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    nikos reacted to Andrew Reid in NX1 RAW VIDEO???   
    I got an email from Mr April Fools himself...
    "As promised, I will send you (download link) the footage of my Proof of Concept on time (01. April 2018) for evaluation. It would be very nice, if you could share your opinion honestly with me - after testing the maleability and behaviour, even when you do heavy grading. Please consider, that I will be not online from 01.04. at about 14:00 European time up to 04.04. in the morning, so I can NOT answer YOUR questions. I will try to write down most settings and as you are a very experienced technician, you will not have any problems with handling, for sure."
    Since it is pretty clear what's going on here, Arikhan has been banned from further participation in this forum, because he's a time waster.
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    nikos reacted to hyalinejim in Canon XC10 4K camcorder   
    Hi nikos. That illustrates C-Log's softening quite well. I wish I'd seen your post before now as you had also spotted the black dots that are exacerbated by in-camera sharpening. It's barely noticeable at base ISO, but as ISO increases C-Log gets progressively softer. My guess is that it underexposes by 1.66 stops, pulls up the shadows and then goes to town on the noise reduction. This, then, is the cause of the image softening and ghosting.
    I went out and took a series of clips in daylight, alternating C-Log at 500 and EOS Standard at 160. I fed both in to FilmConvert and, with a contrast and saturation adjustment the results are almost identical. There are slight colour shifts but I think EOS Standard is closest to C-Log.
    Full gallery is here
    Sample comparison:

    The implication of this is huge for me, as it gives me the confidence to use EOS Standard in low light and get better results than C-Log. I'll test low light stuff with movement later this evening.
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    nikos got a reaction from kidzrevil in Canon xc10 c-log resolution   
    Got it!
    thank you very much, I will try it.
    (although In ebu document says that there is less resolution in c-log)
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    nikos got a reaction from kidzrevil in Canon XC10 4K camcorder   
    C-log resolution  and standard look noise have been discussed here ... http://www.eoshd.com/comments/topic/19271-canon-xc10-c-log-resolution/#comment-134321
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    nikos got a reaction from hyalinejim in Canon XC10 4K camcorder   
    C-log resolution  and standard look noise have been discussed here ... http://www.eoshd.com/comments/topic/19271-canon-xc10-c-log-resolution/#comment-134321
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    nikos reacted to Nicolas MAILLET in 5D Mark 3 Raw in 2016?   
    kgv5, commercials are almost all shot in RAW when possible... This is a choice guided by the production and nothing else... Like 4K when only 1080 needed... Productors want 4K to have the ability to resize... This is not a choice made by the ones who shoot...
    5d mark III has RAW... cool !!! I've used it on a big French National TV broadcasted commercial 7 months ago... I don't say it is a bad camera or anything else... i just say this is really not the best option to shoot with today... And today an A7SII is better to my eyes. Way comforter... non hacked, 81 minutes on a 64 GB card, and everything with a slight better dynamic, and slow motions... I don't speak about high isos... lights are always controlled on my sets :

    1DC right here 3 years ago... used in 8 bits 1080 only... No 4K MJPEGs... Reaaaaaallllly small budget... But broadcasted on French National TV channels during these three years... Just youtube it : "Pièces jaunes 25 ans"... Shoot with what you want !!!! One time i did replace the F55 we're used to shoot with by an A7SII, my personal A7SII... We had time to play in post. Dynamic and colors are not the same, but the result was here : the client didn't say anything about the quality... No strange skin tones around...
    Take a look at this too : 
    I don't shoot 5D mark III anymore. Too limited camera. Great picture but limited camera, not flexible, and not matching cameras of nowadays.
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    nikos reacted to Andrew Reid in 5D Mark 3 Raw in 2016?   
    Well the A7S colour weaknesses are sadly all too clear in that clip. Noisy, compressed, inaccurate, thin and dreadful on the Rec.709 conversion, only the custom LUT (with a lot of expertise efforts) can save it even after that dodgy white balance, mixed light, exposure all remain difficulties faced by Sony users.
    Sony need to make it EASY to get Canon or Nikon like colour from their cameras.
    They should really trash their entire picture profiles line-up and start again.
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    nikos reacted to TheRenaissanceMan in Sony A6300 review (rolling) - Striking image but nagging issues   
    Besides the Log/DR, doesn't the NX1 have all of that? And very good image quality in S35 1080p with near-global shutter?
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    nikos got a reaction from TheRenaissanceMan in Sony A6300 review (rolling) - Striking image but nagging issues   
    Alan Roberts testing for EBU....
    However, the camera fails expectations in several ways. Although the sensor dimensions considerably exceed the requirements of both HD and UHD, the scaling to produce HD and UHD images is unsatisfactory. Resolution at UHD is only adequate, but aliasing is unacceptably high. Similarly, at HD the aliasing is sufficient to cause problems in low bit-rate coding. 
    The dynamic range is about 9 stops in standard ITU 709 mode (without knee), 11 stops in S-Log 2, 13 in S-Log 3. This is unsurprising since the camera uses only 8-bit recording.
    Noise levels are consistently higher than acceptable, and noise reduction is too ineffective to improve things adequately. Only at ISO100 or ISO200 could the camera qualify for HD Tier SP, using EBU R.118 requirements. 
    The sensor is evidently scanned, the so-called ‘rolling shutter’ effect. Rotating motion is very poor. 
    This camera is not suitable for use in general broadcasting, apart from Special Purposes where its physical size or shape makes it uniquely suited to a particular type of shot.
