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    zerocool22 reacted to User in Making Waves: The Art Of Cinematic Sound - Official Trailer   
    An insightful and fascinating examination of sound design in film, featuring legendary sound.

    Website: https://www.makingwavesmovie.com
    Good for sound?
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    zerocool22 reacted to heart0less in Scorsese compared MCU to modern theme park. What is your angle on it?   
    Here are Martin Scorsese's words:        [the magazine in question is Empire Magazine]

    Surely, people are outraged.
    But, in my view, he is quite right.
    He took care not to hurt the MCU creators by saying: 'as well made as they are', so I don't see why he is accused of being insulting.
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    zerocool22 got a reaction from jonprimo in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K   
    I like the softness, but I find the colors a bit too mute. Contrast is sitting well, but I feel the colors should pop more, more saturated on the RED/BLUE shots.
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    zerocool22 got a reaction from EthanAlexander in Z-Cam with new AF module   
    Thats great and all, but what cine lenses are we gonna use that have AF. Im not beeing sarcastic, but I think there is a need of AF lenses that have a great look (Cooke, Zeiss supreme, angenieux, Arri masterprimes, leica summicrons/summiluxes, any anormophic). We should maybe give the zeiss otus/milvus lenses a go.
    While if you are doing event work, you would not go for a zcam anyway. 
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    zerocool22 reacted to thebrothersthre3 in Sony 6K Full Frame PXW-FX9/FX6 Leak   
    Looking forward to more from Jonah Hill 
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    zerocool22 reacted to Mako Sports in Sony 6K Full Frame PXW-FX9/FX6 Leak   
    Speaking of skate videos, I just watched Mid 90s. Movie was awsome and would highly recommend. 
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    zerocool22 got a reaction from barefoot_dp in Jinni.Tech vs. RED Part 4 (1hr long)   
    lol, wth wants that holographic display anyway. 
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    zerocool22 reacted to thebrothersthre3 in Z-CAM quietly announce 8k and 6k FULL FRAME cameras - no joke!   
    The F6 seems hard to beat with that variable ND. The S1H is nice but this has internal RAW(probably prores as well), internal ND's (depending on the mount you use I assume), and 4k 120fps. 
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    zerocool22 got a reaction from Emanuel in Jinni.Tech vs. RED Part 4 (1hr long)   
    If they would do it, its gonna be a stylish camera with only a few controls/options that is way overpriced. 
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    zerocool22 got a reaction from Rick Vestuto in Edelkrone Sliderone V2 King of Sliders?   
    Is it only for dslr's or also for ursa mini pro's, FS7's, canon C300's (automatically presuming Alexa's are out the question)?
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    zerocool22 reacted to crevice in Jinni.Tech vs. RED Part 4 (1hr long)   
    We have cameras that are unable to shoot internal RAW literally because of RED. You want to stop animosity against a company that is completely screwing everyone else over and suing people left and right? A company that made it so Blackmagic had no choice but to create their own RAW format and made companies like Panasonic, Sony, and Nikon all have to figure out ways to make raw external instead, which in turn makes the rest of us have to buy expensive external recorders and expensive SSDs? Seriously, no offense man - but you should probably quit telling people what to do and how to treat companies, especially companies that are making our work life more difficult and more expensive. Also, dont forget where you are - this is EOSHD, where the creator of the site is very critical of companies - which in turn pushes them to be better and to quit their bullshit. So in conclusion, please get off your high horse and realize that we shouldn’t bow down to big bad RED and let them push us around with their bullshit patent. And this “animosity” is very much warranted.
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    zerocool22 got a reaction from kye in Best event shooting camera + lens   
    Yeah as I will prolly also use it it handheld from time to time (depending the situation, like travelling, or really long shooting days, etc)
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    zerocool22 got a reaction from Geoff CB in Best event shooting camera + lens   
    What about the nikon z6? Anybody got experience with this one. Imagewise its ahead of the other mentioned cameras.
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    zerocool22 reacted to FreshGiant in Best event shooting camera + lens   
    I would suggest the S1 and the 24-105 f4.
    Ibis is excellent
    battery life is excellent (2+ hours per battery)
    No record limit (or overheating)
    AF is good 
    Great in low light
    Shoots in UHD 10 bit 422 to sd card
    14 stops of V-LOG (optional)
    Very good skin tones
    Is a 6k sensor so you can do a APSC crop in camera so that 105mm becomes a 157.5mm and the lens is parfocal. 
