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  1. Yes, it is worth the extra 1000 for the EVF and proper 1080p 60 fps.
  2. Tourism dollars when a currency has crashed are helpful to the country's economy as a whole, so I guess it would mean the same thing for camera gear.
  3. Get a viewfinder to glue onto the RX100. Something that magnifies.
  4. I gotta say I couldn't disagree more. C-log is a pleasure to grade and I've noticed artifacts and poor high ISO performance in Wide-DR. Clog, ride or die.
  5. Rode Videomic Pro mounted on the hot shoe. Just get close enough to the person and you've got a nice signal - the preamps on the xc10 seem great, or at least much better than a DSLR.
  6. Would gorgeous lighting and sunset vistas a la No Country served Fargo's story? No sir.
  7. I recently had to travel around Europe on a job documenting Study Abroad classes. The XC10 made it easy and pleasurable. This was shot in all 1080 c-log, not 4k if you'd like to check it out.
  8. I love my 6D. Took it all over central europe with the 40mm pancake and got photos to cherish for a lifetime.
  9. Wow, reviews on B&H say this doesn't even have log like the Phantom / Inspire cameras.
  10. I would like to see Osmo footage filmed in d-log with the contrast / saturation / sharpness turned all the way down - the same settings I use with the Phantom 3. You can get some cinematic looking stuff with that workflow.
  11. I bought my C100 MII from Professional Video & Tape in Oregon. Same prices as B&H. Great experience.
  12. It's probably organized by ISIS. They hate Jews right? The "just get another job" comments floor me. You guys need to start living paycheck to paycheck for awhile.
  13. I feel like the people in this thread that are in denial about worker exploitation are the same people that gave Philip Bloom the benefit of the doubt over his domestic abuse. The world doesn't always adhere to your majority view. It's a deeply unjust place.
  14. Canon recommends exposing middle grey in c-log at something like 35%, but this camera benefits from ETTR. The image will be cleaner and nicer for sure. Don't be afraid to crank the ISO and do a little denoising in post. I would aim for caucasian skin tones to be at 50-60% on the waveform. If I have to shoot in very low light I just grab the sigma 18-35. All the reception scenes in this wedding video (towards the end) were shot with that at 1.8 and around 2500 ISO. To my eye it was way darker in there than it looks in the footage. https://vimeo.com/124542801
  15. My guess is he's underexposing the c-log - I shot a few things with Wide DR and I didn't like it. I noticed more banding and artifacts.
  16. Yeah you have to go into your menu favorites to switch to 60p. Keep in mind the audio is compressed 256kbps in mp4 and linear PCM in AVCHD - so if you think you might have to do a lot of audio manipulation in post, you should probably go with avc.
  17. He'll get immediately banned from this forum if he does that.
  18. Nice setup there - what LED light is that?
  19. The DPAF works with the new sigma art lenses as well, but you have to make sure their firmware is updated. It works a little slower though than on canon glass.
  20. Yes to all of that. You can add the menu audio levels on a custom screen with your most-used menu settings.
  21. I think Stillmotion has a lot of great filmmaking knowledge to share, but my eyebrow became permanently raised with them when they pushed that lemonade-selling / slave-saving little girl whose father bragged that he was a viral content marketer or some such. You have what these guys and Shane Hurlbut are doing, which is direct audience monetization, and then other camera blogs that are clearly bought and paid for by certain brands. The bottom line matters to everyone I guess.
  22. I have shot with the hubble space telescope - in fact Roger Deakins asked me for advice about getting the most DR from it. I can say with authority that the XC10 has 12 usable stops.
  23. It gets out of your way and lets you get the shot, get the audio, get the focus right. The best tools disappear and let you simply create.
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