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    Ty Harper reacted to MurtlandPhoto in Scammed on eBay as a seller and then - scammed by eBay customer services!   
    I hear you. Instead of eBay, I do a lot of selling on Fred Miranda forums. You have to pay a fee to sell on the site and you must build up good feedback to sell. Because it's a niche market, you end up with scrupulous buyers and sellers. 
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    Ty Harper reacted to Andrew Reid in SmallRig accused of blackmail   
    Obvious this is wrong of Small Rig but I just think nearly all companies are pulling similar stunts and content creators are happy to enable it in 99% of situations.
    I don't know this guy but it's good he has spoken out.
    But it is a bit like watching two sales people arguing about principals.
    If this was Sony sending him a free A7S III would he have called them out for blackmail?
    If Canon had sent him an EOS R5 but he didn't like the overheating, is this blackmail when they expect content from him?
    It is the unspoken rule.
    If you want free stuff, they expect you to return the favour and do your part.
    Is it a quid-pro-quo when nobody complains and blackmail when somebody does?
    No they are the same thing really.
    The only difference between Sony with Gerald Undone and Small Rig with this guy is the degree of subtleness.
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    Ty Harper reacted to Matins 2 in Best affordable camera as of 2021?   
    Canon 5D Mark III with Magic Lantern.
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    Ty Harper reacted to IronFilm in Audio field recorders in 2021? My Predictions ("wild guesses").   
    I'll give my personal thoughts on each brand, one by one:

    The Nova is a very new product, I see almost no chance of a "Nova 2.0" coming out this year. 
    Deva 24 is a little older than Nova, but also their highest end product which thus has a longer life cycle, I see it as unlikely there will be a Deva release in 2021. 
    Could Zaxcom release a product which is between Nova & Deva 24, or below Nova? I doubt it. 

    Sound Devices:
    The 8 Series is their latest range, I don't see any chance whatsoever they'll be ending the 8 Series in 2021 and replacing it with something newer. No chance at all. 
    Could the 8 Series be added to??? Is there space to squeeze in a product in between an 833/888/Scorpio? Nope, I don't think so. (but then again, I've been surprised before, when the 888 came out in between the 833 & Scorpio)
    Could an 8 Series recorder come out below an 833 or above a Scorpio?? Seems unlikely. Scorpio is already their most expensive ever product, and if they released a product below the 833 that might put it too close in price to a MixPre10 underneath it? (but hey, perhaps I might be wrong, and a "Sound Devices 811" will come out? A mini sized 833, with 1x XLR + 3x TA3F all for say just US$2.5K??  I doubt it, but that's an example of how an odd ball product which might come out and surprise us) 
    Now as for the MixPre series, all bets are off here, as Sound Devices has been putting out new updates and variants to this at a furious pace in recent years. As while I "guess" they will not bring out any new MixPres in 2021, I'd also not be surprised either if one (or more!) gets announced. 

    Their SX-R4+ has been around for a while, time for an update? But then again,  Sonosax is an extremely small company, and it is to be expected their products will have long life cycles between updates. 

    Cantar X3 came out in 2014 (and the Cantar Mini in 2017). You'd think that after 7 years that perhaps an update is coming? But not necessarily, the X3 still seems to be very popular, you never hear of anybody leaving X3 for something "better/newer" and the X3 is still attracting new users to the platform. Plus as a high end premium product (it is after all the most expensive field recorder there is) we can expect that it will have long life for its product cycle. Perhaps next year we might get a hint from Aaton that the "X4" is under development?? Maybe. But I'm not expecting a new field recorder to be released by Aaton this year. 

    Nagra Seven came out waaaay back in 2013, surely it is time for an update? Nagra VI is even older from 2008!
    But no, won't expect an update to these in 2021. Nagra has more or less abandoned the film market, as they're focused instead now on the high-end audiophile market. Verdict: Nagra is AWOL.

    The DR680mk2 & DR701D are now both looking totally outclassed in the budget end of the market once the Zoom F8 came out. 
    And the Tascam HS-P82 is from 2009! Was a nice machine, but looooong overdue for an update. 
    While I'd like to dream that Tascam will bring out a product in the mid range as an update to the HS-P82, and new low end product which is competitive in the new "Zoom F8 Era", I don't see any sign of life from Tascam that they'll do that. In 2021 I expect Tascam to be AWOL. 

    Take everything I just said about Tascam, and appeal an extra heavy dose of skepticism and pessimism. 
    As nope, I do not at all expect an update from Roland to their R4 Pro or R44. 
    Am definitely expecting Roland to be AWOL in 2021. 

    Take everything I just said about Roland, and times it by ten. 
    Fostex will be AWOL in 2021. 

