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  1. He was talking about details and details only. So if you're top priority is details for some reason, the real world results will show the same. The 1DXMKII is considerably softer. This is just a fact, no need to defend the 1DXII, as it obviously outperforms the A6300 in many other ways.
  2. Yeah it's been mentioned before. I believe it uses the 1080p60 mode to create a HDR 1080p30 video. The difference is not that big though, in the first comparison the HDR mode is underexposed compared to the normal one. The car scene shows the difference better.
  3. Very nice colors, fasza lett :P
  4. Yeah that would make life so much easier, that's why it's interesting that we still don't have that after 7 years of ML developement. There must be a good reason for that.
  5. Is RAW compression even possible with current builds of ML?
  6. Yeah but how do you write ~200MB/s to a CompactFlash card?
  7. I have a hard time finding a new one in the EU with the dropped price. I guess B&H stock won't last long either.
  8. Indeed, it does look terrible. Let's see some more tests though.
  9. Yeah, let's see, but I have my doubts. Even Samsung's tech could not do a fast enough scan, and we all agreed that the NX1 was ahead of it's time.
  10. I fear it will have massive jello though... full readout on a ~6K sensor, we've seen it on the NX1.
  11. If anyone had the chance to try both, how does the FS700 RAW color science look like compared to the 5D3 RAW?
  12. I think this is what John tries to decide. I wonder about the same thing he does, so if someone could give a detailed answer to this question, it would be most helpful:
  13. Is this true to Nikon cameras as well? I used Flaat 11 on my D5200 many times, but never really compared it's DR to tweaked Standard/Neutral. I can't check it now, but I wonder if there is any real advantage.
  14. You might feel that you have a choice, but cats are on the way to world domination. Just sayin.
  15. I wonder why. It's not like they could just re-enter the camera business.
  16. Well it's not a hybrid and that magenta issue doesn't look good. I think it's not even officially acknowledged yet.
  17. I agree, I haven't seen a high contrast image from this camera that I really liked. I hope people who already have it will experiment with tweaked camera profiles and show us the results C-Log is something we might not get here.
  18. I tried to ignore the pixel binned image and failed.
  19. They don't acknowledge it? Demonstrations like this show it's undeniably there:
  20. It is indeed. Find yourself a guy cutting metal AND put some cats in the background and you'll have an unbeatable demo valued by everyone.
  21. Indeed, DR limitation can be seen all around this footage. I like the image and motion though, but this camera needs C-Log.
  22. I wonder how you'll like the colors of the 4.6k compared to FS700 RAW.
  23. I see you are selling your FS700 as well. You said you loved it, what happened?
  24. I'm considering an 5D3, does anyone know how many minutes of 1080p24 RAW you can shoot with the original battery?
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