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  1. Hey guys, 

    Need a help, has anyone had experience with adapting adapter (m42, olympus om) onto a lens turbo / speedbooster (zhongyi canon ef to mft) ? The reason why I am asking, is that i would save costs by buying just one speedbooster (130 euros) for canon EF mount, and then just simply add a dumb adapter onto it of my choosing like the olympus om (there are no cheap speedboosters for olympus om) or m42. I just dont know if the optics allow this. 

    p.s. what is your favorite adapted bunch of lense for mft ? canon fd ? minolta md? m42 ? 

    Thanks for your answers

  2. On 3/10/2017 at 5:12 AM, Zachguti said:

    Pentax 645 75mm 2.8/Kipon Baveyes/Sony A7s

    Last one is Pentax 645 45mm 2.8

    Quick test as I just received the adapter today. I had to get the Leica M version and adapt it as I needed it for a shoot and the Sony version was sold out on Adorama.

    Now I have to return it because the 45mm only focuses to 1 meter. I hope the extra 10mm in the Sony adapter will fix this.


    has there been any updates on the 45 mm focusing ? thanks man have a nice day

  3. Panasonic (and to some extent even samsung and sony) have at least tried. I remember holding CM1 from panasonic, at photokina 4 years ago (or 5 ?). they have not seen much success :(. I think @Andrew Reid reviewed the CM 1, with some decent photos http://www.eoshd.com/2014/11/panasonic-cm1-review-part-1-smartphone-first-impressions/ ... i don't think the phone was a big success though. I think it had limited screen size, stupid recording limitations (bugs with lens) but otherwise if they'd improve on that, i think they would have a good phone. it seems they dumped it in the trash and didn't improve it anymore. Let's see what this red is about. although price is steep.


  4. 15 hours ago, mercer said:

    Well here are some facts for you @Michal Gajdoš ... of your last 14 comments on eosHD, spanning over a year, 13 of them were a negative response to a positive or negative review, article or comment about Canon. In most of these responses you were either 1. sophomoric 2. rude or 3. outright insulting. So I believe you are the definition of a troll.

    To the matter at hand, your entire argument is based on two things that you reiterate over and over and over and over again. If someone shows you proof against those two things, you declare it is old data or ignore it completely. Just so I am not lumped into the 3 other arguments you've created in this post, let's break down our discussion...

    1. You claim that cell phone cameras will kill the entire camera market.

    ~ I agreed it is having an effect on the consumer market.

    ~ I also stated that you aren't taking into consideration how much middle aged enthusiasts will spend on a hobby.

    ~ I furthered my point that cell phones cannot completely destroy the entire camera market because of the professional photographer.

    Are you following the progression of events, or should I make my argument simpler for you?

    2. Your biggest "evidence" for the future demise of Canon is Kodak and Nokia

    ~ This argument has been repeated and refuted over the years, ad nauseum, and I'm unsure how many times Kodak and Nokia can illogically be used in this discussion?

    ~ Kodak and Nokia made one product... film/film services and cell phones, respectively

    ~ Canon is a multi-national conglomerate with divisions that span cameras, lenses, medical imaging, medical leasing, printing... they have money to lose and money to spend, so your Kodak and Nokia analogy is not an accurate analogy.

    That was our discussion and I am unsure why you decided to get so hostile and insulting? I'm unsure how many times I need to say that I don't completely disagree with this article.

    In fact...

    ~ I have agreed on multiple occasions that Canon needs more innovation.

    ~ But I refuse to say that Canon hasn't innovated at all in the past 10 years or even 5 years because that would either be a lie or an ignorant statement.

    ~ I would like to see Canon do more with video in the DSLR/DSLM form factor. It is absolutely ridiculous that the 6D2, a $2000 camera, doesn't have better video. I don't understand it... but I bet you Canon does. 

    ~ Do I agree with their strategy? NO.

    ~ Has their strategy been working for them? YES.

    So what does that tell you? Please I would love to know your market analysis on why Canon, the laziest, least innovative company in the world, still is the top earner in camera and lens sales?

    While you're at it, could you explain to me why in their home market does Canon beat Sony, Panasonic, Nikon and Fuji in mirrorless sales and are only second to Olympus? How is that possible? I mean... they have horrible 1080p video?

