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  1. Three blind men and an elephant. Hugh Brownstone has become my favourite Site blog and youtube
  2. Go for biglens.be He's a friend and has good stuff. If you want something that is not on his site, drop him a mail... he can provide almost anything
  3. • Up to $500 nikon 5200 - Sony a6000 • $500 - $1000 BMPCC - BMMCC • $1000 - $1500 GH4 - FZ2000 (to be proven) - Samsung NX1 • $1500 - $2000 Fuji XT2 • $2000 - $3000 Digital Bolex (not built anymore) • $3000 - $5000 Panasonic HX1, Sony A7S II • $5000 - $10,000 Red Raven, 1DX MK II, • $10,000 and above... Panasonic Varicam LT - Arri Alexa - Red Scarlet W - Epic - ...
  4. I had the opportunity to play with it today... nothing to show but I can say that it just rocks as a stil camera and the new af tracking is a estonishing surprise. The 4k footage looks wonderful and from my todays' experience the af in video mode seems to work pretty well. It could be the allrounder cam to go for me if the gh5 gets its price past 2000€
  5. This one's my favourite ! http://www.amazon.com/Novoflex-NX-NIK-Aperture-G-Series/dp/B003Z6QFNC here and there too: http://www.foka.nl/novoflex-adapter-nx-nik-nikon-op-samsung-nx http://www.digixo.com/optiques/convertisseur-monture/novoflex/p270098-convertisseur-de-monture-samsung-nx-pour-objectifs-nikon---nx-nik.html
  6. The guy from mirrorlessrumors(dot)com is working on a Samsung rumors... something surprising apparently... his exact words are: "Now a spoiler alert. I am working on an exclusive Samsung rumor. Stay tuned. As there is a huge surprise." I'm Wondering what now ! ^^
  7. Hi Jacob ! U might have well made me change my mind about the 16-50 S ! Wonderful shots by the way...
  8. I'm still selling a BRAND NEW NEVER USED SAMSUNG NX1 0 ACTUATIONS ! Comes with a two year warranty, box and accessories + a noviflex nikon g to nx adapter ring with aperture control. I'm selling this package at a very very interresting price !!! under 1000€ Contact me by PM
  9. Yes... I use the novoflex . solid build and smooth ring
  10. Hi Manilo, Why don't you just buy a nx1 with a long zoom and a macro lens? It depends on what you plan to use it for, but the 18-200 is a versatile lens, especially for video, even if the aperture is not fixed, then you can use the macro samsung lens or get a sigma or nikon 105mm macro with an adapter... I personnally use sigma 18-35, 35 and 105 macro for 90% of my work for both stills and video when I don't need autofocus. I also have the small 45mm (+-70mm eq.) wich is a fantastic gem for its price. !
  11. NEW PRICE !!!!!!!!!! 1100€ ! ! ! ! CAMERA IS BRAND NEW 0 ACTUATIONS Hi Everyone, I'm selling a brand new SAMSUNG NX1, 0 ACTUATIONS ! ! ! Won at a video contest. I just got it out of the box to check it and take the pictures of it. Battery has one charge. The camera comes with original box and accessories. TWO YEARS WARRANTY Provided by the distributor! I'm only selling it 'cause I already have one, plus 2 gh4's and two fuji's.... so keeping it is a bit of nonsense. I'm asking 1100€ and willing to sell worldwide . Please contact me here or on my email: dfx@live.be I also have a novoflex nikon
  12. Crappy 4k is no better than good 1080p
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