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  1. I like the ability to do slow zooms and simulated slider shots.
  2. I like this. What did you use? Looks pretty smooth.
  3. Overall pretty good. Couple of continuity issues but nothing too major. I feel you show some potential. Keep it up.
  4. This is new and made in Japan not China. Handles more weight, and looks pretty stable. Unfortunately, not tooless.
  5. Well this might sound strange but I like to see work from both talented and hopeless filmmakers. This way I can better judge what a camera is capable of. Obviously a great filmmaker will have impressive results with anything halfway decent. But watching a few clueless wannabes gives me an idea of the camera's performance under less than ideal conditions. Another thing to note is generally more expensive gear is owned by more experienced users. There are many great examples of well shot FS7 footage on the web. But A7s is a mixed bag of talent, with a healthy dose of clueless amateurs thrown in. NX1 and GH4 perhaps even more so. But this can be constructive if you have a gauge of where your personal artistic talent rates at the time. I find Blackmagic cameras seem to look cinematic under most circumstances. Even in the hands of the truly talent challenged. That said, content then becomes the issue... And bad lighting... And framing... And story (or lack of story) etc...
  6. If this can give a usable image at 12k iso it would be very versatile. But the price will have to also be competitive.
  7. Not sure if this is the real deal, but the person who posted the video claims this is from the new Sony A7Rii. I'm honestly not blown away by this. What's your take?
  8. The replacement for the NX1 will no doubt be out in the near future. I'm thinking Sammy is on a roll right now, so who knows what they will have to offer. Between Samsung, Sony and Panasonic, good options are within sight.
  9. Yes it's relevant... But is that really the question? Or is the question "is it logical to buy right now?" If the latter I personally would wait to see what the A7Rii brings to the table. Launch is only a few weeks away now. What harm could come from waiting?
  10. You do know that the IBIS that is in the A7Rii is a revised/updated version of the one that is in the A7ii? It is not the same.
  11. ​Is this not exactly what is being done with the creators of this work? If you live in a glass house don't throw stones. And if you choose to do so, you must understand that your work may also come under scrutiny. All the advice that has been thrown about is all well and good, but clearly the poster that made these comments ignored said advice on their own projects. Let those that are so quick to post smack at minimum show some examples of their own work, to prove they have earned the right to pass judgement.
  12. Hey, I've checked out your website, and from what I can see the makers of this production are several orders of magnitude above your current artistic skill level. Apparently, instead of complaining you should take notes? Glass houses and such...
  13. I liked it. Yes there were a few technical things here and there, but the story worked overall. I can see potential... Keep at it.
  14. ​Kinda harsh aren't you? Aren't you the same person that created this masterpiece?
  15. What they went for was actually "real" night. But I agree, while the A7s gives immense latitude when working in limited light, it does not mean a small about amount of artificial light or even just some reflectors should not be utilized so that faces can be visible.
  16. Looks like someone has finally put the extreme low light ability of the A7s to full use. They shot the whole film I'm moonlight at iso 51,200. To the person that asked "how does a new camera affect your creativity"... Well this is a good example.
  17. I think camera/lens selection can affect the mood or style of the story. I tend to choose gear to match the story. My camera choice for a documentary would be different than that for a film. It's all important to producing the end product. Of course story comes first. Lighting is important. But they all work as part of a system. No one buys a drill because they want a drill... Problem is they don't sell the holes.
  18. What are we supposed to judge by? Is there more sample footage out there that I am unaware of? Inquiring minds want to know.
  19. My money is on Samsung. I've got a feeling they're in it to win it.
  20. 8k it's going to happen sooner than you think. Oculus stated 16k is ideal for VR. So 8k is a given. New chips will support it natively. It's in the cards.
  21. Yes, price is not great when comparing to sony A7 series, gh4 and Samsung. I would love to see those images from a hybrid camera. Is this really impossible? Larger camera are more costly to fly. All supporting hardware has to be heavier, harder to transport and more costly. I'm certain there's a market for something with a true cinematic iq that is truly small and stills capable.
  22. Indeed, everyone is stating how wonderful the A7Rii is, yet the only footage I have seen didn't exactly blow me away. Not that it was bad... but it also wasn't great. I need to see a lot more to be impressed. Personally I was more taken with the footage from the blackmagic Ursa 4.6k. Which should bode well for the mini.
  23. ​A7Rii is all well and good, but you are going to have a 1.6 crop factor on that full frame glass. If S35 is what you're after doesn't it make more sense to go with the NX1 and pocket the extra $$$? Or better yet, since you'll be waiting anyway.... Why not just wait for the NX1 mk2? You didn't think Samsung was done did you?
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