X-T1. Only one dial needed
  22. Cine lenses with autofocus? Would be a first. It would be especially hard to realize, since Fujis autofocus uses focus by wire. But at least there is no an option to set the focus by wire to a linear response, something many with native glas have asked for. Other manufacturers will probably follow suit soon.
  23. I guess. But there is a lot of things true pros won't do
  24. Like its sibling, the X-H1 offers a series of focus peaking options (color and intensity) but no zebra warnings for setting exposure, beyond the 'Live View Highlight Warning' option - dpreview so like the X-T2 with the newest firmware, it only shows overexposure, but you can't specify the limit, so you can't use it to get the skin tones into the right zone or whatever people use zebras for Really enjoyed this video here: not much to see, but what he says about his experience with the camera, especially the new Eterna simulation with 12 stops DR sounds very nice.
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