    And you are correct, I am not a professional, but I have never claimed to be... hell some may say I am a pretty mediocre amateur. And you are also correct that I do have too much time on my hands, but I choose to spend my free time attempting to learn, yet you solely come here to bash Canon and insult any person who disagrees with you.

    So let me ask you one more question... is that really a productive use of your spare time? I mean, did Canon steal your girlfriend from you? Did they bully you on the playground and take your lunch money? Did Canon get drunk and smack around you and your mom when you were a kid? 

    No...? Then why are you so angry at Canon and anyone who disagrees with you about Canon?

    In conclusion, I really don't care about this topic. I made a few comments throughout, but I didn't realize we were following some kind of sanctioned, debate rules. If you want to believe that Canon will go out of business because Kodak and Nokia did... I really don't care. If you want to believe the camera market will be destroyed by the cell phone market... okay whatever.

    Have fun.

    See, only thing YOU do is insult, you never post any data to support your argument. even Andrew called you a guy who jumps from topic to topic and that there is no point in arguing with. What I can't understand is why @Mattias Burling could upvote your comment which had zero added value.(BTW unfollowed you just right now, when you support people and arguments like this) " I mean, did Canon steal your girlfriend from you? Did they bully you on the playground and take your lunch money? Did Canon get drunk and smack around you and your mom when you were a kid? " and you have been reported. 

    "smack my mom" ? how low are you bro? it seems you are amateur in various fields not only photography...


  5. To be honest i cannot understand myself why i am even replying to you. your arguments are pure trolling, let me ellaborate on that:

    16 hours ago, mercer said:

    The real problem is, that no matter what argument I, or others, bring... you will not accept it. In your mind, cell phones will ruin all camera sales, so what's the difference?

    The problem is professionals purchase cameras based on lenses and until Sony, Panasonic, Fuji and Olympus build their lens line up, Canon and Nikon will be selling to the professional and cater to the professional stills camera shooter.

    And if a professional needs video, they hire a camera suitable to the job.

    And your irrelevant references to Kodak, Nokia, etc... will not change the facts.

    Mirrorless still only accounts for 25% of sales and I am sure Canon is aware of trending markets. The idea that some guys on an Internet forum knows better than the leaders of a billion dollar company that has been in the lead with sales for decades is quite frankly laughable. 

    1. "The real problem is..." you have not brought a single argument which was supported by any data nor logic. If you think cell phones will not ruin all camera sales think again, i bring you the lastest evidence, feel free to read it (i know you won't, cause you probably can't read or something) http://www.businessinsider.de/gopro-woodman-smartphones-competition-2017-3?r=US&IR=Thttps://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2013/dec/13/death-of-photography-camera-phones , http://www.economist.com/node/21542796http://www.businessinsider.de/chart-the-smartphone-destroyed-the-consumer-electronics-market-2017-6?r=US&IR=T mind you i didn't post articles from petapixel and alike.

    but hey if only me, the economist, business insider and the guardian think this way, there must be something we are not seeing. @Trek of Joy have a look at these if you think my cahrts are outdated (the most recent ones i could find, feel free and prove me wrong with other research, you know it takes time though to make one :) )

    the difference, you asked for it, is that I showed you the point why is this happening (fuck if I have enough time, at my departement, i will make a survey on why people dont want to buy DSLR anymore and i guarantee you that OVF is one of the reasons) and that most of the companies continue to ignore it. but after seeing your comment I am pretty sure if canon makes turd you'll be the first to buy it

    2. "The problem is professionals purchase cameras based on lenses..." wait so what are we talking about right now ?! LOL dude. So at one point it consumers at other point it's "pros" sony has you covered from 10mm to 400mm aperture wise from 0.95 (1.4 AF). The same more or less applies with m43 and to certain degree fuji (remember these manufactures exist in this mount how long ? 4 years ?) so IDK what the hell you are talking about but if professionals in your point of view are the guys with 600mm+ lenses let me teach you the word sports and wildlife photographers, which i would really love to see the numbers e.g. how much of these pros are comapred to pros (archiutecture, landscape, portrait, wedding and blah blah). IF you want to compare the quality have a look at the latest sony GM lineup and compare it to 10 - 20 year old canon nikon lenses. |

    This whole debate about PROS is so useless. this is a blog for enthusiasts with honest reviews, you talk irrelevant shit, and clearly having that many comments proves you are no "pro" to have that much time on your hands, so why do you care about others. A pro can have phaseone while you will use t2i 

    3. "And if a professional needs video.." i cant understand the stupidity of this argument. IF I need a pizza I go and hire a cook, or i go to the nearest kebab restaurant... wtf are trying to say ? is 6dii a PRO camera ? no. 

