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  1. I've been using the Meike nd adaptor for a little while now and it has been faultless, so much nicer than usual vari nd, no obvious colour change as you get to maximum nd and the 9 stops is enough here for me in the UK afternoon sun with f1.8 lenses at 800 iso. It may be a different story If you use faster lenses and live in brighter parts of the world of course...

  2. Good points about the 5rc

    7 hours ago, herein2020 said:

    I agree the R5C is definitely interesting, it was just quite disappointing to me to see the number of compromises they had to make to bring it to life especially since it was to power features I couldn't care less about like 8K. I've said it plenty of times, all I really want is good audio, good 4K, IBIS, dual card slots, and an editable codec along with all of the R5's or R6's photography features. Terrible battery life and no IBIS IMO are a direct result of Canon pushing their 8K narrative.

    The R7 would hands down be the perfect hybrid to me if it were FF, as it stands now...it may still be the perfect hybrid depending on test results. No time limit, XLR module capability, IBIS, 4K60FPS, R3's AF system, I am assuming good battery life since the sensor is smaller, no overheating for the same reason, competitive price point, etc.

    Good points about the r5c I also wish they had just gone for the best 4k they could and stopped compromising other stuff chasing 8k.

    Be aware if you mainly shoot 4k60p that on the R7 I believe it is line skipped unless using the severe crop mode. 4k 24/25p is the sweet spot for this camera it seems. Do like the no time limit though, overheating is still to be properly tested but fingers crossed the smaller sensor has a positive affect

  3. Yes to the OP this is a proper case of chasing your tail - the R6 you already have is capable of creating similar to the examples you have shown - with all respect you just need to learn how to use it properly (I include myself in this). Together with lens choice and grading, use of light and framing are 2 major factors in creating beautiful images  - these skills can be learnt but a new camera won't help

  4. 1 hour ago, androidlad said:

    1/180s 12bit readout speed (Film sim, F-log, F-log2 >30fps)

    1/94s 14bit readout speed (F-log2 <30fps)

    It's the first cosumer camera to use 14bit readout for video, however the DR improvement is very little based on Gerald Undone's test (less than 0.5 stops improvement).

    Was interesting seeing Gerald show how to squeeze out 14+ stops with the NR off and doing it in post though. Not seen those sort of numbers on mirrorless before

    Props for Fuji using full size hdmi too

  5. This looks really nice, the kind of video specs I was hoping from the Canon 7R - well done Fuji. Looking forward to seeing if the DR increase is real, with those Fuji colours will be a real powerhouse

    And yes the new video based zoom is very welcome, 16mm at the wide end would have been pretty much perfect but mustn't be greedy 

  6. 10 hours ago, Django said:

    I'm afraid this type of apologetic mentality is what results in Panny never improving the AF.

    I'd say it's the type of Canon apologists that I read on this thread and all over the internet that allow them to get away with this crappy kind of crippling because despite al the gotchas they know that people will keep buying their cameras in droves.

    I'm a Canon user (damn you Canon for your great lens legacy), but will call them out whenever they're low balling their customers - there is no excuse for the ridiculous crop on 4k 50p on a new camera in 2022. The jury is still out on overheating but the signs aren't great, they've seen what they can get away with in the 'best selling' R5 and R6. Saying it's better than Sony's ancient half arsed A6xxx series is hardly praise worthy

    The 7d was Canon's flagship crop dslr camera, the 7R seems like a toy in comparison. I hope they are going to bring out a properly weather sealed mirrorless crop camera with decent video specs, cause this isn't it. This is Canon dropping the quality - a worrying sign

  7. I'd imagine the non crop 4k 50p will be rubbish like Canons line skipping of old. 

    On closer inspection the R7 isn't really a 7d replacement with poor buffer, no top lcd, no battery grip (so far) and lack of decent weather sealing. Disappointing really even for wildlife photography, wonder how serious Canon are with aps-c if this is their flagship, the 7d was top of the line and a solid and very popular stills camera 

  8. I think these are overpriced and under spec'd for video, the crops in 4k 50p are indeed lame in 2022, the Fuji XT3 has been out many years and offers more. I am being asked for 4k 50p footage a lot these days so that it can be used as slow mo if needs be. These cameras are no good for this.

    Also a bit disappointing there are no reasonably fast crop lenses to go with the cameras or for the C70. Hopefully soon 

    For wildlife photography though am sure the R7 will be a big seller

  9. Films I've enjoyed seeing in 4k HDR on a projector are mainly those I was too young to see at the cinema and as mentioned have been digitally remastered such as The Shining (great quality and colour), Apocalypse Now (love the grainy cinematography), 2001 and then more recent films like The Matrix benefit from the remaster. One film I would love to see in 4k HDR is The Fall by Tarsem Singh


  10. I agree but guess it's all relative, the Canon R5 is £4300, GH6 way less than half that at £2000.

    Think this is a great camera and with the Olympus puts M34 back on the map and hopefully has a decent future. Many folks been writing M43 off but I feel it has a lot to offer. What would really be a statement of intent would be a proper cine/eng zoom with good range, take advantage of the M43 unique sensor size, has been crying out for one for years 

  11. 6 hours ago, DWX said:

    Canon probably should have called it the C5 to hammer home that it's a cinema first camera.