    The Zoom F8n came out in 2018, but that's wasn't a major revolutionary update to the F8 but rather a half step refresh midway through the F8's life cycle. 
    The Zoom F6 came out in 2019. 
    2020 didn't see anything from Zoom in the F Series (unless you count their mini bodypack recorders as part of their "F Series", which technically they are), thus could we see a new product in 2021? I think perhaps so. As these are products which could see a faster refresh cycle, there won't be an F6n in 2021 (as the F6 is the newest), but more likely a replacement to the F8 series.... a "Zoom F9"?? As the F8 is the oldest, and the F8n was a minor refresh. Personally I'd love to at least see a Zoom F4n, an F4 with a few tweaks (such as pro line level outputs, ditching EXH-6 for inputs 5 & 6 instead using 2x TA3F, further UI tweaks, adding bluetooth, USB keyboard without needing FRC-8, etc). But it seems Zoom believes the F6 is the true replacement for the F4 (which is not true at all!), thus I'm not counting on an "F4n" arriving. But something like a "Zoom F8n Pro / F9 / F10 / etc" seems reasonably likely in 2021

    This heading is for all of those wild card unknowns from companies which have never before made a field recorder for the film industry.
    Such as, could 2021 be the year we see a "Chinese F8" field recorder? A low low priced field recorder like the F8, but from a Chinese brand. I doubt it, but we've already seen a couple of Chinese companies dip the edges of their toe into the water with Saramonic (their Saramonic SR-VRM1 & SR-Q2M) & Deity (with their Deity BP-TRX) making mini recorders, thus is a bigger field recorder next? Again, I doubt it, but this is an example of the kind of "surprise" we might see in 2021. Likewise, Blackmagic Design already makes video recorders (with their range of Blackmagic Video Assist recorders), is an audio recorder next? I doubt it, but who knows. Likewise with that other Australian company: RØDE. What might RØDE have planned? They're an audio focused company, will they surprise us with an audio recorder? And while on the topic of BMD, what about their competitor AJA? They've build video recorders too, might AJA surprise us? I doubt it, who knows though. 
    As I bet 2021 will have a surprise from us, most likely from some unknown left field company which I haven't even mentioned yet. But of those that I mentioned, perhaps most likely (or rather "least unlikely" is a better way to describe it) would be Rode or Saramonic in my wild guess of an opinion? But if Rode did this, it would be a product unashamedly aimed at the YouTubers/videographers. And the Saranomic field recorder would be dirt cheap yet surely also be a huge steaming heap of sh*t (but perhaps after a few generations would evolve into a "not terrible" product). 

