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  1. I saw this video. autofocus is very impressive, but if you see the background the bokeh increases with visible steps. it depend from the lens. there is lens theat work with x-t3aperture rings without steps at the aperture? anyway, maybe the X-T3 its the best mirrorless choise for video, but BM pocke 4k I think it's far better in cinematography video. eterna lut is nice, it seams better than the other log cam, but BMPCC 4K has raw, prores, and than BRaw. the only thing that I consider objectively better it's sensor S35 (in terms of dimension)
  2. why this Fuji should be better than BM Pocket 4k in video?
  3. 5DIII max speed is around 100MB/sec. course it can write at that speed only with with globaldraw off http://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=6215.0
  4. I have 3424x1600 continuous, 42% but with global raw off, and without any preview. black screen. ML greyscale doesn't work
  5. @hyalinejim wich setting do you use? 113 or 123?
  6. max vertical resolution for 24p its 1920
  7. so 1080p has better DR than 4k? interesting.... could you share some footage as you can?
  8. found this xc10 c-log starts at 500 iso, while on the other cinema camera at 850
  9. I have to choose a cam for my personal project, short and film, 0 budget... these three cam are very different but each cam have something that interest me, and other lack xc10 -all in one. lens (i don't care it's fix 2.8-5.6), stabilizzazion, take and shot -4k 305 Mb 422, 10 bit with external recorder. c100 -true cinema camera, ND filter, battery life, double XLR, iso range -file very small, don't need NASA pc 5D MK III RAW 14 bit!!11!1!! (i try to grade some footage 14 bit raw, and went from an a7s all it's wooow) Dynamic range amazing I think raw came from 5d3 it's the best image i can get from a cinema camera under 5000€.... but the 5d has every unpractical things of the reflex. so I have been considering the c100 and xc10, unfurtunately c log on xc10 seams to me less flat to the other canon CC I don't want sony, I sold my A7S
  10. I sold my A7s to switch to 5d III, have ever shot in raw whit the 5d3???
  11. hi, where I can find some original 4k 305Mb C-log footage to download? also 4k 10 bit prores.... this camera is very nice... the only problem for me is the dynamic range, not large like c100 or other canon cinema camera
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