    Looks like the C5 name is already taken

    R5c is so yesterday. 


    The name for the camera is suggested to be the EOS C5, which would be a new line of Cinema EOS cameras from Canon.

    The camera is a combination of the EOS R5 C and EOS C300 III, similar in appearance to the EOS R5 C, but more square, with the electric ND filter of the EOS C300 III, the professional interface of the EOS C70, and an extended battery compartment.

    Its XF-AVC recording format is the same as the EOS C70, but it uses a modified version of the EOS R5 C’s CMOS sensor with a total of 22.5 megapixels.

    With a sampling resolution of 8192×2160, it is capable of perfect oversampling to 4K 120fps, making it Canon’s current 4K 120fps product with the best image quality.

    When the frame rate is reduced to 72fps or less, DGO mode is turned on to provide a higher dynamic range.

    Unlike the current EOS C70, it does not offer RAW recording for now.

    Full pixel QPAF, and RAW internal recording in subsequent firmware.

    In terms of photography, it no longer offers a mechanical shutter and is replaced by in-body stabilization.

  12. 1 hour ago, techie said:

    On R5C, you can have IS and you don't risk random results. No IBIS is a bless for owners of RF lenses with IS. On R5, you cannot have IS without IBIS. They want you buy Canon modern lenses. Old lenses are not welcome for business. This is the problem for many of you. These people should buy a different option. This camera isn't made for vintage lenses. It is made for their recent lens ecosystem. Canon wants people to switch to their product.

    No IBIS is only a blessing when shooting 24mm and wider. If Canon allowed you to turn IBIS off and just use the lens IS at these wider focal lengths and then have both stabilising systems working at more telephoto then we would have the best of both worlds. I'm really not sure why Canon wouldn't allow this at least in the R6 (and R5) that I tried, it was infuriating 

  13. All good points, I've not had much luck taking stills from video unless there's little movement in the shot - slow shutter speed always creates blur, I guess shooting in 50p and 1/100 or even 100p 1/200 and bringing back to 25p in post could work but may compromise quality.

    In my world I don't see 8k being asked for any time soon and by then there will likely be better and cheaper camera available. To be honest most of what I shoot still gets delivered in HD, your requirements may well be different of course. I would personally take better DR and usability over higher resolution and possible future proofing

    Haven't noticed softness in C70 footage but maybe subconsciously that's what I've liked about it, some of the R5 8k footage I've seen looks almost too sharp and video like. Admittedly I've only seen it on 4k screen so maybe it comes into its own viewed at native resolution. Not experienced an 8k screen yet

    Anyway nice to have choices I think you'd probably be happy with either, both camera produce a lovely image

  14. 12 hours ago, Django said:


    I know seeing that you almost have to wonder how much better can it get?

    That DGO sensor is incredible. The DR, the rolloff, the super clean shadows..

    Agreed, although R5's 8K RAW is impressive. I'm still tempted to lean in favour of C70 as far as IQ champ just cuz of that sensor. Especially with RAW around the corner.

    If you don't need the photo side of it (I think you already have an R6?) then I would say the C70 wins for ease of use, nds and audio, battery life and the DR difference is huge - brings it much closer to the big boy cameras in image quality. Adding RAW is the icing or gravy, choose your topping

    The only thing holding me back from C70 is no evf (I hate this recent trend) but that depends on how you use the camera, lots of folk it seems don't use them

  15. I don't like using gimbles I want to be able to have the handheld look and IBIS helps smooth out jitters from these small mirrorless cameras without having to rig it out.

    Canons IBIS isn't as good as Panasonic's and Olympus, it's their 1st attempt but I would still find it useful - the wobble effect is only on really wide shots where IBIS isn't so important anyway. But 35mm and above it is a great asset to have.

    The external power needed to get 8k 60 is a bit of a bummer, the Anker power brick required is wider than the R5c. Now the compact camera has cables and other crap hanging off it and we're back to Franken rig. The little internal batteries don't seem to be able to run this camera for very long on some of the other shooting modes either. It will need external power.

    I think it is a fantastic camera and there will be some amazing stuff shot with it, I love that they have kept the evf (unlike the fx3), but for my style of shooting there are too many new gotchas

  16. 13 minutes ago, Django said:

    I don't think it's that. Of course there is some segmentation but really what Canon have done with the R5C is interesting: the photo side is EOS R stills menu/specs and the video side is EOS C. 

    I honestly think this is the right way to go and a major shift in hybrid cameras up until now. 

    All other brands mostly have common OS menu/specs for both stills/video.

    Again Sony were the laziest ever imo with their FX3 that is purely a rehoused A7S3.


    Hmm I agree that using the video OS and it's exposure tools etc is a good thing but not when the AF quality takes such a big hit.

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