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  1. 1. I was thinking more about tweaking the autofocus settings to get more keepers. Do you use the whole range of 50-140mm? 2. for photo, the cheapest way is probably to get a used DSRL and a fast lens. Do you want the camera to track the subject across the frame on its own? Then the newest Sony cameras are probably the way to go. But I can't think of a single camera that could be called "do it all perfectly" 3. Hard to say. Probably a used D750 with a third party 70-200mm f/2.8 lens. You gain close to a stop in noise performance. Not that much, but better than nothing. For video I'd
  2. HLG is implemented as its own mode with different color profile
  3. he said he was happy shooting Eterna, so those settings are about improving on that
  4. Before buying anything new, I'd try to get the most out of the X-T2. It's a good camera and if you tweak the settings you probably get a lot more keepers. If you want to upgrade and the focus is the main priority, the cheapest way is probably the X-T3. This will also give you the flicker reduction for photos, helping to get the most out of the little light available. If you want to improve on noise performance, you should get a full frame camera with a f/2.8 zoom. You could go for fast primes like the 200mm f/2.0 too, but that's costly. Personally I don't know if I would go this rout
  5. Why should we proof you wrong? It's your turn to proof your point and show clips you shot yourself showcasing the problem.
  6. pretty easy to spot, there is no motion blur with her hair, so that's just a fast shutter speed. That's a user error if you wanna call it an error, maybe the user wanted that kind of effect, who knows. I think it's pretty safe to say now, that there is no problem with the X-T30 or the A6300, but that some users just need to learn the basics
  7. Can you upload a clip showing the problem? Would be interesting to see different opinions on what causes it
  8. where? didn't find much. I know the A6300 has bad rolling shutter, but that's not really jittery. I associate jittery footage with the wrong shutter speed. Are you recording 4K on the Sony and Fuji and 1080p on the Canon? It might just be, that you don't see small defects with the low resolution of the Canon.
  9. I love the new film simulation though. Stills and video were shot in Classic neg:
  10. I love the idea to emphasize on the viewfinder, material and build quality. But it's a very photographic centered camera. video features aren't even close to the X-T3. But Fuji is on a roll. The X-T3 was incredible, the X-T30 very good value and the X-Pro3 is just a one of it's kind. Really looking forward to the X-H2 and X-T4
  11. I agree with androidlad, HLG places middle gray at a different spot and with that the DR shifts to the highlights but overall DR of F Log and HLG are the same.
  12. That's funny, I seem to value the same things as you, but for me most fujis do a better job with the things you listed. At least for me. But personal preference is just that and that's why it's interesting to have different manufacturers
  13. I don't think the camera is bad at all. The problem I see is, that there are no lenses for it. Those two kit lenses? Hell no. There isn't a single stabilized full frame lens you could use and wide angle is missing, especially primes. It feels like they just want to sell a few of those kits to beginners and have abandoned the enthusiast and pro crop camera market.
  14. Looks like no 10-bit or 4K 60p. Those specs look like the E-M1II. the 237Mbps look nice at first, but with the E-M1II it was a variable bitrate and never really went above 100Mbps. Furthermore that's just available in DCI 4K. With 3840x2160p the E-M1II had a maximum bitrate of 100Mbps. Let's hope Olympus has addressed most of those things!
  15. Seems to be an update, that makes FCPX ready for the Mac Pro. But not too many new features. Noise reduction still doesn't work, at least not for me.
  16. tbh, the original E-M5 was one of the best looking cameras. this looks like it was influenced by the cheaper e-m10. I don't really like it. And rumor side says, there is more plastic in the build. Don't like that either. And the sensor seems to be from 2016. Guess what, don't like that either. It could still be a great camera. Olympus has one of, if not the best ibis system. It will come down to price. If it's around 900$ it could be a great deal, if it's beyond 1000$, I don't think it will really sell much
  17. They announce, that they are cooperating to introduce widespreat gimbal and drone support.
  18. Are you ok with the operational speed? I thought that the X-A models always felt sluggish, nowhere near the higher end models. It seems, the X-A7 fixes this now.
  19. That screen makes me jealous Overall it looks like a great budget camera. Too bad it didn't get Eterna film simulation.
  20. Fuji didn't get the memo, that 24p adds a lot of cost to the camera. They just introduced their entry level camera. 6K to 4K downsampling, 23.98p, 24p, 25p, 30p, all without a crop it seems. 699$ including kit lens. No 120p Full HD slow mo though. It's said, that will come early 2020 with an update.
  21. Yeah, I do the same. Power the camera from a usb c source. Drainage of the internal battery is minimal. And when the camera is off, it get's charged. This way I don't need to change battery at all.
  22. no X-Trans IV in the GF100. X-Trans is just the name of Fujifilms proprietary color filter array. Your pictures shows it. IV is the generation, the X-T3 has the 4th generation of those color filters. The GFX100, like the GFX50s and 50r, uses a Bayer color layout.
  23. No, that's not a sensor thing. X-Trans is a lot harder on the CPU to demosaic and that's where most of the heat is coming from. It's a lot easier with Bayer Sensors. At the same time, I think the recording limit of the Fujifilm cameras is extremely conservative. I have shot the X-T3 in direct sunlight at a ambient temperature of over 30°C. Running 4K 60p I did two full recordings of 20minutes until I got the heat warning. After switching battery I did another 15 minutes. Didn't shut down either. no. To me it sounds like a bad excuse
  24. No. 32MP with a 3:2 aspect ratio. At 16:9 you get 6960x3915=27MP. And this with a pixel binning results in 27/4=6.8MP which is not really 4K.
  25. Funny. Actually it was Fujifilm that introduced eye AF to video a year ago with the X-T3. So yes, other cameras can do that I don't think this post was about a pros and cons list. It was about two things: 1. Sony not introducing new hardware like a new, higher performing sensor 2. Sony not doing anything new with it's codecs. XAVC-S has been out like what? 6 years? Back that it was state of the art. But at the moment, Sony is lagging behind by quite a bit. Those things need to be pointed out. It's like a kick in the a**. Otherwise Sony might become like Canon and only int
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