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  1. Yessss!!! Get DB back to Kickstarter Eddie? I would be incredibly interested in either of those! A D16 with 30fps for that slight slowing, better DR and better lowlight would be a dream. Seriously, sounds like Matthias and I are signed up :P Is this the sensor you are talking about? It appears to see in the dark!
  2. Loving this discussion going on! I am very grateful to hear different perspectives especially if they meander too! Off topic here but speaking of writer/director combo, I'm blown away at Richard Linklater's process for "Boyhood". To have a general structure of the story written for the 12 years, but then to pretty much produce a short episode each year and to have had pretty much full cooperation from cast and crew over the 12 years, pretty astounding stuff! They couldn't sign a 12-year contract either, as anything over 7 was illegal. He must have made an amazing pitch to IFC, getting them to commit to that process.
  3. Awesome! I ran out of likes for today so there's an IOU one for you. Good luck with the script! I'm definitely very interested in learning how to work better with amateur actors and how to write with the intention of walking the line of documentary and fiction. Yeah I check that "shooting" subforum from time to time but it seems to be more of just a screening room for people's work, which is cool and all!
  4. I echo @Policar and @freeman on notes, and definitely from people you trust to give you good, honest feedback but also relevant because you also trust their artistic opinion. If I'm ever confronted with a beautiful shot that doesn't quite fit, I like to tell myself that I can save that shot to sell as stock footage. I never do, but it helps me mentally in the moment hahahahah
  5. 100% agree. It's a good thing to have constraints to work with. It really helps to ground my work. Those two titles are added to the list, excited to dive right in!
  6. Thanks for the input everyone. I will add Screenplay by Syd Field and David Mamet's Three Uses of the Knife to the list as well! I'm very interested in learning the pre-existing structure and language of screen writing, so that I can better articulate the nebulous ideas I have in my head, for myself to flesh out concepts and for clients when I pitch and the rest of the crew and talent to inspire better performances and spontaneity. I came across this interesting concept (I really wish I could credit this to where I found it) where you write a script with the intention that everything gets ad-libbed, but you use very evocative language to guide the spontaneity thus getting very natural performances but getting your direction without having to overbearingly direct. Carl Jung sounds like a great idea, I have read derivatives of his work and found them to be really interesting so I will add that too! IMO Psychology, philosophy, sociology and the like are in my opinion incredibly important to understanding and then telling stories about people, their behaviours and decision paths. There's so much to learn from Ancient Greek texts. It's too bad that Hollywood has bastardized many of the ancient myths. I have been trying over the last 2 years to revisit Plato's republic in its entirety, but it's pretty dense and often puts me in a sleepy trance. Which is great, because I used to have terrible insomnia. I agree that form follows content big time. When I was studying interactive design in school, I hated the "designer" connotation that came with it thanks to fashion. Style over substance is a serious piss-off. That being said, learning doesn't stop with a sentence. Things aren't accidental, and studying and learning how to better do one's craft is a constant pursuit. The music that I compose now isn't classical, death metal, punk rock, hip-hop, downtempo, minimal tech-house etc... but I ingested all those things. I also studied music theory, composition and history when I was younger. I don't open any of those books or actively revisit any of that learning before I sit down to write music but it definitely has helped me a lot and I am glad I had that opportunity. In the future here on EOSHD, I'd like to encourage more discussion on non-gear related things, is that something that you guys and gals would be interested in too?
  7. Heyall, I am trying to become a better storyteller and recently I have stumbled across this book by John Truby called "The Anatomy of Story". Before I dive into it, does anyone here have any experience with this text? Also, if anyone has any good suggestions for other learning resources about filmmaking/storytelling I would love to hear! I'm refreshed, motivated and ready to dive deep into 1-a-day film watching (I will fail but try my best) and daily research.
  8. 100% agree on the reflector. Bringing down highlight levels in post after they're blown doesn't quite give you the image you're looking for. If only we all had arri alexas! I find also sometimes it helps to back off the LUTs / film emulation a touch, they tend to saturate and blotch up the image a bit I find. And if you combine that with adding sharpness and contrast, it creates this strange posterizing effect on the out of focus elements. Maybe the bitrate hack would help with this too, with more information there, the less the image falls apart when manipulating it.
  9. I am very NOT IN LOVE with my Tiffen vari-ND and might give that SLR magic a try. Anything goofy about the SLR Magic to know about though? I wasn't a big fan of the giant blue splotch that the rangefinder cine has. Also, anyone have any suggestions for bigger than 82mm without going drop in filter holder? My s16 cooke zoom vignettes with an 82mm ring in front.
  10. I just saw a c500 on ebay for $5700 this week...
  11. Stand-in friends are always the best! Before you go and trade-off all your gear in a big gear swap right before your doc project, it might be worth knowing more about the setup you are currently using. Often times I find myself gear-hunting in complete lust, thinking that the only way to get different looks is different gear when really I could be spending that time trying different looks with the same gear. What are you using lens wise by the way? Have you tried finding all the "breaking points" of your camera? at what level of underexposure or overexposure does your image fall apart? Sometimes, a touch of underexposure or overexposure can smoothen skin, and give you better skintones. If we're talking organic textures and we start going into grain, slightly underexposing and then bringing shadows/mids back up in post can introduce a slight bit of "digital grain" that depending on your camera could be quite lovely (or terrible HA). I noticed in your test video that a fair amount of the background contained blown highlights, would it be possible to lower exposure and still have the latitude to raise the underexposed areas? One of the things that film does best, is that it handles dynamic range so much better than digital. With portraits and bright highlights on a sharp, contrasty digital sensor, diffusion (like black pro-mist, stockings...) can help too with creating more of an organic feel. Organic might be a bit of an ambiguous term, but if you are looking to emulate the look more of shooting with film, there might be more of a descriptive criteria there like grain, dynamic range, highlight rolloff, motion cadence etc...