    4. "And your irrelevant references to Kodak, Nokia, etc... will not change the facts" . JESUS mary, it's not trying to change the facts :D it is a fact, and the circumstances duyring which the events happened are very similar. how is that irrelevant ? irrelevant would be if i told you i had a ham and eggs for breakfast. 

    5. "Mirrorless still only accounts for 25% of sales.." LOL... "ONLY" if 25 % of the market (not sure if it's that much) is only for you well... let's rephrase it. APPLE has less than 15% marketshare on smartphones YET they account for 83% of the all the profit of the market. that is also irrelevant isn't it ? :-D http://www.idc.com/promo/smartphone-market-share/vendor

    anyway i didn't even say anything about mirrorless, you jump, as @Andrew Reid said, from one point to another without any added value. I invested time to write this, please be so kind and don't make me write such a long story again. 

    16 hours ago, Arikhan said:

    Both are dead now...

    Sadly... but it was due to their mistakes. What is more sad, is that customers, executives, companies in general, and of course some members of this blog, do not want to learn from this. 


    16 hours ago, Arikhan said:

    Personally I don't like this idea at all, but nowadays general economic power and market share sometimes just kill innovations / an innovative attitude....

    Not in all cases, think of Tesla, SpaceX they are now rewarded, although you are right the road was far from easy. Let me think of another example. What about the microsoft surface line ? the studio and book PCs (although with crappy Video Card) are an innovation worth talking about and people respond to it.

    What about the fidget spinner hah :-D

  6. 14 hours ago, mercer said:


    . For example, focus peaking on the XC10 and the EOS-M models is the best peaking I've used.


    Have you ever touched NX1 or Panasonic GH4/GH5? if that what you are saying is true, it proves again canon is delusional. They offer according to you the best Focus Peaking, but the worst 1080p till now (to the point nobodywants to use it for video, then again remember how everyboyd is saying that ergonomics of mirrorless cameras are awful and blah blah you wouldn't use it for video or any paid work, why offer the state of art focus peaking on such camera?). Wow that makes a lot of sense. No point in arguing with you. 

  7. 2 hours ago, mercer said:

    The problem with this rationale is the false notion that 4K video will save Canon. And that is simply not true. And this false narrative that Canon hasn't innovated in the past ten years, with video, is absurd. I could easily argue they've been more innovative than every other company...

    • 1st camera to offer manual video

    • 1st camera to offer 4K video

    • 1st camera with a LOG Profile.

    • 1st camera(s) to offer usable Touch/Tracking AF

    • 1st camera to offer 4K 60p

    In this arena, Canon will always cater to their stills customers. The 6D2 is a stills camera with plenty of upgrades for a stills shooter. Look at their promotional videos that highlight their cameras video capabilities... they hire stills shooters to video them.

    Kodak was the first to use digital sensor

    Nokia had the first touch screen display

    GM was the first to offer electric vehicles

    What does it matter being first. The problem with canon is the same as your argument. It's more than five years old, they have not moved since. 

    Is is so much to ask for a competing product from canon ?! others can do it, why can't canon?! it's as if BMW, mercedes, toyota and Renault were all offering flying cars but Audi refuses to do so, even though customers want to. 

    And no, no matter what argument you bring, canon 6d ii is not on par with competition (as long as video is concerned, photo side it's nothing special, nothing to wait 4 years for). 

  8. 5 minutes ago, Andrew Reid said:

    This may be over-simplifying it a bit but it gives you the general idea of the problem, of having 75 year old management guys in charge in Japan.

