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  1. So this Sigma Canon EF mount lenses or Sigma Sigma mount versions?
  2. Yes I know that the card is 95MB/s and the camera records at 150 Mbit/s so totaly different , but I asked all that tested GH5 nobody replied so far. I think it's more marketing that you need to buy minimum 150MB/s or 300MB/s, but maybe I am wrong
  3. Hi , can you tell me is SanDisk 128GB 95MB/s - SDXC is good for GH5 50p 60p recording? Thanks
  4. Happy for you Andrew, please show us how dos it focuses in video mode at with Olympus 25mm 1.2 apertures , and pany 42mm 1.2. And could it focus in video with metabones ? Thanks
  5. Hi forum, want to ask I had the new Olympus OM-D E M1 Mark II for testing for 1 day, and my impression is very strange I had the new pro lens 7-14mm 2.8, had interior to shoot and wanted to try from hand to shoot like i had with Pentax K1, results are horendes by my standard, noise in shadows photo from RAW 1250iso, at 3200 it was to noise so I have try like the in all reviews say good result at 5sec from hand this result are 1/20 1/10, and all are noise as hell and not harp like they could be in video 1600-2500iso in that shoot had big nose patterns in the shadows so no go for me, had canon III Pentax K1 DSLR bumped iso 2500-3200 much better result with no 5x stabilization. About video mix opinion also when I watch in 1080p on 1080 monitor for testing mode everything looks ok, but not like xt2 nx1 fotage that looks over sharpen, olympus when 100% in 4k I can't see any sharpness or details everything like 40-50% quality jpg compression, not even could make 4K video export because it looks like bad 1080 sizedup for 4k. focus was on looked all shoots the quality the same 1000iso 5.6F 1/50. Tell your opinion is it me or the quality that they present is somehow other? Have downloaded original files from Cinema5D review have checked it also look ok in 1080 but at 4K I see lot of small nose and jpg compression , had XT2 for test did not any problems. This are 100% crops. I can't show current project now.
  6. I personally stopped reading or visiting DPreview abou 4 years because all needed info I found on youtube channels that I respect or other forums, maybe if want to compare raw files then you could say go there but only for that option.
  7. Just tested 2017, seen to memory leak is fixed, but found other bugs, AE when viewing set to half or quarter , if you press export it will render half or quarter of original progect in media exporter. Saw other problems importing old Ae projects or older premiere projecs but not critical, but memory leak seems to be gone. Finally
  8. 5D Mark IV much worse than 5D mark II, Canon is innovation .
  9. Just wanted to see how side by side it would look Fujifilm vs Canon can we see true 4K vs 1080 that companies try to sell us in 2016 and I think yes I can see the difference. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hlm6n9tgomA Love Lindsay Adler from Creativelive just don't like how unsharp they made video from her photography shoot.
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