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  1. Well isn't 6k only 19.4MP? We have plenty of cameras that shoot 24, 30, 42, 61 even the 100MP Fuji. So surely resolving 6k or even 8k (33.2MP) is not a hugh issues with modern lenses. With that in mind I would comfortably say virtually any modern lens, from any of the major players should readily resolve the 19.4 megapixels needed for 6k.
  2. And to that point, I would love to see more camera manufacturers adopt larger rear screens on their cameras. Pulling focus on a 3" screen is hardly ideal. And needing to always attach an external monitor is also not a great experience.
  3. Valid points, but on the other hand there's nothing mini about the mini.
  4. Poor planning, nothing more. After getting push back from reviewers and consumers they opted to return to SD cards plain and simple.
  5. DBounce

    Sigma FP

    Looks like Sigma are gearing up with the marketing materials for the fp. Quick size comparison to the another member of the L MOUNT ALLIANCE!!! Also, notice the small hole on the mount that is strangely absent from the S1 and S1R.
  6. I disagree, while a great story can make the viewer forget the camera, turn down the sound and the footage needs to hold up. Many cameras can't help but feel digital. The S1H avoids this. That said, IQ is not really a weak point of any of the S lineup. Their Achilles heel tends to be autofocus. Granted if you are shooting with anamorphic lenses AF is probably not a concern, as anamorphic lenses usually require manual focus.
  7. Canon, where is our pro body? And btw: 10 bit 422 internal while you're at it.
  8. I'd be lying if I said this looks anything less than great.
  9. So I take it @New_E and @Simon Young have no interest in anything that Sony, Red or Sigma will be offering? And Haha, the Z6 doesn't bother me, it's a great camera. I owned the Z6 for awhile. But that said, I don't miss it either. As for the Panasonic, it's going to take a lot to convince me to adopt a whole new system. I'm not seeing that so far from Panasonic. Their new cameras are both large and heavy... especially for mirrorless bodies. There is nothing cutting edge about the glass either. And 10 bit 420 is somewhat of the new standard internally these days. Does anyone outside of Sony know what the A7S3 will bring? You seem sure it will be 8 bit... somehow, I doubt that will be true. Most of these companies source their sensors from Sony. So when the real innovation comes... it will be Sony who brings it first... that is, assuming you are buying sensors from Sony. Of course Canon makes their own sensors, so who knows what the 1DXMk3 or EOS R Pro body will have to offer? Whatever they bring, unless they drop the ball completely, I already know I'll be adding one of their new flagships to my collection. I'm hopeful for quad pixel auto-focus. Improved DR. Sigma, they are the only one of these companies that is actually planning to use their Sony sourced sensor the way it was originally conceived to be used. That is, as a HDR sensor, capturing two ISOs at once, to give true high dynamic range. It seems that most camera companies have instead decided to merely offer dual native ISOs. I find Sigma's approach very inspiring. I love this feature in my Samsung Note 10 Plus, and my iPhones. It annoys me that my phones have superior dynamic range to my dedicated cameras. The Sigma fp is the first hybrid that I'm aware of that will finally offer this option. So I'm excited to see it in action. I'm not sure what the Red Komodo will offer. I, like most know more about what it isn't, than what it is. But we do know it will be the first camera... outside of Canon, that will offer an RF mount. As a Canon system owner, Red scored points by going that route. But almost everything else is up in the air. There's just too much going on right now for me to commit to jumping on a new system. I suppose some may not feel the same, but I want to see all the major offerings before committing to a new system. My current gear works fine, so unless there is something of a breakthrough, I'm not feeling the need to drop $20k-30k on a new setup. I'll wait until the smoke clears and the dust settles.
  10. Glad I parted ways with mine. Nikon initially pitched Raw like a free upgrade, this announcement certainly would have annoyed me had I not.
  11. I'll wait and see what Sony and Sigma and Red have to offer. I suspect I'm not the only one here thinking this? I do wish they had surprised us with usable AF and internal ND. Not convinced by the footage so far. Need to see more.
  12. Yes strange that there is so little footage out there. Without footage it's just a metal box imo. Hard to get excited about that. It certainly doesn't make me want to preorder.
  13. @Trek of Joy are the L-Series lenses class leading? I think one could definitely make that argument for some of Canons new RF lenses, but what exactly is class leading about the Panasonic's L-Series lineup?
  14. I think this camera is DOA. Between the soon to be announced Sony A7S3 and the hotly anticipated Sigma fp which is also expected not too far after, I believe Panasonic is bringing a knife to a gunfight with the oversized and overpriced S1H. And if the S1H fails the future of Panasonic's L-mount cameras may well be in doubt.
  15. In light of all the heat Red is taking lately they should do the following: 1. Make certain this camera is amazing. 2. Sell it at little to no profit... or at a loss. VW did this with the Golf GTI after their reputation took a hit. They actually were selling them at a loss. Too much bad karma with Red right now. Personally, as a would be customer, I find all of this quite offputting.
  16. Not on a 85" TV it isn't... and not if it's on VR.
  17. @mkabi the 85" is priced at $5500. But that is still mighty cheap considering it's 8K HDR and 85". I really think 4k is not enough for such a large screen unless you are more than 10' from it. Depending on what I'm using the screen for, I am not alway far from it. So the option to have 8K goodness is appreciated.
  18. I think the day where we have oleds in place of windows will be here before you know it. In some cases this will take the form of transparent oled screens, so your window will be smart. The resolution needed to drive an entire wall could easily exceed 8K. Imagine a room with any background you want. For those that think 8K is overrated you aren’t thinking ahead.
  19. We took a trip to Best Buy yesterday to check out the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series. After playing with the phone... which looks next gen btw, we decided to have a look around. We eventually found ourselves in the TV department, where we were surprised to see they had an 8K television on display. It was a Samsung QLed 85" model. Even a couple of feet from the screen the image looked sharp. You can pull that off with a 4K screen at 65"... but at 85" the 8k resolution makes a noticable difference. Now to the punchline... the 8K models start at a reasonable price... only $15,999 ? just kidding ... they start at $2999. My conclusion: $hit just got real... 4K is dead... long live 8K.
  20. Canon and Red clearly have some sort of agreement that is allowing Red to use the RF mount. Perhaps there is a new "RF MOUNT ALLIANCE" as fro would say.
  21. Well that's one of them. Currently using the Note 8. I don't have the iPhone handy. Just preordered the Note 10 Plus 5G... but that's not arriving until the 23rd.
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