    IT is precisely what is happening. Can you blame the customers? hell no. Companies are building products people don't want. It never fails to surprise me how arrogant photography community (and the photography companies especially) are. It's 2017 , SEVEN years after instagram was created yet not a single camera has a direct button for instant sharing on social platforms :-D . Yes, it is stupid instagram, but look how many people are there and how many photos are being published there, if you want people to use your cameras instead of cameras on their smarphones you have to adapt and persuade them, that investment in your product is worth it. What did we get instead ? higher mgpx on every camera, wifi and NFC implementation which is pure headahce (IMHO sony & GoPro are the best so far, but still far faaaar away from please to use) the list of shortcommings goes on and on... go and tell the management of canon that this is important... lol i bet they will listen to you, when even some members of this forum don't get it. But hey , "canon is the global leader"

  9. On 4.7.2017 at 4:18 AM, jax_rox said:


    'I know a lot of friends' and 'I see a lot of people making videos' does not equate to large market research. Despite near constant complaints on here about 'lack of video features' they still have - and have for the past 14 years - the #1 global market share for the DSLR and mirrorless camera segment.

    Anecdotes about what you 'see' mean absolutely nothing. 

    And yet, they continue, for 14 years in a row, to be the #1 seller of DSLR and mirrorless cameras in the entire world... Shouting in an echo chamber for too long can become dangerous...


    God damn, this forum is freaking cancer, you people, who cannot STILL realize, let me remind you camera market is shrinking faster than iceberg which hit titanic and mostly DSLR segment. Those people are the SAME people who constantly shout that CANON is still leader of the global camera market (it is true, but only of DSLR, well guess what is happening to DSLR), well great, a polished shit a still shit, look at the "huge" size of the market, of which the canon is number 1. Still dont see it ? let me help you translate. See that low numbers of DSLR, that is what canon is leader of. Yes yes you are completely right, canon is leader, but of an ever shrinking portion of a declining market, (which is perfectly most due to the incompetence of NIKON and CANON making a camera that appeals to the millions of people who are used to smartphones.) so yes please continue your blah blah about canon being a leader, while ignoring these huge changes. Oh you probably also forgot about this (https://photographylife.com/sony-overtakes-nikon-in-full-frame-sales) but who cares right ? canon still dominates. Oh and please dont even bother to reply if you try and say some crap about canon not depending on camera division and another blah blah. they are to blame, did nothing for 15 years but artificially slow the innovation, and now specifically under deliver on their cameras. Why would anyone even want a camera that doesn't show you what the picture's gonna look like in 2017, wake up. Mirrorless or whatever Litro is the future, if there even gonna be any for camera companies, again thanks to incompetences of canon and nikon. 


    @Ivanhurba summed it up perfectly 

    On 4.7.2017 at 9:53 AM, Ivanhurba said:

    Of course you can say that DSLRs are not mobiles or horses, but hey, I would stop lying to yourself. fifteen years, that will take more or less and we're already halfway there. From wikipedia:

    @Trek of Joy you gonna enjoy this. "cheers"




  10. 2 hours ago, jax_rox said:

    I've said it before and I'll say it again. Video shooters are not a huge market for Canon DSLRs and mirrorless. That's why the compromise you talk about has come at the costs of video. Th

    any data to support this ? i could say as well and make my assumptions e.g. I see hundredrs of people walking around and making videos. "For photos iphone is good enough" and other similar assumptions. Clearly there is a lot of people complaining about video features (their sensors are still the weakest) in canon DSLRs. Look here how many people are happy with the canon here ? but hey, panasonic and sony heck even olympus and fuji, seems to justify our needs better. And if such a small companies can do it better, then it just proves that canon is living in another planet. 

    26 minutes ago, Ivanhurba said:

    I know a lot of friends who bought a DSLR because it had video, Nikon lost lots of customers this way at the end of last decade. Now these people have a mirrorless or simply bought a better mobile phone because of 4k or just because they don't want to carry more than one piece of gear. That's on the amateur team. On the pro side, people keep using old DSLRs for photography or moved to Sony, Pana or Fuji for the convergence. I've been a jumper. I left Nikon for Canon and toyed with my good old Gh2(v). The GH4 was great but it's the GH5 that's making me leave Canon.

