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  1. 12 stops when recording with eterna film simulation and dynamic range optimization. Eterna LUT for Flog. Wondering about Flog dynamic range. Since the non log is 12 stops, it might be 13 stops nearly all settings are now possible to be set seperatly for video. Also new shutter speeds like 1/24s, 1/48s and so on. it really looks very nice! Footage out of the X-T2 was gorgeous, with the X-H1 we get very nice controls and IBIS. I guess for 4K 60p and 10bit it will need a new sensor
  2. Thecamerastore is said to have had a prototype for quite some time and having shoot a short film on it. Looking forward to all the coverage
  3. There is now a highlight control blinking feature on the X-T2. I guess the X-H1 will get it too? It does not have one
  4. No. They are ok, but focus by wire isn't ideal in general. Most zooms breath, the primes are fine. Optical quality is very nice and they all offer a similar look. But Fuji will also release two cine lenses, the mk 18-55mm t/2.9 and the 50-135mm t/2.9 both of which are more or less parfocal with no focus breathing and offer a few other nice features. And of course there are a lot of manual lenses you can use. And there are also Canon EF smartadapters as well as a EF smart speedbooster coming in the near future so I would say there are more than enough lenses available.
  5. As others, I have to disagree. The photo quality of the X-T2 is way ahead of the GH5, so will be the X-H1 video quality? depends on what you want. I wouldn't declare a winner Grip? If the X-H1 has the same as the GFX I'd say that might be one of the best grips ever. But people have different preferences Controls: Again, different preferences. But overall I think the GH5 is a more videocentric camera, while the X-H1 is aimed at photographers who also do video work.
  6. The MTFs (http://www.fujifilm.com/products/digital_cameras/x/fujinon_lens_xf56mmf12_r/specifications/) show that it's a very good lens already wide open. The optical design is interesting too. I would say that most Fuji lenses are very good wide open and get incredibly sharp stopped down. For me personally Fuji lenses have reached the point, where I don't use the aperture for sharpness control but only for depth of field. There is always enough sharpness.
  7. lastest should show 1.00 since it's production ready. (1.35 was beta)
  8. officially 10 min is the maximum you will be able to do in one piece without battery grip. In practice you will probably be able to shoot a couple of 10 min clips, as long as you are not in the Sahara and direct sunlight. (from what I have seen/heard with the battery grip you can run as long as the SD cards/batteries allow. Clips will be limited to 30 min)
  9. after firmware update is before firmware update (that one is old again ^^ )
  10. Does the A7RII record full sensor readout yet? I don't know what exactly "same size" means to you... http://camerasize.com/compact/#679.408,624.395,ha,t
  11. "However, If you don’t want to do too much post production then you have the option to use all of Fujifilm’s Film Simulation modes, and unlike previous Fujifilm cameras you can fine tune the colour settings when shooting video." from http://www.thevideomode.com/news/fuji-xt2-video-4k-2938/
  12. Yes. The most important thing is, that all the hardware is available. (fast sensor and processor, Mic in, Headphone jack). But I agree, seeing F-Log for internal recording would be nice and if Fuji continues it's Firmware policy and listening to customers, I think they could/will add this. However they have to hear that customers want it. Just write to Fuji, they tend to listen Highlight, Shadow, Sharpness and Color should work for video too, don't know about Noise reduction.
  13. I was told, that overheating, aliasing and moiré were the things they were looking at the most when developing the camera. That's why there is this new battery. With vertical grip it should record until the batteries in the grip are dead without overheating (of course at 29:59 it will stop and you have to restart). Aliasing and moiré (as said) were the main concerns when it came to image quality. Really looking forward to how it will perform in real life. About rs: <30ms, but that's still very noticeable
  14. Grip has a joystick too for still shooters. It also got a second battery slot, the headphone jack and a 9V input (to run in nonstop). You can also charge the batteries with that 9V in the camera/grip.
  15. here is some behind the scenes footage. Seems like they only used AF or manual focus (on those first party focus by wire lenses)
  16. I think it makes a difference, if a manufacturer tells you, that the camera is good for 30min recording, and then (after 10, sometimes even less) minutes it overheats or if one tells you: "10 minutes, that's it" and you really get those 10 minutes everytime From what I have heard, Fuji did a lot to get the heat down. Those new batteries are one of the things. (A bigger heatpipe is another). What I have heard too: they are not opposed to add more video funcionality with firmware updates, if people really use the camera for video. 4K is not full sensor, it's a mild crop (something like 5K). That way they could get 24, 25 and 30p at the same crop and not have another crop for 30p. Furthermore it reduces rolling shutter (should be below 30ms, which still is a lot, but better than A6300 and some others)
  17. 6K readout to 4K, 4K30p, flat profile (log?!), Mic in and Headphone jack, HDMI output (4:2:2) and external recording. Oh, it's happening!
  18. Yes. It was designed when Sony thought mirrorless should be small and compact and thus APS-C is enough. Fitting a full frame sensor behind that mount was both stupid and a engineering masterpiece. I think they could, but lenses would get even bigger. The small flange distance and the tiny mount diameter are giving the lens designers a really hard time. Yes. And IBIS does of course affect image quality. Very likely it's electronically corrected and people just don't care. Image quality from µFT, APS-C and full frame is more than good enough, so why even bother searching for the problems? Lol. No. Those G Masters are just in the same league as others (Nikkor, Canon, Zuiko, Fujinon have been for quite some time. And when it comes to aspherical lenses, Panasonic is extremely good too)
  19. @Andrew Reid finally someone telling the truth how the industry works. Thanks for that! But I think you are wrong on one little detail (that has nothing to do with the rest). The removal of the video Button on the X-T2 prototype probably point to the video mode becoming more important. Why is that?! Because we already know it should do 4K. Fuji managers have said as much. And then there is the technical detail, that somehow everyone missed on the internet: there is another setting on the mode dial (the dial beneath the ISO dial). I am pretty sure that this is the Video mode. Making video a mode and not a button you press to start and stopp, gives more freedom. You could change some video settings before starting (probably with the release button). Of course this is speculation, but I am pretty sure it will happen in a similar way
  20. I'd love to see a few more clips too! The footage from the X-Pro2 (from the bit I have seen yet) looks really good and colors are gorgeous. Only problem seems to be, that the black are crushed rather heavily.
  21. That it will do 4K seems certain. Guess we will see it do similar things as the A6300 does (6K readout downsampled to 4K). This probably means, that we will also see similar rolling shutter. I hope they improve on the usability. A log profile wouldn't be the most important thing for me, what I would really love to see are the JPG settings also working in video. Hopefully we also see AF in video.
  22. What I meant was, that (with older models), as soon as you hit the movie record button, it jumped into recording and there is no way, to few the exact crop beforehand. That's one of the many small things that made me not use the X-T1 for video (well, besides the terrible 60p quality)
  23. @Andrew Reid thanks for your input! Are you really using an X-Pro2 for video? (I though I read somewhere that you considered buying one) It looks like Fuji has done their homework on image/video quality. What is missing, is the usability and interface. I guess it's still not possible, to first see your 16:9 frame, before starting video, is it? (I think with 4K and a few improvements to the usability, the upcoming Fujis could really make fun shooting video on! )
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