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  1. Well if Canon adds decent dr, quad pixel AF and full frame 4K it will be a really short “battle”.
  2. Rumor has it a new 102 MP X-Trans sensor is coming. But when? I do like the medium format look.
  3. I owned the A7r and A7r2... I don't miss either one. Wouldn't trade any of my Canons for the A7R4. I honestly am not tempted by it in the least. However, it's a given that I'll be preordering the 1DX Mk3 and the RF Pro body. I know right off that bat they'll leave something out.... they always do. But there will be enough to make it a no brainer.? For me the big question is will the Sigma have a place in my collection, or for that matter the Panasonic S1H? Both of those cameras are interesting to me. Perhaps the Sigma by a small margin?
  4. They'll release it with the organic sensor ?
  5. i know it's not straight from the camera. IMO his grades are just a bit long in the tooth for my taste. Granted, horses for courses. I know many love his grades.
  6. Take your pick buddy. FYI: I do this for fun. But that said, I don't need to be a race-car driver to know who won the race. Buying a camera is a personal choice for me. After looking at @Andrew Reid example images, I can clearly see that he had an easier time getting great shots with the Canon. Like I said, some cameras make it easy to get great shots... other, not so much. Given I have little skill I need all the help I can get. I like PB, but I HATE his color grades.
  7. Skill is part of it no doubt, but everything else being equal, some cameras definitely have "mojo". Case in point Arri Alexa. These a reason most of the Academy award winners are shot on them. The data is irrefutable. Mojo is real. Perhaps you are amongst the afflicted that cannot recognize it?
  8. The definition of "mojo" is magic. Certainly the term "Hollywood magic" must ring a bell? Mojo is hard to nail down, but impossible to miss. It's that which separates a common snapshot from a work of art. I absolutely want it in everything I own. To argue otherwise seems illogical. If you cannot spot works with "mojo" you may lack the ability to discern the difference.
  9. The AF on the EOS R is excellent. And in video there is none of micro-hunting nonsense that the Sonys exhibit. As for ergos, menus overall usability most anything trumps Sony. Sony might make the sensors that lot of manufacturers use. But in almost all cases, the outside manufacturers do a better job of implementing those sensors than does Sony. No doubt the next Canon flagship will come with a hefty price tag. But those canon flagships are built like tanks and are super easy to shoot with. They make getting great shots so easy it's almost like cheating. I'm not saying you can't get great shots with a Sony, but the Canons definitely have some mojo.
  10. I wouldn't hold my breath for one. But on the plus side with all the new cameras coming out in the near term, I might say perhaps we don't need a new Sony video focused camera.
  11. @Andrew Reid this thread's title is clearly wrong. Obviously there will be no A7S3. Sony apparently dumped it as any meaningful upgrades would have threatened their cinema line.
  12. Great it's here... the camera no one asked for and no one actually needed, so not a fuk was given.
  13. So now is the time to place your bets. If it is an A7R4, then probably no forthcoming A7S3. Maybe killed off?
  14. Yeah, but that topic is about the sensor. This is specifically about the camera being announced today. I think the A7R4 deserves its own thread. Rats... the slide is fake.
  15. So here is are the first leaked images of Sony’s new 8k A7R4:
  16. Indeed, it's Apple's to Watermelons sort of comparo, but no worse than GH5 vs Arri Alexa Mini. The Fuji is an epic achievement. But strangely enough we are apparently living in the time of epic achievements. Can't wait to see what Sony annonces tomorrow ??
  17. @webrunner5 the Osmo Pocket is great for what it is, but when viewed on a large screen with HDR the footage will definitely fall short of the GFX-100. I have the Pocket and the Action. I think the Action is even better than the Pocket as it has a HDR mode. But neither shoots as clean as any of my hybrids or dedicated cinema cameras. Where the Pocket and Action shine is in convenience. These days I almost always have one or the other on me. Also, real HDR is game changing and the Action has this. I am constantly annoyed that the Action can capture shadow detail while retaining bright highlights, while my larger cameras struggle, and usually warrant a compromise in post. The Sigma fp is the first hybrid that I’m aware of that sports this feature. I’m going to disagree. While the Fuji is more capable in many ways the Osmo is easily more versatile.
  18. DBounce

    Sigma FP

    I have to agree, the only thing missing is global shutter and internal ND. I enjoy playing with new gear, but I may have to wait until the dust settles before committing to a new system. Unless Canon blows it, their new pro body will likely be on my radar. How will Sony answer these new entries? Panasonic’s S1H is also worthwhile of consideration. Will this new Sigma attract customers away from Panasonic? Perhaps? And now with HDR finally coming to hybrids... things are really heating up. The L mount alliance is starting to feel like a more comfortable investment. But one thing remains absent from everything within this union to date... AF that is up to Canon, Sony and Fuji levels of performance. I’m not sure that this new Sigma rises to the challenge?
  19. DBounce

    Sigma FP

    Yes, but will it be as capable a video camera as the fp is apparently projected to be. I wonder also about the quoted dr; At 12.5 stops in 2019... which is now a 14 plus stop world, is there room to improve this, or is it a limitation of the hardware?
  20. If I was still shooting with the NX1 I feel the Nikon Z6 would be an interesting option. For some reason the Nikon sort of reminds me of the NX1 imagery.
  21. DBounce

    Sigma FP

    I hope a Foveon version is in the works... with larger battery. I love the imagery. Speaking of the announcement, it seems Sigma have added a lot of AI to the new camera, comparable to the tech we are seeing in modern smartphones.
  22. DBounce

    Sigma FP

    The HDR shooting mode seems interesting as it is enabled for video and stills. Something that imo is long overdue for hybrid cameras. I was hoping for a Foveon sensor based camera announcement, but I suppose that will come later. Strangely enough, with it’s diminutive dimensions, this camera appears to be the spiritual successor to the original BlackMagic pocket. Foveon version please Sigma! I want a sensor with a bit of magic source. Give me a usable 3200 iso ... even 1600 iso and I’ll figure out the rest. Also @Andrew Reid what does “Cinemagraph” mean in the second slide? I’d like to see a demonstration of that.
  23. Since in real life things move I’ll take the Fuji for high resolution capture.
  24. Yeah the Osmo Pocket is a great little camera. DJI make a Pro version with a S35 sensor, HDR mode and good codec and I will preorder immediately. The Osmo Action has an edge in convenience, as it’s rugged design means it can be carried without too much special accommodations. Also HDR mode is awesome. The Pocket, once fitted with the thumb controller and WiFi module no longer fits in the supplied case. Both of these must have accessories should have been built in to the Pocket.
  25. I also got sent some wireless ear buds. I’m certain that JVC is determined to build a camera that we actually will buy. Personally I would love a dedicated camcorder with a built in zoom anamorphic lens. Slap a good sensor in there and usable AF with a great codec and call it a day. There is nothing out there like this.
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