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  1. that's true, but you said only AF-S and no AF-C. Django corrected this, since the X-T3 has AF-C and face-detection with eye tracking.
  2. Take a look at the thumbnail/preview picture of the first video. He is using the 18-135mm lens but the display shows f/1.8 So it‘s clearly edited, either by him or Sony marketing. Doesn‘t change the rs though xD
  3. frontfocus

    Sony A6400

    Here in Europe the A6400 will be introduced for 1050€. You can easily get a new A6500 for around 1000€. So while the A6400 is intended to replace the A6300, it‘s competing in price with more powerful cameras. Because the sensor speed is the limiting factor. As @androidlad said, it looks like it‘s the same A6300 sensor
  4. frontfocus

    Sony A6400

    The real question is, why would you buy this camera, when you can get an a6500 for less money?
  5. frontfocus

    Sony A6400

    I just saw one of the vlogging videos which it seems Sony aimed the camera at. When he moved the camera the rolling shutter was insane. So I guess no or little improvement there. But I don‘t think the camera is aimed at anyone who would come to this forum but the firmware updates do look interesting!
  6. yes, it's normals as in a) you can get a color shift, especially from cheaper filters b) variable nd filters use polarisation filters and thus can influence reflections and the sky c) when you go too far and use a filter without hard stops, an X will appear due to the way those filters work. Yes, fixed nd filters offer better image quality, but you loose the flexibility. If you go for different fixed nd filters you might take a look at the xume manfrotto stuff.
  7. depends on what you want to do. What things are you considering, what will you be shooting and where are your limitation when it comes to size, weight and cost?
  8. It a big lighter and thus feels a bit less sturdy than an X-H1, GH5 or higher end DSLR. But I haven't had any problems with Fuji hardware, not the X-T2, not X-H1 and not X-T3. I thought it was over when I dropped the X-T2 on concrete, but it only got some minor cosmetic damages and still works fine. So I don't really get it either.
  9. it records in either prores or DNxHD
  10. I agree, the update was great. I also noticed a big improvement when it comes to panning. The camera no longer tried so hard to keep the image steady and then snaps when you pan, but does it much better. I also agree, it feels very much like the Olympus dual stabilization, which is probably the best on the market.
  11. it's called natural liveview and you can bind it on custom keys to toggle it.
  12. best? No. It's one of the sharpest though yes. Nice backscreen. Better than the A7III yes and mediocre autofocus for stills. For AF-C I'd even call it bad with just one card slot and that one is XQD. Won't buy no. It's autofocus is years behind the Sony and so is the continous stills shooting experience. It got one card slot which makes it useless to some. It has no option for a batterygrip yet and the list goes on. And no, I am no huge fan of the Sony, but for hybrid shooters I feel the Sony is the much better option. My coffee machine has
  13. From a hybrid shooters perspective I agree, the X-T3, A7III and X-H1 were great. Combined they would be even better, but that's not in the cards. (X-H1 Body and IBIS, X-T3 Specs, Color and pricing and A7III sensor size and battery) Nikon made a nice attempt but for me it feels like catching up with 2 year old cameras and not matching what is available today. Canon? They pulled a classic canon. Underperform and overcharge. But they lenses do look nice. Canon has always been a great lens manufacturers, their cameras where what you had to use to use those lenses. I am really looking fo
  14. the only thing you remove is the need to calculate/guess the movement before correcting, the process is the same. But I'd love to see how it works, if anybody with an Eos R and a 50mm f/1.2 or adapted non stabilized lens could upload a few videos. That would be nice. Handheld, slow walking, so we get different types of movement.
  15. I'm not seeing that. Again, the picture is captured and there is shake in it. The camera then corrects the image by manipulating it. With any hardware IS solution you try to compensate without manipulating image data. You can of course do electronic stabilization as addition, but as only form of stabilization it's insufficient.
  16. I'd love to see an explanation as to what is different. A white paper anywhere? What can the camera do in software? It can transform the image. And ofc it uses gyro data, since it's available and the camera is missing the horse power to analyze and transform the videostream. I am not saying that electronic stabilization is bad, I am saying it's no replacement for other forms of stabilization. You can electronically stabilize an already hardware stabilized video. That's what canon and others do when you attach an ois lens.
  17. electronic stabilization is nothing else than stabilization in post. Take the crop of a frame and transform it. And yes, in body IS is a game changer, but canon is not doing any stabilization in body, they are doing in software stabilization
  18. The thing is, you can always do electronic stabilization in post. But if you don't have ibis, you can't stabilize in hardware. You can use ois lenses which can do some of the axis, but you can't stabilize roll. I am not saying that ibis is an absolut must have, on the contrary, I think it's overrated. But I say having is better than missing it.
  19. Interestingly in his recent teardown of a Canon lens, Roger from Lensrentals says two things: So it seems other notice too
  20. why don't you just work with Prores or dnx proxies?
  21. i‘d love to see a video of that, neber have I seen 10 bit hevc encoding lightning fast on pc components
  22. editing is fine with new hardware. Any 7th gen Intel cpu and modern gpus work fine. But 10 bit HEVC export is not hardware accelerated. Forget about that and think about other ways of delivery. It's just too time consuming. Personally I'd go for an iMac if you can find one for a good price or, if you go for a macbook, take the vega graphics. A 13" macbook pro or mac mini with e-GPU might be a great tool too. no waveforms on the camera. Focus peaking: set the camera to manual focus. In the video menu look for MF assist and set it to focus peak highlight. You can change the
  23. That link is great. Open it twice a day and look at the comments. It perfectly shows what the title of this thread is about ?
  24. Succeed in photography? No, that ship is sailed. There is no more succeeding there is just surviving. 99% of 7.7 billion people. That leaves 77 million people for whom it's not enough. Wow, that 7 times what all camera manufacturers combined are selling at the moment ? Thousands? Yes probably. The problem is, that you need hundred of thousands and millions of people to buy your product to keep a company like Nikon in the state it's right now. And since the market is shrinking, so are companies. And diversity is the key. I do. That's the reason I own a camera. Also my
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