  12. Yes! Seriously though, why do most mirrorless cameras being made today still follow the form of SLR's? Also I would urge most people who haven't tried the D16 but seem to know a lot about it to actually try it. It is an absolute joy to use. There is nothing that can do what it does at that price point. Don't even start with bmpcc ballwashing. It's a great cam too, but they are NOT the same beast. I'm sure Mattias can attest to that, he actually has tests with both! Also, s16 and 16mm are lovely formats. So are s35, ff35 and medium format. I wouldn't cut sushi with a hammer, but I wouldn't say a hammer is useless. Aranofsky makes some pretty cooool films no? PS: I think super shallow depth of field needs to retire with wedding videos from 2012. Her eyes are in focus but her nose is soft, and everything is a giant piece of high shutterspeed jello... why man...
  13. The feel of motion on the DB16 is pretty hard to beat. That true global shutter really opens doors for how you can shoot. It's incredibly liberating to shoot handheld with the DB16 and really "get in there" and be immersed in the action. Even when I was a kid I wasn't a big fan of jello. Isn't beautiful motion whether big or small, fast or slow paramount to film? Motion picture vs. Photography?
  14. Thanks Andrew, Kinefinity put together a pretty amazing package! Your review and tests with the Kinemini were a big part of what got me to try them out
  15. I feel like this is a debayer thing. For ProRes, it's still taking that same raw sensor data but interpreting in cam and baking it in and making it friendly for you to start. This leads me to believe that there should be a way in post to transcode the raw files in the case where you need to reduce moire/aliasing. I don't have this camera to test it out, but this is something that I've dealt with in my Kineraw hispeed footage, where that same "orange+teal" aliasing/moire occurs. I used the kinestation software to transcode the compressed raw into formats like cineform 444 or prores 444 with really good results without turning the image to "mush". those curved lines on the road are naaaasty at first then a little bit of transcode loving and it's a lot better.
  16. Exactly Andrew! As an outsider looking in (who routinely is scouting ebay for someone to let go of their D16 for cheap), I can't help but feel like there is something really special going on with that entire eco-system. A camera maker that is still releasing free firmware updates and paid upgrades for the hardware (2TB mod) compared to other companies that don't give a crap and routinely screw over their user-base is so incredibly refreshing. I believe that the recent additions of colour gamuts and gammas etc... were the result of DB bringing in a D16 user that was also a colourist into the shop. How freaking cool is that. I hope that era isn't over! Beautiful colour and natural motion affect an audience's emotions more than resolution and high frame rates ever will. Maybe QuantumFilm will pick up where CCD leaves off.
  17. KineMAX 6K Package - The Essentials KineMAX 6k Basic Package with Gold Mount and Kinemount (Fully unlocked with KineAudio and Integrated battery plate + collapsible upper handgrip and 120GB KineMAG) EF - Kinemount active adapter (s35) EF - Kinemount active KineEnhancer adapter (full frame) 2x extra Samsung 850 PRO 512GB SSD 1x extra SSD reader/hardcase 1x Aputure FineHD VS-2 7-inch monitor with mount, sunhood, p-tap cable, battery, charger and other accessories. Camera body is brand new (Kinefinity just replaced my original one with a new one). All other pieces are barely used and in excellent condition. I haven’t included any batteries as lithium batteries are considered dangerous goods when shipping. If you pickup in Vancouver, Canada, we could possibly work something out though! $10000 USD + shipping/duties **Or Best Offer. I figure 10K is a reasonable starting point for this beauty** Cheers!
  18. YUP. I support an organized/categorized subforum for gear sales as long as we can keep it from getting out of control. Into it.
  19. Yeap! Future-proof is an interesting concept. The Godfather was filmed on "old" technology. I will watch that 40 years from now. Actually, shooting analog film is probably your best bet for future proof. The film scanning tech keeps getting better, you can scan super 8 into 4k raw now! :D
  20. Ahhh the ole Sigma 50/1.4... the non-art version was the first lens I bought for my first dslr, the Canon 60D! I had so much fun with that combo.
  21. Yeah! It never crossed my mind that individual colour channels would be clipped but that totally makes sense!
  22. Compressed .krw raw is not uncompressed raw. I don't have a Terra 6k for sale. Terra 6k is the most comparable. $9000 without EF - kinemount and kineEnhancer. Add in the proper media storage. Are you sure the price is less? (it's not...) If you tally up all the things I am including using the ole innnnnernet I think you will find that number to be more than what I am asking for my virtually brand new wares. And you know, I never said I wasn't open to hearing out an offer. Cheers.
  23. I've used the Ursa mini and I was not impressed. I like the Red One image more than the Scarlet. The Scarlet package will definitely need more storage. Kinefinity makes some rockin cams.The Terra 5k sounds pretty darn great in concept and specs if you're willing to wait and see. Could be worth the wait! I'm going to shamelessly/shamefully self-promote now. Buuuuut if you don't want to wait, my KineMAX 6K is for sale. It rocks. I don't know if 6K raw and 100 fps @4K raw will be good enough in 7 years because who knows, maybe we'll just plug our brains into computers for infiniteK resolution and time-shifting abilities for infiniteFPS slowmo.
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