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  1. Haha
    Eno reacted to greggreenhaw in Canon EOS R5 overheating vs Panasonic S1H and Sigma Fp designs   
    Maybe a dry ice dispenser dummy battery will do the trick 😅
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    Eno reacted to Andrew Reid in Canon EOS R5 overheating vs Panasonic S1H and Sigma Fp designs   
    New blog post:
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    Eno reacted to rawshooter in No culture or heritage in Nikon's Z series   
    IMHO you nailed it, @Andrew Reid - Nikon is going down the route of Olympus. Nobody is going to buy into the Z system except owners of Nikon SLR AF lenses, and that won't be enough to keep the company alive as a camera manufacturer. Nikon already makes more than 60% of its revenue with industrial and medical imaging. I wouldn't be surprised if they spin off the imaging division at some point, after which it will die sooner or later.
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    Eno reacted to Andrew Reid in No culture or heritage in Nikon's Z series   
    I have bought almost every Nikon camera in the last 5 years. I have at one time owned a Z7, D5, D500, D850, D750 and now I only have the Z6 (and D3X) remaining with the rest sold. If you look back into Nikon's camera range you will see an incredible culture and design ethos. The meaty controls and build quality of the D3, D5 and D850 with their professional looks and very good build quality. The film era makes Nikon the respected company it is today with cameras like the FM, Nikon S rangefinder, the NASA F4 which was onboard shuttle launches and today aboard the ISS with the Nikon D5.
    But can you imagine NASA ever using a Nikon Z7?
    New blog post:
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    Eno reacted to Andrew Reid in No culture or heritage in Nikon's Z series   
    What do you suggest existing Z6 owners do?
    Bearing in mind our cameras cost $2500 new and are now worth half!
    Pony up the cash AGAIN for a few tiny improvements? Not going to happen!
    The Z6S rumoured specs are insulting.
  6. Downvote
    Eno reacted to Eric Calabros in No culture or heritage in Nikon's Z series   
    99.5% of people don't like a hefty heavy bulky camera. The public perception that a bigger camera take "pro" photos is already dying. And as someone who have seen many repair shops I assure you those attributes has nothing to do with "toughness" and durability. In fact in some cases Z6 internal components are more secured than D850. The only thing Zs needed was vertical grip which they gonna provide. Addressing dual slot also has no reason other than responding to internet hysteria.
    But I agree with you about Z7 pricing. 
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    Eno reacted to IronFilm in No culture or heritage in Nikon's Z series   
    I agree, the huge delay did mean the Z6 squandered the majority of the lead it had over its competition. And least the good news is that the Nikon Z6s should have this enabled (and no need to be returned to the factory either!) from Day 1 of the camera launch. (and if it doesn't, that would be a major WTF!)
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    Eno reacted to BTM_Pix in No culture or heritage in Nikon's Z series   
    Whether it was down to Nikon themselves, Atomos, the patent lawyers or all three, the delay in getting the ProResRAW functionality from announcement to actually being deployed has really set them back with the Z series.
    Then having to return the camera for a £200 hardware modification was adding insult to injury really.
    If they could have released it at the time of the announcement, it would really have given the Z cameras a massive boost as there wouldn't have been anything out there at that time to compete with it but it just lost all momentum the longer it went on.
    And of course by the time they finally did get it out, the world had moved on a bit and its just gone stale and it might be a long way back.
    I obviously have a ton of Nikon gear stretching back over decades of using them so I should've been the person to buy a Z6 or a Z7 but I've never really been that close to getting the credit card out for one.
    They don't need a complete change of direction but they could shake things up by diverging and making a small full frame cinema camera, particularly as the Z mount is very adaptable physically and electronically.
    They won't do it of course.
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    Eno reacted to Andrew Reid in What REALLY prompted Canon suddenly to get their act together with video?   
    If EOSHD were a record player, there would be one particular groove it just couldn't get over. It'd be the part of the record where she sings "why are Canon's video specs so rubbish and where is the Canon full frame 4K high end mirrorless camera?", and admittedly this isn't the stuff of a number 1 hit single. I for one am very grateful the fat lady has finally shut up. I cannot put into words how relieved I am to no longer have to complain about Canon! Even the site name now makes sense! That gamble I made 10 years ago in believing Canon would run away with the DSLR video scene may yet pay off! It's just that I've spent the first 10 years shooting mostly Panasonic and Sony. Canon seriously dropped the ball and for the longest time just didn't seem to listen.
    Speculative reasons for this have been legion - some say Canon lacked the technological capability to compete. Some say Canon wanted to avoid cannibalising Cinema EOS sales, or that Canon simply didn't see a market for full frame 4K after the relative failure of the 1D C. Some say their sales had an unassailable lead with just 8bit 1080p (especially C300 and 5D Mark III) so why bother trying harder? Now there's another interesting theory, that Canon R&D works on a 10-year cycle with a big leap ready to storm the market at the end of each cycle, building on the initial success (reusing sensors in multiple bodies) with incremental improvements for 8-9 years before the next big leap. Let's go all the way back to 2000 with the genesis of the Canon DSLR and CMOS sensor technology, fast forward 10 years and the cycle has resulted in a 5D Mark II taking the world by storm, a big leap on everything that went before and ahead of every other competitor at the time. Fast forward another 10 years to 2020 and Canon looks to be doing a similar thing with the EOS R5. Could it be that Canon are just conservative, slow to make major moves, very calculated and taking the long term picture into account?
    Read the full article
  10. Confused
    Eno reacted to Andrew Reid in Canon EOS R5 8K monster official topic   
    I hope 8K RAW will have a burst mode for 4 seconds. Why? Stills. Will be great to select the best shot from 120 frames
    I can't see myself using it for video as much as 4K RAW on the EOS R6, or the sure to be lovely 10bit Canon LOG. Much more practical.