    Thus in brief summary, I'm not expecting many major field recorder announcements in 2021, aside from "a Zoom F10" plus maaaaaaybe a MixPre and quite likely some kind of left field announcement none of us are even expecting. 
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    Ty Harper got a reaction from Emanuel in PC Builds   
    If you don't mind me asking, how much did this setup cost u total?
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    Ty Harper reacted to IronFilm in Need feedback on hypercardioid microphones ($500 range)   
    Without spending longer the five seconds looking into it, I see it is extremely small, I wouldn't be surprised if that micro size results in quality compromises?
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    Ty Harper reacted to Kisaha in Need feedback on hypercardioid microphones ($500 range)   
    Unfortunately I do not know anything about the micro version!
    I guess if you can put it close to the subject it will work. The other version is boom-able, the characteristics must be pretty similar.
    There are straightforward solutions from Rycote and others to put on a boom the classic one, I am not sure what one can do with this. Maybe it is more appropriate as a hide-in microphone.
    The smaller the mic, the more difficult is to put it on a boom because then there are other issues (very small mass needs very delicate solutions), so maybe it will be more expensive to buy accessories for the micro.
    For me, shotguns is a NO NO for indoor dialogue or interviews. 
    Maybe best of both worlds is the Sanken CS-M1, very happy with this, coupled with the Cinema Cosi, but it is overkill for your needs. Just find a good cheap used Audix, they are build like tanks. 
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    Ty Harper reacted to Phil A in Z97X-UD5H | 4790K | GTX 1080TI/MINI: add another 1080TI?   
    That's not correct. The free version can do 99% the same as the studio version for most users, you're only missing out on resolutions bigger than UHD, it doesn't have the noise reduction and film grain OFX, etc. For normal editing and grading, it's widely the same.
    I don't think it makes sense to invest any money into your system if you haven't actually identified a bottleneck. I would edit/grade a project and run resource monitoring to find out if you every approach a limit regarding CPU, GPU or storage. There's no benefit to increase e.g. GPU performance up to 200% of now when you maybe never reach over 60% currently.
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    Ty Harper got a reaction from Phil A in Z97X-UD5H | 4790K | GTX 1080TI/MINI: add another 1080TI?   
    ASUS PB278Q (2K)
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    Ty Harper reacted to kye in Z97X-UD5H | 4790K | GTX 1080TI/MINI: add another 1080TI?   
    Also also also...  being able to apply multiple treatments to an image is really where professional colour grading begins.  You'll see in every colourist / colour demo that they start with the image and then they'll show several wipes to show how they did something, then something else, then something else again, etc.  That really needs multiple nodes to do as you need the full control of one or more nodes to properly do each correction.
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    Ty Harper reacted to kye in Z97X-UD5H | 4790K | GTX 1080TI/MINI: add another 1080TI?   
    Also also, having multiple nodes allows you to have parallel processing of the image, for example you can take a key of an object, split it and the rest of the image into two separate paths though the node graph, and for each one you can have it pass through multiple nodes, before they get combined again.
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    Ty Harper reacted to kye in Z97X-UD5H | 4790K | GTX 1080TI/MINI: add another 1080TI?   
    Also, I forgot that multiple nodes allows you to do things like layer adjustments and parallel nodes, which allow all the kind of effects that having layers in an image editor gives you.
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    Ty Harper reacted to kye in Z97X-UD5H | 4790K | GTX 1080TI/MINI: add another 1080TI?   
    That's what I thought as well.
    It doesn't directly talk about your setup, but there are a bunch of articles on Pugets website talking about what benefits you get from having multiple GPUs, like this one:
    Of course, buying a second GPU also means buying Resolve, so it's more of an investment.
    I found with my system that the CPU was the bottleneck until I added an absolute ton of processing, so I had to upgrade to my new laptop.
    You can use the Activity Monitor application under Utilities to see the load on your system (go to Window and enable CPU History and GPU History then go do things in Resolve and see what got maxed out).
    I would definitely upgrade to Resolve Studio.  IIRC the free version of resolve only lets you have a single node?  If that's the case then having the ability to have more than one node let's you do a few killer things:
    Choose what order your effects get applied in by separating them into different nodes You can start to work with selective adjustments where you take a key and adjust only certain ranges of colour (eg, skin tones) or certain areas within the image (eg, track a moving window on someones face) Apply multiple OFX plugins Use Temporal Noise Reduction that compares multiple frames to do NR instead of blurring just one frame at a time
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    Ty Harper reacted to KnightsFan in Z97X-UD5H | 4790K | GTX 1080TI/MINI: add another 1080TI?   
    If there's no bottleneck, I personally would save my money haha. I think that for normal editing, your 1080TI probably already outperforms your CPU so adding another would likely give no benefit.
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    Ty Harper reacted to KnightsFan in Z97X-UD5H | 4790K | GTX 1080TI/MINI: add another 1080TI?   
    First if you're editing high bitrate footage from an external HDD make sure that's not the bottleneck. A 7200 RPM drive reads at 120 MB/s, even even two uncompressed 14 bit HD raw streams would go over that.
    I have a GTX 1080 and use Resolve Studio. Earlier this year I upgraded from an i7 4770 to a Ryzen 3600, and got an enormous performance boost when editing HEVC. So while the decoding is done on the GPU, it's clear that the CPU can bottleneck as well. When I edit 4K H.264 or Raw my 1080 rarely maxes out.
    Overall I'd be pretty surprised if you need another/a new GPU for basic editing and color grading. Resolve studio is a better investment imo than a second 1080.
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    Ty Harper reacted to Rinad Amir in Z97X-UD5H | 4790K | GTX 1080TI/MINI: add another 1080TI?   
    Honestly just save up for new rig mate it would be better option
    Or get another ti and have it sli .
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    Ty Harper reacted to IronFilm in News Leak: Zoom F4 with six inputs and eight tracks (is like a new low priced Zoom F8!)   
    If you're never hardwiring yourself to a camera, then you've got nothing to worry about.  Otherwise, use a phantom blocker. ( I never have, as when I used my F4 I was only rarely hardwired and when I was I just simply took care with what I was doing)
    They should do the same job, but the Triton Audio is smaller. 
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    Ty Harper reacted to BTM_Pix in News Leak: Zoom F4 with six inputs and eight tracks (is like a new low priced Zoom F8!)   
    Triton Audio do a bi-directional phantom power blocker.
    Not cheap at £36 per channel but cheaper than buying a new F4.
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    Ty Harper got a reaction from josdr in Tascam 60D MKII replacement suggestions   
    @IronFilm, slightly off topic, although mentioned in this thread... I recall you saying somewhere that the 32-bit float option was a bit overrated. I was toying with the idea of upgrading from my Zoom F4 to a mixpre-6 for the slightly better analog limiters, but then I was thinking that a mixpre-6 II might be the final destination purchase for a primarily audio doc producer like myself whose needs are already well covered by a 4 xlr in recorder, but can see the value of 32-bit float in situations when you're capturing a really loud concert or a passionate discussion with multiple talking heads.
    Point is, if you were 90% satisfied with the F4 but willing to make one final upgrade on your primary audio recorder (though not a rush to upgrade either) --- would you upgrade to a used mixpre-6 or hold out for the mixpre-6 II?
    And thanks for all the audio advice you offer us all on these forums!
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    Ty Harper reacted to IronFilm in Tascam 60D MKII replacement suggestions   
    There are two main perspectives here:

