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  1. there is none. You can switch between 25 and 30fps as you wish. No need to change any ntsc/pal settings
  2. if it's 95MB/s UHS-I this means, that it's very likely not a V60 card which is recommended for 400Mbps. So it's likely a card problem.
  3. with large indicators you can't. without them, go into Menu > Set Up > Screen Set up > Disp. Custom Settings > and turn on both expo. comp. (scale) and Mic Level
  4. Yeah, take your time testing. Different af-c settings for example. It’s nothing you should decide without really thinking about it
  5. If audio is a big concern, then get the f/2.0 the f/1.4 is a very nice lens with incredible look. but the focus motor is loud. The f/2.0 also focuses faster in stills. i got the 1.4. I don’t record audio with build in mic or in the hotshoe and if the mic isn’t too close the loud motor is no problem I don’t think the update will change anything about that, since that’s all due to different hardware.
  6. yes, it’s your lenses. The 18mm and 35mm f/1.4 are the oldest lenses and use loud motors. Newer lenses are better. Some by a bit, some by a lot. The f/2.0 primes are very good, the zooms are noiseless
  7. you can switch them to linear focus mode. With this the focus get's predictable, but throw is very long. edit: the sound stays though.
  8. Tony Northrup on January 29: We HATE making negative camera review Tony Northrup on February 2: The TRUTH about the Panasonic S1 So within half a week he decided to do a negative camera review about a camera he hasn't even touched yet. Negative reviews bring in views and that's what he is making money off. Thanks for calling him out Andrew.
  9. I think it just shows, how much they crippled the Eos R to begin with. Of course there were some hoping the cheaper model would do better, but I think expectations were low on this model overall.
  10. Full sensor readout in 40K30p with no crop, little rolling shutter and 200mbps sounds nice. Same oversampled 1080p 120fps as in the X-T3 too. 8bit internal, that’s too bad, but it gets 10 bit over hdmi. Mic over usb-c is a nice idea too. Internal 8bit log is nice to have, I’d go for 10 bit in log profiles all the way F-Log in 8 bit can be problematic, not even getting started on 8bit Slog3. I guess no HLG either, since this is standardized to be 10 or 12bit in genereal. Overall a very capable camera for the price point, but it’s missing some of the X-T3s main features.
  11. in the US it might be somewhat interesting, here in Europe it's 1050€. https://www.amazon.fr/Sony-ILCE-6400-Numérique-Autofocus-Ultra-Rapide/dp/B07MW8GTYD that's nearly 1200$. And for that you get an old sensor with very bad rolling shutter, 8bit only, 30p only and bitrates still stuck 100Mbps. That might have been interesting in 2016 when the A6300 was released, but in 2019 it's not.
  12. It's not the size of an X-T30 and you have to add a 0 to the price, but Dpreview says, that the upcoming GFX 100S will shoot 4K at 10bit 4:2:0 internally, same as the X-T3.
  13. It's comparable to 150Mbps in H.264 Nothing to write home about, but at least they offer HEVC. Overall it doesn't look like the camera is aimed at the video market, as it's seems aimed mainly at professional photographers
  14. Let’s see what else it will bring!
  15. you have to put it into boost. If you don't do it, after a few seconds of not pressing any buttons, it will jump into power saving mode, with slowed down readout and refresh time. if you didn't reprogramm it, the arrow down is the toggle for the boost mode.
  16. I guess they take the same approach with the X-T30 as they did with the X-T20. No weather sealing, no battery grip option, just one card slot and not the best viewfinder they have. In video, instead of reading out 5K and downsampling it, they did a 4K pixelbinning but had full sensor width. I expect something similar with the X-T30. Probably not all bitrates are going to come either. I could see the X-T30 be limited to Long GOP and 100Mbps instead of the optional All-Intra and 400 Mbps of the T3. But we will know soon IBIS? 0% chance. That one I know ?
  17. the unpleasant thing is, that this shows how bad the E-M1 II was and not how good the E-M1x is. It will be interesting to see, how the camera compares to the real focussing monsters, A9, A6400, X-T3 or the best DSLRs.
  18. @DBounce yeah, it's a new tougher body. But to be honest, I have never had any problems with the E-M5. Olympus, as well as Pentax are top notch when it comes to weather sealing. What I meant was not that it's the exactly same body, but that you get the same basic concept: rugged big body with 2 batteries. Same sensor and other basic stuff. And yeah, I noticed a lot of warping on most of the footage. If I look at the dpreview video, I get seasick . https://youtu.be/AffPoX5VZ7E?t=51
  19. The camera is not the problem, it’s the price. it’s an E-M1 II with grip, tiny hardware additions and new firmware. So if we take the price of an E-M1 II with grip and add a few bucks, we end up at 2000€, which would be much more resonable then 3000€.
  20. Now that the official specs are out, the camera looks really disappointing from a videostandpoint. No 4K 60p, low bitrates, only 8bit and so on... Personally I thought it would at least get G9 specs
  21. I had high hopes for Oly to finally introduce a camera with a similar impact as the first E-M5. But it seems this is just old wine in a new bottle. Too bad. We get 4K 60, but that's more or less it. 4K in IPB with 102Mbps? I hope they improved, with the E-M1 II the bitrate was a maximum and in many cases was below 70Mbps. The electronic nd looks like a gimmick too. What it will have, is the worlds best IBIS and dual IS. But a 1kg micro four thirds camera for 3000$ or more just for stabilization?
  22. I use the X-H1 if I only do a few handheld shots. As soon as I bring stabilization I take the X-T3. Or of course both If you don't need the features of the flagships like weather sealing, dual card slots and so on, I would wait 3 weeks for the X-T30 release. It might bring some of the X-T3 features, for a lot less money.
  23. I have both. The X-T2 delivers nice quality. But when it comes to features, especially in video, the X-T3 is in a different league. No crop up to 30fps, allows 5K 60 fps, 10bit, 400Mbps, Eterna, better Autofocus including eye detection, very low rolling shutter and so on. With all the discounts you could consider the X-H1 too. It's an X-T2 with IBIS, Eterna profile and a few other tweaks. If you have any specific questions, just ask, I have all three cameras here at the moment
  24. Interestingly the lcd has a pixel density of 290ppi. So it falls in line with what apple claimed to be the resolution you needed for small devices you hold close to your face. Personally I don't hold my lcd that close to my face, if I do, I use the evf instead. It has a higher pixel density than most notebooks that you use at arm length. So, while more is always better, I think part of it is a psychological problem. Small numbers just can't be good can they? Personally I think screens like the one from the D500 or the new Z series are great, but I see very little difference. I
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