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  1. The SLR Magic anamorphic adapter is not a great solution. It makes the package quite unwieldy as it requires follow-focus motors to mitigate the need for double focusing. That said I owned the MK lenses for a time... before my XT-3 bodies bit the dust and I abandoned Fuji. The MK lenses are great. Worth the money imo.
  2. There is a panoramic mode (65:24) on the GFX-100, I wonder if this is usable in video or reserved only for stills. And if not, is it something that could be made available in a firmware update?
  3. While it doesn't have the flares and ovals bokeh, IMO, video shot with the GFX-100 looks anamorphic. It's sharp edge to edge... clean. Almost like a modern anamorphic. Yet has an aesthetic that smaller sensor are missing. This must be to do with the "medium" format look. I feel it looks quite cinematic. What are your thoughts?
  4. I've never used the Sony, but generally prefer a weather sealed camera... which the Sony is not. Also for a carry everywhere camera being shockproof is something that I like. But that said by most accounts the Sony should provide a pretty nice image in a compact form.
  5. I’ve been playing with the Osmo Action to learn how it matches up to the Pocket. So far I’m liking it. I might dare say I like it more than the Pocket. Both are very convenient and easy to carry. The Action is quite rugged, so no concerns about carrying it wherever you go. When I carry the Pocket, it’s in a case until I’m ready to shoot with it. Taking it out and turning it on is an extra step, as no case is necessary with the Action. Also, WiFi is built into the Action, whereas the Pocket required the WiFi module for WiFi. Alternatively, you can use the USB adapter to connect to your smartphone, but again, an extra step. The Pocket has shallower DOF, so focus can be off if you are not connected to your smartphone. The built in screen is OK for framing, but pretty useless for judging focus. With a deeper DOF, the Action is always in focus. It’s a point and forget type of camera as far as focus goes. The Pocket is stabilized in all its shooting modes, whereas the Action loses EIS when HDR is enabled. That said, the Pocket has no HDR support. The battery is removable on the Action, where on the Pocket you are restricted to the non removable built in battery. Neither is brilliant in low light. They are both good. I plan on keeping both.
  6. Sigma recently spoke about a new camera to be released in 2020 with a full frame Foveon sensor. No news on if low light performance will be improved, or if it will shoot video yet.
  7. @Kisaha , @zerocool22 you can adjust the speed of the focus in camera. You might even be able to assign the speed of the pull via the control ring... I'd have to check... but it may be possible. Can't recall if this can be done via the app? All I'm saying is the playing field is being leveled. @Kisaha, fyi, I have worked on professional productions, but I do this stuff for fun. I've also watched many movies, and like pretty much everyone else that has watched movies, I understand that the speed of a focus transition can be used to set a mode. While I do own the Tilta... and it's fantastic, I use it less these days. That's a good thing. It makes setting up quicker.
  8. Of course a real person with an iPad linked to the Canon could be the best of both worlds. All the person need do is to tap on the screen of the iPad to select focus points. The tech has truly made huge leaps in recent years.
  9. In this test they pit the Canon EOS R's DPAF against the Arri Alexa Mini with a dedicated focus puller, using a $100k focusing system. Keep in mind the Canon also supports touch to focus with a tablet or smartphone (though this was not tested). Which do you think did better?
  10. Come to think of it, do those settings on the top OLED make any sense? WB 12000k, FPS 240, FHD 59.94, shutter speed 1/12000 sec? The combination seems very weird to me? I know it's probably just a sticker, but why such a strange combination of settings?
  11. Oh and before I forget... when you make your demo video Panasonic, can you please not shoot the whole thing in slow-mo? It's quite impossible to assess motion cadence in slow-motion.
  12. I want to love this camera. Let's hope that Panasonic can pull off an AF system worthy of a 2019~2020 flagship hybrid camera. AF is currently Panasonic's Achilles heel. They are killing it on almost every other point. I don't mind IBIS... if lockable, like the Nikon's. It just a little thing, and I know it makes zero difference to the performance of the camera, but am I the only one that is happy that they ditched the 1980s LCD screen for a shiney new Oled? It looks soooo much more modern. Frankly the S1/R look very dated in comparison. Dear Panasonic, Can we see more footage? Sharp spherical lenses please. While I love anamorphic (who doesn't?), I'm sure most of us would love to see some imagery using your new L glass... and I'm sure you would love to move some of that glass also... So convince us.
  13. All of these cameras are destined for the dustbin sooner or later. There is no keeping up with technology. It's the tech geek in us that drives us to keep upgrading. We wouldn't want to be left behind now would we? I'm very much onboard for more dynamic range. I can fully endorse the idea of having global shutters. But honestly, anything over 4k is overkill. Even 4k is too sharp in most cases. As the screens used to consume the content have shrunken, we might need to seriously ask the question,"Is more resolution really the answer?"
  14. Looks like IBIS will be available in the S1H after all according to Alicia Robbins. Or at least it was available in the version she used to shoot the demo video.
  15. The FPS is good, but at 2.4:1 that’s just chopping off the top and bottom of the frame. This is not a real anamorphic mode.
  16. Just plain sexy camera. Hands on first look:
  17. Too bad Fuji didn’t allow the IBIS to lock when in video mode like Nikon did with their Z series cameras.
  18. It strange to me how most are giving a pass to the abysmal rolling shutter of the GFX 100, while condemning the EOS R for it's rolling shutter, which honestly isn't so bad as to make it unusable. To my eyes the jiggly wiggly rolling shutter of the GFX 100 really does limit it's usage to still work only. It certainly is nothing I would want to hand hold, or use on a gimbal. Just watch the below video. And if you can say this is acceptable you have revealed your extreme anti-canon bias. Because next to the GFX 100 the Canon is class leading. I think the GFX 100 is ground breaking for a MF camera, but despite an otherwise pleasing image, it is a poor choice for video work.
  19. Not really, generally it’s quicker/easier to 3D print. The fact that they choose to use Aluminum which is then painted shows they are perhaps better funded, more serious about the project or perhaps further along in the project. Important aspects in relation to the likelihood that the project will be successfully completed and a real product will become available. We have all seen lots of great ideas for new cameras go belly up before any actual product became available.
  20. The case is CNC Milled Aluminium in a gloss white finish... not plastic.
  21. No... you need to understand that if someone such as myself, who is pretty dam tolerant in regards to rolling shutter can complain about how bad it is on the Fuji... then it must be absolutely atrocious. Don't get me wrong, I really like the GFX 100. I like both the stills and video output, but I will pass on the current version. If the rumored GFX 100V materializes that @androidladspoke of, then I will buy into the system. That cameras seems like it would check all the right boxes for my needs.
  22. Rich dentists and lawyer might favor Leica, but that doesn't make them toys. Their film cameras are pretty dam cool. That said, I don't feel Fuji cameras are toys either. They offer good value and a better mix of features for most shooter. I might have to check out the Hasselblads just out of curiosity. I don't think the Fuji is a buy for me with the terrible rolling shutter. So the initial unveiling was pretty uninspiring. The verdict is in and most are disappointed in the X1D 2... But the secondary offering (CFV II 50C & 907x), imo actually stole the show, and there is hardly anyone talking about this sexy beast. I'm really digging the all new camera. Retro to the max... an instant timeless classic?
  23. Well apparently we can confirm that the CFV II 50C can indeed record video. The icon can clearly be seen on the bottom row, middle position:
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