    Production Sound Mixer:
    32bit is pointless, and non-standard.
    Heck, there isn't even a single professional field recorder in existence that does 32bit!! Not one.
    Needless it say it is not desperately needed by a PSM.

    One man band videographer who does everything himself, including even audio post:
    Their attentions are being pulled a million different ways during a shoot, as they're trying to do too much, and thus mistakes might be made. And they don't need to worry about surprises in the post workflow, as they're handling this all themselves. 
    Have you done the latest firmware update for the F4? For its hybrid digital limiters.
    (btw, note that almost everything on set is wireless.... so often by the time you hit the recorder, the limiters there are too late as the damage is already done)
    In my opinion (note: this is from the perspective of a PSM):
    It is a big step back to go from an F4 to a MixPre6mk1. 
    Just some of the negatives:
    No dual media recording
    No safety track recording. 
    Two less channels than a F4 if using TC
    Inferior powering options
    Ergonomics/design is a step back

    An alternative opinion, if you're a OMB videographer:
    The MixPre3/6 is a very compact form factor for mounting under a mirrorless camera, and worth the so called "upgrade" just for that alone. 

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    Ty Harper reacted to Kisaha in Which Sound Recorder to buy? A guide to various indie priced sound recorders in 2017   
    I believe the Zooms loose a lot of power when left inside. Also they need to be pluged occasionally, so not to loose internal clock and the such.
    I don't remember exactly, but after some time, both my huge NPF batteries AND the Eneloops inside, I find them dead.
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    Ty Harper reacted to IronFilm in Which Sound Recorder to buy? A guide to various indie priced sound recorders in 2017   
    Has been a while since I used the Zoom F4, heh, used it only once in the past year perhaps?? I ought to sell it. 

    But I always powered it externally, so the exact amount of internal power left didn't bother me too much. 

    However from memory, it always remained more or less the same? Even if it had been months since I'd charged the batteries. (as I'd only be charging my external battery!)

    If you're in doubt, and freaking out, just turn it on for a couple of minutes before you leave and check yourself!
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    Ty Harper got a reaction from alsoandrew in Street photography panic / Fuji hysteria   
    He's totally free to push the limits of people's personal boundaries within public spaces for the sake of his art. By the same token he better be totally ok with the potential repercussions of his actions. Matter of fact, I'm sure he instinctively picks his subjects/victims based on how much of an immediate threat they might pose to him, which speaks to the predatory nature of his behavior... and that's regardless of whether his end goal is art, creepy kicks, or both. But to me the scarier people are those who can't just acknowledge that all these things are equally legitimate factors worth acknowledging when deciding whether what he is doing is actually worth it, for the sake of art... or whether there might actually be a way for him to do his art, while respecting the boundaries of his subjects (what, too hard of a proposition to wrap his boundary-pushing artist head around?).
    Personally I have way more respect for the artist that cares about that part as much as they do their precious art.
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    Ty Harper reacted to Dimitris Stasinos in Apple releases 16 in MacBook Pro with better thermals!   
    Don't get me wrong, i am enjoying the platform too. My iMacs have been real workhorses and FCPX is a gem. 
    But when you get into a situation similar to the one i described above you are forced to reconsider the real value of these products, especially the hardware part.
    Imagine paying 4500$ from your hard earned money for a laptop and then plugging in your earphones to avoid listening to the 2000 pops that will be produced during an editing session. Then imagine claiming your customer rights from a company that like @kaylee said above "doesn't talk about it". 
    Also, the customer support in USA is way better than here in Europe. 
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    Ty Harper got a reaction from kye in What is the absolute cheapest high CRI light available?   
    +1 for tungsten, unless you book alot of time sensitive gigs that require you to pack up and leave fairly quickly, which is something that can be easily forgotten/overlooked if you're not used to working with fixtures that need time to cool down after they've been used.
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