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  1. Looks interesting, I will definitely consider one after they slash the price to the $4000 range. But where it stands now, I prefer to trust my $$$ with Sony.
  2. This camera doesn't exist? What are you talking about?
  3. Doesn't look blown out to me. This is not raw footage either. I think it shows considerable latitude.
  4. Wow, wasn't sure it would hold together being pushed that far. Impressive.
  5. Is it just me or does this sensor seem rather dark? I have yet to see any bright and lively images out of this camera.
  6. DBounce

    Google Jump

    Looks like Google is taking VR mainstream. They have partnered with GoPro to make new VR camera array. http://recode.net/2015/05/28/google-teams-with-gopro-to-bring-vr-to-youtube/
  7. FS7 looks pretty filmic to me. But having great brushes won't mean you have talent to paint a masterpiece.
  8. As I see it the biggest problem for the ursa mini and cion is the FS7. The Sony looks like a true workhorse. And I have little doubt it is well built. For serious pro use the FS7 trumps all these.
  9. See for yourself, H.265 is fully supported on Snapdragon 805 and up. Google's VP9 is also supported. There are some H.265 files at the below link. http://www.h265files.com/
  10. You do know that most high-end smartphones can play back H.265? Snapdragon 805 and up all have hardware support for the new standard. Additionally, most high end smartphones have QHD screens, which is higher resolution than FHD. So if all you want to do is play back, you probably have a device in your pocket that can get the job done. Don't take my word for it, YouTube streams H. 265 here's a sample below. make sure to select 2160p as the resolution: https://youtu.be/bgnDEZAjLhI
  11. Nice tree house. love the look of those black magic cameras.
  12. I need 100mp... Even though the human eye can only resolve 7mp(in focus) + 1mp(out of focus). That's right, not 576mp.
  13. 60fps 4k is very nice. Smooth, and better for slow motion. Better Iow light a big plus... It doesn't need to be A7s good. More DR is welcomed. And lastly a swivel display is just plain handy. These features would make the NX1-LX a very complete package. All while putting all the other camera manufacturers on notice. Sure it would be nice to have 5 axis image stabilisation as well. But I can't say I would be disappointed with just the rumored items. Then again looks like Sammy might be looking to take no prisoners with their new camera... http://thenewcamera.com/samsung-working-on-in-body-image-stabilization/
  14. That is an excellent example of swish pan done right. But the op's video has many more faults than that. Music is a disaster. Composition absent. Too much wrong to list, and frankly thats Ok. You have to start somewhere. Fortunately there are many good tutorial online.
  15. sure I'm excited for the Ursa Mini but their fix for the battery problem was simply to add a bigger battery... not manage power better. And the hot spot problem should never have existed in the first place. So should we really be thankful that they finally fix that, or should we instead be annoyed that they let it slip through QA? And lastly I agree, media cost is going to be astronomical. As for the NX1 LM, I do hope these rumors are correct. It would make the next decision much easier.
  16. I'm honestly hoping that the Ursa Mini is a horrible camera. Because everything BlackMagic makes ultimately has some kind of fawl to make it impractical for serious work. The annoying thing is they tend to have a nice picture quality. Which unfortunately means you have to put up with all the quirks.
  17. And since the first rumor the supposed release date has been the same... the second half of 2015, so there is still time.
  18. DBounce

    FS7 + GH4

    DR, not really that hard to spot. Re-watch it with this in mind. Nuff said!
  19. Agreed, for me the best drone / camera combination is the 3dr Solo with a GoPro Black Edition 4K. Plus 3dr will replace both if the drone malfunctions and they are damaged.
  20. There have been a lot a test. Judge for yourself. https://youtu.be/4v0SitJCNLI
  21. I couldn't agree more. and I think we'd see some bargain lenses emerge once that happens to.
  22. I would skip on such a device for the GH4... The price vs performance is not there.
  23. That looks like exactly what we have been waiting for.
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