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  1. This might sound silly but why not this: https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/blackmagicmicrostudiocamera4k It can stream to a pc so recording time is only limited by storage space. You can add whatever lenses you need, and it can be powered by ac.
  2. Just watched this. Very disappointing... Largely because we all know the camera can do much better. Unfortunately this production did little to make a case for that argument.
  3. The reason why this makes sense is because the market is evolving. Customers are now accustomed to having both still and video capability as their smartphones provide both. It's a tough sale to new customers when their smartphone can shoot 4k and their new high-end camera can't. If you don't understand this fact, you must be one of the old guard.
  4. ​They are a $50 billion company. It's certainly not too late. But they're losing a lot of their customers. If they keep this up they could well go the way of Blackberry.
  5. ​I believe it's because many here have previous positive experiences with Canon cameras. For this reason we would very much like to see them make reasonably priced cameras that we can utilize for serious work. To sum up how I feel about Canon... Disappointed.
  6. Both of the movies you mentioned were shot on film cameras, not digital. So mentioning them is also null and void.
  7. ​Why didn't Sony use this sensor in the FS7? Surely heat would not be a problem? They could have easily gotten 60fsp or maybe 120fps at 4k. Apparently, the only one moving to FF is you my friend. Not to say the new A7 series doesn't look promising... Just keeping it real.
  8. Many are dismissing Samsung as irrelevant. This is a mistake, Samsung appears serious about the camera market. Their smartphones have the best cameras in the industry. This is proven true in numerous test. Their screens are also rated the best, and with the new color profiles are now also considered the most accurate. They create top hardware cpus etc... All of these technologies are readily applicable to high-end cameras. And they have financial muscle. At $200 billion they dwarf Sony $34 billion, Canon $49 billion and Nikon $4.7 billion. Samsung is the biggest player in the camera industry. The NX1 is not their end game... it's just the beginning. If Samsung wants this market they certainly have the means to own it.
  9. I can see you love fulI frame, but is not S35 the defacto standard in film? And the Samsung sensor size is aps-c/s35. Also the Samsung is 6k down-sampled to 4k. The new model is rumored to have better DR, and 60fps 4k. With the h.265 HEVC this should be feasible. I would not be too sure that no one will cross shop the Samsung and the Sony.
  10. I think a lot can be done in post to get a pretty filmic look. Of course I know good cinematography is a must have. But with a modern camera that has good resolution, flat profile, and good dr, a lot is possible. I firmly believe these cameras are marking a new era in the camera industry. If I'm wrong they will be flops. But don't count on that. The only question is what can we expect from the A7sii and the NX1ii?
  11. Yes, that one also will fail... And since it's not even released yet, I'm not sure how showing a picture of it proves my statement incorrect?
  12. If it can't it's sales will be cut short when the new Samsung NX1 successor is released, because it's very likely to be packing 60fps 4k.
  13. 4k content will drive sales of 4k TVs, monitors, mobile devices. Do Sony, Samsung and Panasonic make any of this hardware? If so it makes perfect sense to drive sales by providing content creators with affordable ways to produce content. Elementary my dear Watson.
  14. For the record I don't think Sony has gone 4k crazy. I think that having 4k in all the new cameras is perfectly sane. The question is, why in 2015 are other manufacturers still charging top dollar for cameras that can only do 1080p? Now thats crazy. If there is anything groundbreaking about Sony's new lineup it's simply this... it's a clear message that any camera released from this point on, sans 4k will be a certain failure. To all the naysayers who said 4k isn't necessary... well at least you have the option to record it 1080p if you so choose. Now here's hoping that A7Rii turns out to be as great as we all want. Honestly, while the crazy low light performance of the A7S is impressive, it's more than most people need. The A7Rii could provide a perfect balance between usable still and video capture. We will soon see how it stacks up.
  15. ​Does it not state 14bit in the specs? http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1159878-REG/sony_a7r_mark_ii_digital.html and here http://www.sony.net/Products/di/en-us/products/dkw5/specifications.html?contentsTop=1
  16. I think Canon is done. They could produce a killer camera in this space, but choose not to. As a former Canon owner I would love to see them actually do something game changing. But I like many have come to realise Canon have rested on their laurels for too long. Innovation is something they have forgotten how to do... At least at this level of the market.
  17. With announcement of the new A7Rii we have to wonder how the upcoming A7sii will distinguish itself as a video monster. Here's what I think: 1. I expect that the new A7sii will not only shoot 4k internally, but will do so at 60fps. 2. Even better low-light performance. 3. Improved high speed capture. 4. IBIS. 5. New codec. There it is, what do you think?
  18. The new Sony offerings sound great. But I have to admit, I'm a little more excited to see what the new NX1 and A7sii will offer. On the other hand, it's possible that this new a7rii will have all the low light performance that is needed in practical filming. Between Sony and Samsung the old guard's days are numbered. And hats off to Sony for getting the memo... if my smartphone can do internal 4k, my camera should also. Indeed, no camera sold today should be absent this essential feature. Soon I will be in the market for new gear, looks like I'll have a lot to choose from.
  19. Is it in camera 4k? Doesn't say so in the article.
  20. Well here's my take: Part 1: BACD Part 2: DCAB CBAD
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