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    Ty Harper got a reaction from josdr in Tascam 60D MKII replacement suggestions   
    @IronFilm, slightly off topic, although mentioned in this thread... I recall you saying somewhere that the 32-bit float option was a bit overrated. I was toying with the idea of upgrading from my Zoom F4 to a mixpre-6 for the slightly better analog limiters, but then I was thinking that a mixpre-6 II might be the final destination purchase for a primarily audio doc producer like myself whose needs are already well covered by a 4 xlr in recorder, but can see the value of 32-bit float in situations when you're capturing a really loud concert or a passionate discussion with multiple talking heads.
    Point is, if you were 90% satisfied with the F4 but willing to make one final upgrade on your primary audio recorder (though not a rush to upgrade either) --- would you upgrade to a used mixpre-6 or hold out for the mixpre-6 II?
    And thanks for all the audio advice you offer us all on these forums!
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    Ty Harper reacted to IronFilm in Tascam 60D MKII replacement suggestions   
    There are two main perspectives here:

    Production Sound Mixer:
    32bit is pointless, and non-standard.
    Heck, there isn't even a single professional field recorder in existence that does 32bit!! Not one.
    Needless it say it is not desperately needed by a PSM.

    One man band videographer who does everything himself, including even audio post:
    Their attentions are being pulled a million different ways during a shoot, as they're trying to do too much, and thus mistakes might be made. And they don't need to worry about surprises in the post workflow, as they're handling this all themselves. 
    Have you done the latest firmware update for the F4? For its hybrid digital limiters.
    (btw, note that almost everything on set is wireless.... so often by the time you hit the recorder, the limiters there are too late as the damage is already done)
    In my opinion (note: this is from the perspective of a PSM):
    It is a big step back to go from an F4 to a MixPre6mk1. 
    Just some of the negatives:
    No dual media recording
    No safety track recording. 
    Two less channels than a F4 if using TC
    Inferior powering options
    Ergonomics/design is a step back

    An alternative opinion, if you're a OMB videographer:
    The MixPre3/6 is a very compact form factor for mounting under a mirrorless camera, and worth the so called "upgrade" just for that alone. 

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    Ty Harper reacted to Kisaha in Which Sound Recorder to buy? A guide to various indie priced sound recorders in 2017   
    I believe the Zooms loose a lot of power when left inside. Also they need to be pluged occasionally, so not to loose internal clock and the such.
    I don't remember exactly, but after some time, both my huge NPF batteries AND the Eneloops inside, I find them dead.
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    Ty Harper reacted to IronFilm in Which Sound Recorder to buy? A guide to various indie priced sound recorders in 2017   
    Has been a while since I used the Zoom F4, heh, used it only once in the past year perhaps?? I ought to sell it. 

    But I always powered it externally, so the exact amount of internal power left didn't bother me too much. 

    However from memory, it always remained more or less the same? Even if it had been months since I'd charged the batteries. (as I'd only be charging my external battery!)

