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  1. Honestly, I think the Canon C500 Mk2 is a better choice. Great AF, Anamorphic support, similar DR, better highlight roll off, smaller, larger LCD, touch screen, switchable lens mounts. Barring some crazy breakthrough... which I'm always good with, one will find it's way into my waiting arms.
  2. Didn't Atomos also have a similar announcement on the Nikon Z cameras... "to be released later this year"? Yet the Nikon faithful remain forgotten.
  3. PDAF vs focus marks and follow focus with dedicated focus puller. IBIS vs Tripod or Dolly I think most would rather the large budget and full crew... but few can actually afford or warrant the expense. Especially for a hobby.
  4. I wouldn't have them if they paid me. Useless with a matte box, focus gear moves as focus shifts, so no follow focus works. And last but not least horrendous image quality.
  5. It's a calculator... It's a pager... it's a word processor... What really is a smartphone? It's a computer with a bunch of sensors and transceivers attached to it. They are whatever the software dictates they are. One day the major camera manufacturers are going to catch on to this fact, and then we can start to reap the benefits of computational photography on a real camera.
  6. It's terrific news. Frankly I can't understand why we don't have any AF anamorphic lenses, especially as AI becomes more of a thing in cameras. Those are garbage.
  7. Imo posting frame grabs from a video is meaningless. Because it does not score motion. I could stills from a Leica M10 as proof... but that wouldn't make a case for it being a great video camera.
  8. €500 for a 50mm f1.8 anamorphic sounds incredible. I would say if the lens is half way decent this is game changing. To bad it's not full frame.
  9. Just got the Note 10 Plus 5G. Enjoying the cameras, but this multicam recording sounds interesting and my iPhone 10 is overdue for an upgrade ? I would love to see some footage. Not footage of a projector screen showing footage from the phone.
  10. I may pick one up. I'm waiting to see some footage. Since it uses the same sensor as the C700 FF, it begs the question, did Canon fix the color banding issue with this sensor? If not I will probably pass.
  11. Iirc it's 4I. Lots of horsepower from these tiny chips.
  12. Nope, it can apparently record all three simultaneously.
  13. They may have little choice, especially after hyping up how extreme the A7S3 will be. But meanwhile, in the real world... I also am skeptical.
  14. DBounce

    Sigma FP

    I can't wait to see what the footage will look like from this puppy. It's by far the most interesting design I have seen to date. However, there remain questions about practicality issues, such as battery life, handling and potential overheating etc... But nonetheless, I am intrigued.
  15. It's rolling shutter that kills the GFX100 for video. If the GFX-H100 has decent rolling shutter then it's the better option for video of the two.
  16. This is interesting, indeed. I'm starting to feel like it's time for a refresh and "Large Format" would definite be an interesting addition. I hope they go the Sigma route to allow for cooling, and ditch the SD cards for CFExpress. Give us a bigger monitor. Three inches simply doesn't cut it. How about 4" or 5"? Make it tilty flip like Panasonic's S1H. And give it 15 stops of usable DR. Lastly, enough with the dual ISO... can we include real HDR? where two exposures are captured at once. The way Sony originally designed the sensor to work?
  17. XQD/CFExpress cards are much more robust than SD cards. I've had many a SD card physically break. Granted, all the premium ones come with pretty great warranties. That said, I prefer the XDQ build quality to that of SD cards. I think it's better to have one XQD/CFExpress slot than two SD card slots, because I feel the former is probably at least twice as reliable.
  18. Nikon had mentioned internal raw coming after adding CFExpress support, so this doesn't surprise me. I'll be curious to see what the footage looks like. Internal raw for a hybrid that is usable for daily use, without the need for rigging would be a huge breakthrough. Should a Sony A7S3 eventually be released I seriously doubt it will have internal raw. Nikon might be stealing everyone's thunder.
  19. And yet Canon doesn't seen to "have to" pay Red nada.
  20. It seems that Sandisk is showing off their new CFExpress memory cards with emphasis on raw video. In their prom they clearly show the back of a Nikon Z6 in which they insert their new CFExpress card. So for those that hate external raw capture, Nikon has you covered.
  21. Why do you think that? Current rumors point towards a new A9II being announced, not a A7S3. I'm with the OP, I think the A7S3 might be further down the road, if at all. Perhaps sales for the original cameras did not measure up? Or maybe Sony feels any improvement would somehow invalidate more expensive pro options for many would be users? I think it was an ominous foreshadowing when Sony skipped the A7S2 update and release a A7R4... and I don't think it was anything less than calculated. A hybrid... or how about internal raw? Oh, thanks Red, no one else can offer that option. Yet somehow Canon does? Clearly Canon does not fear Red.
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