    I was going to comment this on Redshark's article that looked promoted by Canon saying that 4k on a photo camera is ridiculous but I'm sure it's better here. In Slovakia there's a strange wedding tradition that nobody knows how the hell started. After the ceremony everybody, and I mean everybody congratulates the couple in a big queue. For a photographer is a nightmare. I was getting between 400 to 600 pictures just from that (people shaking hands or hugging and kissing, not a creative subject) and as you can imagine there are misses, which I wasn't sure if they were important or not. Now I just make a goddam 4k video and extract the best JPEG from there (EDIT: with my RX10II, that's why I'm waiting for the GH5). No more choosing between six photos with no good expression. Now I'm getting 24 and one is always good. It's a blessing. With 8k, or 4k 10bit and a good EVF for proper exposure I'm half certain photos won't be necessary outside of the fancy portrait with flash sessions. There, my 2 cents; I feel much better after saying that.

    Canon can limit their DSLRs how they want and offer ridiculous mirrorless that no vlogger will use, they're just shooting themselves in the foot and losing credibility. I'm not recommending them anymore to my friends. They'll be soon the horse carriage in a combustion car world. 

    I could nnot have said it better myself, and this is a prime example of a customer that canon has lost. Think again if these numbers are not relevant. YES talking to all you guys who think of Canon as some business, strategic GOD ! 

    pekny napad so 4k videom na gratulacie ! drzim palce nech sa dari 

  11. 8 hours ago, Mahmoud El-Darwish said:

    Step back and take a breath.

    Canon product development aren't stupid. Neither are they at Nikon. And Nikon is barely at the hybrid video/stills party.

    So what's at play?

    Pure business strategy.

    You touched on it.

    Camera companies could care less what Andrew Reid or I have on a wishlist.

    Why bother compete with Sony/Panasonic?

    We sometimes forget that Japanese manufacturing operates as a giant consortium, with players 'accommodating' each other in support of the bigger picture.

    This is not 1950 where companies don't give a damn about customer's preferences, How arogant you must be to think so little. Of course they care. "pure" business strategy wil lgive you nothing when all your customers will enjoy competitor's products. don't be naive, these companies exist because we buy their product (not me, has not give a single euro to canons crap)

  12. On 6/25/2017 at 2:31 PM, Trek of Joy said:

    Analogies like this make no sense. Gopro essentially makes one thing. Kodak essentially made two - film and cheap cameras. Competition and market shifts killed both.

    Canon's other divisions generate more revenue than cameras, even if they lose market share (which hasn't happened, Sony's gains are replacing the other's losses) they still have other divisions that continue to be revenue drivers. As much as people keep wanting to call Canon the next Kodak, its simply not true. SMH.

    just because you think it is not so, it doesn't mean it isn't, no matter how hard you want it too. As i said million times before, LOOK AT THE CURRENT GENERATIONS, they are all used to instant reaction, they know how their photo will look like, hell they even get animations over their faces. Now go and tell them that this camera from canon (with OVF, no real DoF view, no real WB, NOTHING) is great and you will like it. They laugh at you. I am telling you from a perspective of a guy who himself didn't want any DSLR (not only because i have to think twice before i write  the acronym : "digital single lens... blahbalh) but because it's atrocity, a thing of the past, a more difficult way to get the picture, and i am 1992, now imagine kids from 2010 (yo go grab that OVF, awesome camera)... dude, this is not about Canon or Nikon, whole photography is in jeopardy. its sad people don't realize this, but ask yourself how many of your friends (outside of photo video business are taking photos with system cameras ? )

  13. 5 minutes ago, Mattias Burling said:


    I cant believe we are still having this discussion.
    Canon is the number one best selling camera company. They haven't forgotten to put in 4K. Nor made a non thinking decision. Or because of conservatism. Or any of the other hundreds of reasons we will see on forums across the world.

    They have made the decision based on MONEY!
    They have spent lots of time, research, endless meetings, focus groups, analyzed data, you know... all that stuff that people in forums have absolutely not done.
    And based on their findings they have made a decision.

    So far they have been right every single time. No matter what Panasony puts in their cameras Canon is still outselling them.

    And if that wasn't enough. This is the 6D... its always been their sub 5D model... And its an awesome stills camera. Aimed at the people out there who actually buys cameras.. stills shooters.
    Now if they would have put 4K video and IBIS in their 6D. Driven the cost to the same level or at least to close to the 5D. And scared of the biggest bulk of the camera buying target group, who actually quite often gets mad about having to pay for video features...
    Well that would have been truly stupid.