    Because fo the S1H and all the other cameras you can find them used for $2500 now for the camera/lens combo. I do a lot of corporate events (trade shows or conferences kinda thing), and it really works well.
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    zerocool22 reacted to Patrick B. in Simultaneous dual gain sensors   
    I’m curious why simultaneous dual gain sensor architectures a la the Alexa Alev III aren’t more common in smaller cameras.  This allows a low and high ISO signal to be combined for one HDR image. It seems that in ten years most cameras still can’t match the Alexa for sheer video dynamic range, yet CMOS sensor technology has obviously evolved in many ways.
    Is there a limiting factor like size/heat, a patent, or maybe otherwise?  Perhaps it’s just that the average consumer is more interested in increased resolution? We now are seeing the switchable dual gain architecture used more, but I’m not aware of lower end cameras using simultaneous dual gain. 
    Related info:
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    zerocool22 reacted to DBounce in Nikon Z6 To Get Internal Raw   
    Nikon had mentioned internal raw coming after adding CFExpress support, so this doesn't surprise me. I'll be curious to see what the footage looks like. Internal raw for a hybrid that is usable for daily use,  without the need for rigging would be a huge breakthrough. Should a Sony A7S3 eventually be released I seriously doubt it will have internal raw. Nikon might be stealing everyone's thunder. 
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    zerocool22 reacted to BTM_Pix in Nikon z6 EF ibis   
    You can use the TechArt Pro E to Z adapter and stack the Sigma MC11 on it to get AF and IS for EF lenses.
    Check with @Andrew Reid but I think I recall him saying that IBIS is supported as well.
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    zerocool22 reacted to newfoundmass in Panasonic S1H review / hands-on - a true 6K full frame cinema camera   
    I haven't seen much of anything on its photo capabilities other than a Panasonic rep saying that it can do everything the S1 can do. 
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    zerocool22 reacted to The ghost of squig in Sigma FP   
    And ride unicorns.
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    zerocool22 reacted to Lorian in Most versatile anamorphic focal (Atlas Orion)   
    I just found this test uploaded 9 hours ago with all the lenses. I think that I like the 40mm more than the 50mm hahaha.
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    zerocool22 reacted to Andrew Reid in Martin Scorsese and Christopher Nolan campaign launches "Filmmaker Mode" TV settings on upcoming LG and Panasonic sets   
    The electronics manufacturers have always had a strange relationship with 24p.
    It's tempting to look at classic cinema as a quaint, anticipated thing of the past. It's an under-fire aesthetic like never before.
    YouTubers seem happy with 30p or 60p and TVs do their best to smooth over the cinema look by default.
    Well, not any more - according to the Hollywood Reporter, Filmmaker Mode is debuting on upcoming TVs by virtue of the UHD Alliance and some of cinema's best known directors.
    Read the full article
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    zerocool22 reacted to The ghost of squig in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    Don't waste your time with LPE6 batteries, Canon or otherwise. 20 minute run-time just isn't worth the hassle, nor the embarrassment. Get some Sony NP-F970 clones and one of these https://www.ebay.com/itm/Full-Decoded-LP-E6-Dummy-Battery-NP-F970-770-Mount-Plate-Adapter-for-Canon-TK/202760180667?hash=item2f3572d3bb:g:HV4AAOSwvpVci7MT
    You can mount it to the 1/4" hole on top of the P4K, or onto a shoulder rig with a rail mount like I do. You'll get 1.5 to 2 hours run-time per battery, and they cost about the same as a Canon clone.
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    zerocool22 reacted to AaronChicago in Panasonic S1H review / hands-on - a true 6K full frame cinema camera   
    Looks like it was Atlas Orion anamorphics.
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    zerocool22 reacted to nathlas in Nikon Z6 features 4K N-LOG, 10bit HDMI output and 120fps 1080p   
    terrible choice by Nikon.
    It would be better to release e new body instead of that.
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    zerocool22 reacted to mercer in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K   
    I haven’t watched it yet either but here’s my guess... the Alexa’s 2K looks better than the BM’s 6K and whatever the Red Raven shoots at.
    Ok, I just watched the first couple minutes and became quickly bored when I saw that he wasn’t even using the same lens on each camera. 
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