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  1. That's what Sony fans have said for years. "Micro Four Thirds is dying!" . "APS-C will die", "Nikon is doomed". "We will soon take of the overall number one in the camera market" Nothing of that has happened yet. And it doesn't look like any will happen soon. I don't know why the topic suddenly changed to fujis controls, but personally I live those manual controls. Nobody needs to use them, but I feel like I am much faster if I do. I could do without a top LCD, but I see it's appeal. It got it's advantages.
  2. behind the touchscreen. tilt it downwards
  3. that's interesting, I think it's their do it all camera and is pretty good at it. Personally I did go for the A7III because of full frame full sensor read out, but except those two things, I think the A7R III is one of the best cameras money can buy. Wouldn't buy it though, my time with the A7 wasn't really pleasureful
  4. I don't really understand it either. It's probably a combination of many things. The way they market their products, concentrating on high profile bloggers and youtubers instead of "real" photographers. Their products are great and for a long time they were the only manufacturer offering small, full frame, mirrorless bodies. Not counting Leica. They concentrated on the big things like full frame and IBIS, ignoring little things like the viewfinder or weather sealing. I guess some users thought that this, combined with the very spec heavy marketing, somehow made their product and thus them,
  5. If you are talking about these, they work fine. Even though V30 is not enough for 400 mbps, they seem to be faster. I never tried the 16GB though, it's way too small for 400mbps, that just gives you 5 Minutes of recording
  6. Probably both Panasonic and Fujifilm will make money by selling smaller version to car manufacturers. That's an area where global shutter and very high dynamic range are very important. Furthermore Fuji has been developing technologies in regard to sensors for ages. The new cell dividing material for the 0.8nm pixels of Samsungs Isocell Plus is from Fuji. and they are the main supplier of color filter arrays and a few other things.
  7. You got the Sony at home? i only tried it once soon after it came out and it felt, as if the parfocality was done by correcting focus and not by optical design. Yes, 16-80mm f/4.0 looks interesting. As long as people don‘t demand f/2.8 that is ??
  8. yeah. That's why I said that there is always the possibility of getting the MKX 18-55mm t/2.9 Lovely lens, but people have different interests and I respect that thephoenix wants autofocus and stabilization.
  9. yes. that's due to the short flange distance. Same is true for Sony FE, Nikon Z and (though close) Canon Rf.
  10. that's a summicron-c 21mm. afaik those come in PL mount. Would theoretically cover a full frame sensor, but I guess Panasonic opted for s35
  11. that's actually a great lens. For the 300$/400$ they charge for it as a kit lens, it's a bargain. But the requirement was constant f/2.8 so the 18-55mm seems no good.
  12. @Kisaha I am not too familiar with the CN-E lineup, but is there one with constant t/2.8 since that is what thephoenix wants. Of course the price shouldn't be above what a photographic lens costs it seems ? Personally, if I go for a zoom, I want very little focus breathing and a parfocal lens. Otherwise it's just a bag of slow primes. @thephoenix yes, I actually buy or rent equipment and test it myself. Not just once did my own experience vary from what was reported online. But it seems you realized, if you want a f/2.8 16-xx mm OIS lens, Fuji doesn't have one for you and
  13. For me you are taking an approach with too much speculation, generalization and listening to others. So you work for Fujifilm and know their statistics about who buys the camera? or how do you know what people want? While it has great autofocus, why can't one use a manual focus lens on it? Why shouldn't you, the MKX lenses are incredible. One might prefer the form factor or the viewfinder or is partly into photography. And just because you have manual focus lenses doesn't mean you can't have autofocusing ones too Have you actually tried it or are you just repeating
  14. There is the kipon baveyes EF to Fuji speedbooster. Optically not the best, but it's available. Stabilized zoom lenses? 10-24mm, 18-55mm, 18-135mm, 50-140mm, 55-200mm, 16-50mm, 15-45mm, 50-230mm, 100-400mm and the upcoming 16-80mm stabilized primes? 80mm, 200mm Yes, they are a young system and there are only something like 30 autofocusing lenses, but again, if the bmpcc4k is interesting, AF is probably not the highest priority. And we can always argue about what the competition has, Fuji has the outstanding MKX lenses if anybody is into video for real
  15. @thephoenix I don't really get your point. You are looking at the Fuji because you like Autofocus? But then you think about a bmpcc4k which is practically the opposite. There are adapters for EF to X, there is a speedbooster and there might be a metabones in the future. But most important, there will be a X-H2 for those who need IBIS. Personally I think the X-T3 is incredible value and part of that is, that they left the IBIS out. And can't complain about their lenses, I love their primes and they probably have two of the greatest zooms you can get for any system.
  16. as androidlad says, with h.265 and framerates of 30fps or below, you can get 400Mbps with both long gop or all i
  17. put this on your front element and gone are all your problems with too sharp footage https://www.walmart.com/ip/Vaseline-Original-Petroleum-Jelly-13-oz/10898766
  18. it has been posted. Properly 3 or 4 times ? To be honest, every time I watch it, I am shocked how Youtube destroys nice material like this. There is quite some banding/posterisation.
  19. when did the topic change from X-T3 to equivalency? Is there nothing about the camera worth talking about? How is everybody finding h.265 10 bit to work with? For me it works without any problems. Only exporting h.265 10 bit is impossible. Not literally but it takes ages (literally).
  20. Why not put windows on the iMac? Personally I though about doing a Threadripper build with an AMD Vega 64 and hackintoshing it, but didn't want to go through all the troubles. As you say, there is more or less no problem with macs. With macOS the iMac supports 10bit, something Windows needs workstation class cards for. About hardware: take a look at puget systems, they have a Davinci Benchmark and test nearly all new powerful hardware for their own builds.
  21. that's a rumor that was never proven. It's very likely wrong, since we know what the sensor was able to do with 14bit, so calculating the 8 or 10bit speed, is reasonable actually I think the processor of the NX1 was a lot more powerful in comparison with the sensor you think this is due to processor power? I guess sensor readout and heat are the main issues I think the sensor we talk about here is probably going to end up in something like a venice. But CES2019 will probably be centered around 8K. 8K televisions, 8K projectors, 8K cameras. Personally I think 8K
  22. http://www.fujifilm.com/support/digital_cameras/software/lut/
  23. The X-H2 with IBIS is probably coming sooner than later, looking at their history, that will probably be the camera for videocentric people. No need to optically f*** up the primes and 16-55
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