    You are right. But that does not mean they might be wrong you know. Also Kodak did their research, did their decisions based on that, and were number one... at least for some time :) Don't think you can't fall just because you're too big, it happened before and can easily happen again. I hate to say that, but look at GoPro :(  

  14. I am sorry Andrew, i stoppeed reading when u wrote : "maybe Canon's the future" ... U probably spend too much time alone with your perfect expensive camera. On one side u are talking about people using old 5d ii, enthusiasts not willing to pay more than 2k for camera yet u say canon's expensive 4 year old uninmovative trash cycle is the future... Wow, liks u dont agree with tony's ideas i dont with yours and franklu what havebyou been smoking ? Some canon sponsorred weed? 

  15. 1 hour ago, Andrew Reid said:

    I did get an invite to the FS7 II event but couldn't go to Barcelona in the end due to getting ill.

    This is not about disliking one company or liking another. It is about liking one camera over another.

    You are free to have a different opinion about your cameras but it's a bit questionable attacking someone for being against your favourite brand. Is this the kind of hyper consumerist world we're living in now? Post-fact?

    No definitely not, however this blog was praised for being honest. Giving ideas & tips about how to shoot amazing videos with low budget ILCS and vintage lenses. Not to mention many technical posts.

    Now having read this weird kinky shit about super expensive ancient zero innovation dinosaur of camera that produces flaterring color compared to another is just meh, because u feel that way, yeH that is just "meh"

    Had you been praising canon all along i guess we'd be all still shotting with clumsy dlsrs and sony would still try to compete with their a mount line...

  16. The good things first :

    1.finally an article about a camera comparison with a video, haven't seen that in a while here.

    2. Seems like a good combo (good stills camera with decent video, however lacking resolution.) thought for the price it should be, and that's about it with good points.

    the bad :

    1. PRICE, for real ? are we seriously even considering to compare a 6000+ camera to a 2400 one ? the price is just astronomical (people buy cars for their families for this price)

    2. easy pleasant COLOR - :D this made me laugh. So you are saying that this camera gives you awesome color straight out of the box, no need to edit, yeah perfect, the thing is I dont know any pc (under another 5000)  that would even be able to edit that mjpeg 500mbps shit. AND this is a subjective matter. Andrew you forgot to mention that Chris and Jordan specifically said that many many times over in the view that this is purely subjective. Moreover they are testing sub 2000 cameras with some being much less. Honestly i disliked the color in that video, oversaturated, punchy, crushed blacks, frankly this video is far from pleasing on account of colors and DR. bleh but that is just me. some may love unnatural red over saturated punchy color. 

    3. DR - do you honestly think that this footage with the edit you did has better DR than a7s ... suddenly it's no issue ? the footage looks like it's from a 7d.

    4. Crop factor 1.3 IS NOT full frame. Everyone being disappointed  by 1.6-1.7 on 5d IV and 1.3 on a 6000 body is okay ? please.

    The awful:

    5. That thing is enormous. good luck stabilizing that. (another rise in costs)

    6. No articulating screen

    7. No focus peaking on a body for 6000 ? lol

    8. 8bit for 6000 ? lol

    9. Codec

    I mean, if anyone is doing sports photography and can justify the price, go for it sure, for video ? you'll be back to ILCS or real 10bit cameras in few weeks after using this dinosaur 

    oh and i forgot , the ugly :

    10. EF mount

    Cheers, meant no offense :) thanks for taking time to review, keep them coming !!! 


  17. On 6/16/2016 at 11:09 AM, JazzBox said:

    How good is the quality? Is it true that using speedsters you could have some "blue spot" in particular light's condition?

    Thank you!

    Hi JazzBox, i have the first version of zhongyii speedbooster E mount - FD canon, and E mount - M42 . What i can say i achieve great resutls with Nex5r  even with pics ( 

    not video only. However, blue spot occurs if you point it in the sun, or you don't use a hood. That might be solved with the second generation. I do hope so. They cost however as little as 100 Euros. on the video it is less of the issue.  

    . however i do think metaboens would do a better job, the only question is : "is it worth that amount of money ?" why not rather get a full frame ? cheers 

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