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    nikos reacted to Arizona Sunset in Best Camera under 3k for 1080p 50fps, A7s or GH4 or a6300   
    The D750 is an amazing hybrid camera, yes, and most folks like the handing, operations, features, and, critically, colors better than the S II.  
    For what it's worth, I have an NX1 and S II, and unlike Mattias, I kept the S II for both 4k and 1080p quality and integrity.  I don't shoot with SLOG and I don't shoot with a tripod very often, and the latter factor played into my decision a lot.
    D750, X-Pro2, NX1, E-M5 II even - they all are less predictable than the S II with artifacts and handling of patterns in all modes - it's just the way it is.  But they also are better stills cameras, with more neutral color science.  
    Pick your poison!
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    nikos reacted to Mattias Burling in Canon XC10 4K camcorder   
    Thats cool. But you can stay in M mode and still not need to use the screen. Just double tap function, adjust, menu.
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    nikos reacted to jase in YAGTC (yet another guess the camera)   
    Nope, it is a rx100 iv. Have to say that i am quite pleased with the results!
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    nikos reacted to Mattias Burling in YAGTC (yet another guess the camera)   
    Ahhh it was my first thought. Then I changed my mind. Then I thought it again but one shot threw me of a little
    Been researching it like crazy lattely so I was afraid my mind was playing a trick on me
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    nikos reacted to Mattias Burling in Canon XC10 4K camcorder   
    Ive been using the luts made for the 1DC Log with good results.
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    nikos reacted to chauncy in davinci 12.3 out.h265 for all   
    adds h265 support for windows!
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    nikos reacted to Mattias Burling in Sony a6300 4k   
    Here is a test I made.
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    nikos reacted to Mattias Burling in Canon XC10 4K camcorder   
    Either a button or touch, no voice control
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    nikos reacted to Henry Gentles in Samsung NX1 macro slow motion   
    Yeah the lens needed to be stopped down a couple of clicks.
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    nikos reacted to Marco Tecno in Samsung NX1 macro slow motion   
    The ant does not look in focus, on my screen..
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    nikos reacted to Geoff CB in Samsung NX1 macro slow motion   
    Guys make sure to watch in HD. Nice test.
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    nikos reacted to Axel in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera: does it make sense to buy it now?   
    ​> use only ProRes-flavors
    > use only Menu >Recording >Dynamic Range >Film
    > use only Menu >Display >Dynamic Range >Video
    > use exclusively ISO 800, no matter what
    > use 180° degree shutter in standard situations (for 24p with 60 Hz power frequency, for PAL countries then 172,5°)
    > use bigger shutter angles in lowlight for slow moving motifs, up to 360° (doubles exposure w/o more noise or worse DR through ISO 1600)
    > use smaller shutter angles for slomos (down to 11,25°). Twixtor and the like don't handle motion blur well
    > roughly guess the right color temperature, i.e. 3200 for Tungsten, 5600 for daylight. You have to grade anyway
    > buy the Zacuto loupe if you want to see anything
    > buy a camera grip with remote, like this, not a big cage, rods, mattebox and these gadgets
    > if you need s.th. like an external monitor, beware! Not all will show an image. Lilliput has a compatibility table (1080p through HDMI)
    > during recording, leave focus peaking on always (since latest FW update, it stays on after power off-on)
    > rely on 95% zebra ("ETTR"). It gives better results than trying to get a wide range in the histogram, in my experience
    > if there is no zebra, it means you don't 'fill the well' because the location is lit too poorly. This ain't the A7s!
    > therefore: search the sun! or light the scene! High contrasts, backlight: that's where the Pocket's DR shines
    > use an IR-cut filter
    > use externally recorded audio (built-in audio only to sychronize it). Or this (resp. it's successor)
    > use an app that allows to load LUTs (i.e. the free Resolve lite). Try Captain Hooks LUTs, here (download), from this site (starting point for your grade)
    > don't grade too flat. One gets used to flat looking images very quickly. But others don't.
    > To quote Stu Maschwitz: plan your shoot, then shoot your plan! Follow the suggestions above, then make a small doc, no cats, no flowers, no landscapes
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    nikos reacted to DigitalEd in Am I stupid to consider a D750?   
    I did order a D750 should be here tomorrow. This will update my two older D700 cameras and replace the Samsung NX1 for any photo shooting as the NX1 kinda sucks for photography in any low light at all my older 6 year old D700 takes better photos at any iso then the NX1. The NX1 photo quality is more like my even older Nikon D40 6MP camera.
    Will do some NX1 D750 HD video tests and want to see how the D750 video compares the NX1 4k all mixed together to see if the 750 can be used as a B camera and the main camera for low light video shooting.
    As for the Nikon 24-120 F4 lens the one i have is very sharp i got it when the lens just come out one of the very first batch maybe that is why. I also had the 24-70 2.8 and my 24-120 is every bit as sharp so i sold the 24-70 and the 24-120 f4 almost never is off one of my D700 cams. It also takes very sharp video with my NX1.
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    nikos reacted to AaronChicago in Speed Booster?   
    ​Glad they fixed that blue spot. That was pretty ridiculous.
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    nikos got a reaction from Dan Wake in my friend have a problem in davinci resolve lite   
    Not me, a friend of mine with Mac. I was trying to convince him to try resolve and there was no navigation bar!
    found it in magiclantern forum , if I remember correctly.
    I have 2 macs but resolve is running on my PC.
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    nikos got a reaction from Dan Wake in my friend have a problem in davinci resolve lite   
    Go to View - show window frame - press the green mac + icon on top left corner.
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