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  1. Yes I do. Lack of internal 4k is why I passed on the A7S. GH4 is 4k, so it's not living in the past. Samsung NX1 is 6k down-scaled to 4k and H.265, so it is good for the forseeable future. A7S is priced like 4k, but is only HD. It is the only one of the trio missing this highly sort after feature. As for comments like blah blah blah is "impossible"... well five years ago all of this was impossible wasn't it? Mark my words, Sony has the technology to do 4k in the A7Sii. They probably could have done it in the first model. The bottom line is this, the current A7S is a $4500 camera for anyone that would like to shoot 4k. So this means the A7S really is not priced where Sony planned it to be. Meaning fewer sales. For this reason I'm certain that getting 4k into the successor is a top priority.
  2. I also would liked to have seen the A7Sii at NAB. But heard some time ago that it would not be at this show. I'm hoping when it is revealed it will check the boxes the original failed to. 1. Internal 4k. 2. In body image stabilization. 3. Better battery life. There more, but these three top my list of must have features.
  3. The look of the BM is certainly cinematic, but this means the image is soft, with grain, and a bit dark from what I can see. What happens if you want a clean image? Grain is easy to add but hard to remove. The same goes for softness and a dark image. Personally I prefer the flexibly of starting clean. The one thing about the FS7 I do not like is the max internal resolution of UHD. In the end for me it will come down to low light and iso performance. Nice to see competition in this sector. That can only be good for buyers.
  4. You're basically looking at Sony FS7 money for this camera. Granted it's a bit higher resolution, but I'm very much leaning towards the Sony. I'm guessing the BM will be more difficult to work with. I love the global shutter, but I personally value a higher ISO and built in ND filters more. And while the BM camera is very cinematic, I feel that it seems all the images are just a bit darker. I think this camera requires well lite subjects to give its best. As for cinematic, the FS7 seems to do a pretty good job at the cinematic look, provided you grade for that look.
  5. ISO is strangely not mentioned. I did see the clip with some low light shots, but I would like to see some numbers also. And yes, the FS7 is not dead yet. For this kinda money I trust Sony much more than BM. So to win my $$$ this camera has to be better on just about every front.
  6. The new camera is the Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera. Not sure of the details, Read about it here, you heard it first here folks. So let it be written... so let it be done!
  7. What's the build quality like on this thing? Is it metal or plastic? Needs to be rugged for run and gun.
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