    If you're in doubt, and freaking out, just turn it on for a couple of minutes before you leave and check yourself!
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    Ty Harper got a reaction from alsoandrew in Street photography panic / Fuji hysteria   
    He's totally free to push the limits of people's personal boundaries within public spaces for the sake of his art. By the same token he better be totally ok with the potential repercussions of his actions. Matter of fact, I'm sure he instinctively picks his subjects/victims based on how much of an immediate threat they might pose to him, which speaks to the predatory nature of his behavior... and that's regardless of whether his end goal is art, creepy kicks, or both. But to me the scarier people are those who can't just acknowledge that all these things are equally legitimate factors worth acknowledging when deciding whether what he is doing is actually worth it, for the sake of art... or whether there might actually be a way for him to do his art, while respecting the boundaries of his subjects (what, too hard of a proposition to wrap his boundary-pushing artist head around?).
    Personally I have way more respect for the artist that cares about that part as much as they do their precious art.
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    Ty Harper reacted to Dimitris Stasinos in Apple releases 16 in MacBook Pro with better thermals!   
    Don't get me wrong, i am enjoying the platform too. My iMacs have been real workhorses and FCPX is a gem. 
    But when you get into a situation similar to the one i described above you are forced to reconsider the real value of these products, especially the hardware part.
    Imagine paying 4500$ from your hard earned money for a laptop and then plugging in your earphones to avoid listening to the 2000 pops that will be produced during an editing session. Then imagine claiming your customer rights from a company that like @kaylee said above "doesn't talk about it". 
    Also, the customer support in USA is way better than here in Europe. 
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    Ty Harper got a reaction from kye in What is the absolute cheapest high CRI light available?   
    +1 for tungsten, unless you book alot of time sensitive gigs that require you to pack up and leave fairly quickly, which is something that can be easily forgotten/overlooked if you're not used to working with fixtures that need time to cool down after they've been used.
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    Ty Harper got a reaction from Emanuel in In the Field Backup Solution   
    Looks like it only allows SSD's up to 1TB in size (or maybe I'm misunderstanding the specs) while the Nexto allows for 4TB SSDs and technically can take drives up to 32TB in size, which seems like a much better long term investment. 
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    Ty Harper reacted to kye in In the Field Backup Solution   
    YouTubers have been promoting the new Gnarbox 2.0 which looks kind of cool.
    IIRC it has ability to plug in an external USB drive for storage, as well as a USB port for an external card reader, and can do cool things like backup a card to the internal and external drive at the same time.
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    Ty Harper got a reaction from Emanuel in In the Field Backup Solution   
    In case people haven't seen Nexto's latest backup solution. Comes in a few different configurations including one that includes a CF slot: https://www.nextodi.com/products/nps-10/
    Anyone own/use one yet?
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    Ty Harper reacted to Ed_David in Litepanels announce extended repair program for Astra series...   
    yup got $600 back!  and a free repair! consumer advocacy works!!!! I reached out to their sales rep about the matter  - I'm not taking full credit, but I reached out and we should all do this about any product if we are not happy with it.
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    Ty Harper got a reaction from webrunner5 in PC hard drive shipments could fall by 50% this year...   
    I remember doing a sh*t load of research into LTO drives and there was one thing I found out that made me not do it... just can't remember exactly what it was, sorry...
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    Ty Harper reacted to newfoundmass in PC hard drive shipments could fall by 50% this year...   
    Don't they have a file size limit? 
    Correct. If you're only storing a couple hundred gigs, or even a TB or so, it's not too big of a worry. It's when you start getting in the 10's of TBs or more that it becomes an issue where you're kinda held hostage. It's not as simple to switch Cloud services when you're dealing with such a massive amount of data. 
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    Ty Harper reacted to Video Hummus in PC hard drive shipments could fall by 50% this year...   
    Cloud services are convenient at first but quickly become expensive and hard to move away from once you have a lot of data in them.
    Bottom line is video data is incredibly burdensome no matter how you want to store it.
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    Ty Harper reacted to webrunner5 in PC hard drive shipments could fall by 50% this year...   
    Well with 8K coming, and 6K likely to be a consumer standard soon that will be an even bigger burden on Cloud Services. I don't trust squat away from my own self unless I have it backed up. And if I do that why bother even with the cloud. Sure the Cloud can save you from having 2 backups at different locations, but for what you pay it almost to me for big projects not worth it.
    There is just way too much hacking going on as of late to trust any one with all your data, that in the long run is nothing short of suicide.
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    Ty Harper got a reaction from webrunner5 in PC hard drive shipments could fall by 50% this year...   
    Looks like the consumer shift to streaming is having a major impact on the hard drive market (one major component supplier is already positioning itself away from the market) which will very likely in turn impact the price of hard drives in a negative way.
    Personally, there's no way I'm putting my trust in a cloud service, so I guess I'll just have to be more thoughtful about my storage strategies and take whatever price increases might be coming down the pipe.
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    Ty Harper reacted to BTM_Pix in Wireless storage access   
    The drive itself is USB3 when connected to your PC but the port for external card reader devices like the one shown there is USB2.
    For my application using it in LumaFusion that bothers me less because the determining overall speed factor is the wireless transfer which is slower than USB2 anyway.
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    Ty Harper got a reaction from BTM_Pix in In the Field Backup Solution   
    I have the older model (ND2901)... and while I haven't used it in a bit, it worked pretty well when I did... this new one looks like it'll be a great upgrade.
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    Ty Harper got a reaction from kye in In the Field Backup Solution   
    Just seen this so figured I'd post. There aren't a ton of options in this realm, much less ones that still accept CF Cards...
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    Ty Harper reacted to Kisaha in New low budget "pro" wireless: Deity Connect   
    If you are happy with the G3s, then try to find a cheap used one. They usually don't break easily. I know people still using their G2s and they are happy with them.
    Rodelink can be found for dead cheap also and can be a good solution (same Deity technology) if do not mind the size (they are huge!).
    Personally, the absolute minimum for me are the Sony UWP series, they are hybrid and have true diversity, a characterestic found in more expensive systems.
    The Deity Wireless will be a good solution, we are waiting for the first real reviews and comparisons. They can easily become your first setup.
    There are always the Rode Go and the new Sennheiser systems, but they are too consumerish for my taste.
    Wait for the new Deity (they will sell loads of those!) and see, or else check the first option (cheap used G3).
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    Ty Harper got a reaction from thephoenix in npf970 plate with usb output   
    Would this work for you?
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    Ty Harper reacted to Eric Calabros in Apple could unknowingly be tipping the scales for filmmakers   
    This business is unsustainable because of ridiculously high production costs, it doesn't matter which one of big names is supporting the ecosystem. 
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    Ty Harper reacted to Video Hummus in SIGMA announces L-mount version of their Prime lenses   
    f0 or it's trash mate.
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    Ty Harper got a reaction from Kisaha in Dedolight DLED2.1 Fresnel led   
    Just picked up a Fiilex P360. About 200W output, good cri. Great reviews over the years and BH has them for like $350US right now: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1021433-REG/fiilex_flxp360_p360_90w_led_light.html
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    Ty Harper reacted to Kisaha in Edelkrone USA support problem   
    Why US? Contact the Germany HQ directly. They usually reply less than 20 hours after they receive a mail.
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