    By the way Panasonic has something coming which will impress a lot of you. Stay tuned for a few more days.
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    Eno reacted to Andrew Reid in Fuji X-T4   
    The X-T3 body design is a bit naff, a bit hipster. I want the X-H2 and I want it now
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    Eno reacted to KnightsFan in Fuji X-T4   
    That tiny grip is very disappointing again.
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    Eno reacted to Andrew Reid in Fuji X-T4   
    I still prefer to shoot with the X-H1 😂
    Hopefully X-T4 will be an X-H2 down to the millimetre and even the exact curvature of the nice deep grip.
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    Eno reacted to wolf33d in Canon EOS R5 8K monster official topic   
    I created a EOS R5 topic that has 9 pages already, now we have two threads..
    This is the real deal. right here.
    Amazing body and ergonomics, with articulated screen, nice touch operations, nice menu, good grip, IBIS that works with IS, Canon DPAF, 45mpx, 8K, Canon colors.. 
    I don’t event see one thing just one thing that’s left to Sony ?
    if 4K120 (or even just 4K60p) is confirmed with a good 10 bit codec this is it. The dream come true..
    Come on Canon get that thing shipping and take the camera world’s money. 
    is Sony the new Canon, and Canon the new Sony? with the Underwhelming A9II, and this announcement, it seems it is. 
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    Eno reacted to Andrew Reid in Canon EOS R5 8K monster official topic   
    One topic to discuss the official EOS R5 video / cinema capabilities
    This page will have the official launch information on it very soon...
  16. Haha
    Eno reacted to Video Hummus in Canon EOS R5 - 8K30p 4K120p   
    Canon traditionally released under whelming spec’d cameras and now suddenly has the fastest readout of any sensor, better IBIS than Panasonic and Olympus, and 8K 30p RAW in a mirrorless form factor?
    Why isn’t that in the C500, their flagship cinema camera?
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    Eno reacted to Video Hummus in Canon EOS R5 - 8K30p 4K120p   
    I’ll believe it when it’s released and in peoples hands.
    Highly doubt Canon would sell you an R camera with better specs and less money than a C500.
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    Eno got a reaction from Emanuel in Fuji X-T4   
    "And take the 6K/60p with an 8K sized pinch of salt. It seems like an awful lot of data to record onto SD card to me!"
    The fastest current SD cards can write more than 250MB/sec or 2000 Mb/sec of data, that's plenty enough even for 8K 60p in a compressed codec.
  19. Thanks
    Eno reacted to Andrew Reid in Confusion surrounds 1D X Mark III Dual Pixel AF in 5.5K RAW mode – Does it work or not?   
    Now the hype has died down over the 1D X Mark III, we get a chance to see in the specs and manual where the cripple hammer has come out.
    Read the full article
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    Eno reacted to gt3rs in A 15MP Sony Mirrorless Camera will be Announced Soon   
    The communication and wording is super crap. I think once they saw the confusion they should have printed big and make it clear like you said.
    Btw the table is liked in the spec pdf from the USA web site. 
  21. Thanks
    Eno reacted to Andrew Reid in A 15MP Sony Mirrorless Camera will be Announced Soon   
    Bong, cripple hammer.
    Unless 3840 x 2160 counts as a "crop mode", we can kiss goodbye to DPAF!
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    Eno reacted to Andrew Reid in A 15MP Sony Mirrorless Camera will be Announced Soon   
    "Except for none crop 4K"
    "Except for RAW at 60/50p"
    So it only works in Super 35mm crop mode ALL-I... There is no crop mode RAW.
    That's my reading of it.
  23. Downvote
    Eno reacted to Cliff Totten in A 15MP Sony Mirrorless Camera will be Announced Soon   
    Panasonic is NOT being "stubborn" with PDAF. In order to have phase detect AF, you need to buy a sensor that has dual PDAF photosites. Sony sells them to Fuji, Olympus and Nikon. I'm told by somebody I know in the sensor industry that Sony REFUSES to liscense PDAF sensors to Panasonic "specifically"....by request from Alpha. Panasonic has no choice but to go the contrast AF road. This is a harsh marketing tactic by Sony and everytime Sony reads complaints about Panny AF....Sony Alpha is VERY ...VERY.....V E R Y....happy.
    Panasonic is going to have to fix their AF complaints...on their own. Sony is NOT going to help Panny fix it! Sony can live with Nikon and Olympus as competitor's but they will NOT help their long time rival, Panasonic.
    Believe me,....Panasonic is TIRED of hearing their AF complaints. They KNOW....believe me,...the know! They are doing the best they can with what they have.
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    Eno reacted to JurijTurnsek in A 15MP Sony Mirrorless Camera will be Announced Soon   
    Canon is now trying to innovate hard, since the shrinking market could now change severely. However, don't read too much into the technology in a huge brick that is the 1DXIII. Fitting all that into a mirorless body is more than an exercise in willpower.
    If you look close enough, it becomes obvious no brand has the perfect tech that they are crippling intentionally - Panasonic lacks PDAF, Olympus lack continuous PDAF, Canon lacks good downsampling and a middle tier codec, Nikon basically has everything, but needs a more reliable continuous PDAF, Sony desperately needs more efficient encoding (looks like their new sensors are still balancing readout speed/mp count ratio as none can do everything perfectly). Fuji is now the closest to perfection and the next generation will seal the deal, if you don't need FF. Sensors tech seems to have plateaued and these brands are very slow to upgrade the overall feature package.
  25. Thanks
    Eno reacted to Andrew Reid in A 15MP Sony Mirrorless Camera will be Announced Soon   
    390 employees and not one to attach a hinge to a screen, I know, it's tragic.
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