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  1. Well, I shared the piece with my class as they are all on the Canon t5i train and clueless about other options. So thanks for the article. I don't care what they choose as long as they're informed and aren't just choosing a camera because they know the brand is popular. Whatever they chose, there should be a reason, a feature, that makes it right for their project.

  2. Bloom's 4K Samsung footage looks amazing, have to say it. I think 4K is finally hitting its mainstream moment, helped majorly by the iPhone shooting it now. Whilst before it was a great future-proof thing to have, I'd say if you're buying a new camera now it's pretty important.

    Of course, 1080p will still be the norm, but there will be way more 4K stuff out there in the coming months.

  3. I might have the opportunity to grab one of these in the next few weeks for around 600 €, giving my A7s the boost up to 4K as well as the benefits of having a monitor. Wouldn't be the easiest thing in the world to lug around for low key shooting, plus I'd need a battery, SSD and a swivel head...but still thinking this is a pretty good deal. 

    What does the hive mind think?

  4. Yeah sorry man, definitely photoshop'd.

    Yes indeed. Quite nicely in fact. I shot most of this in 1080/60p on the original a7s. Mix between crop and full frame mode


    Ahh, this was you. Saw this on Vimeo ages and ages ago and was super impressed with the footage. Think it was one of the videos that convinced me to buy one. Even now, nice job. Is footage out through HDMI (with a Shogun I'm guessing) better in your opinion?

  5. Not to much to worry about since its pretty much impossible to be screwed as a buyer on eBay. You always get your money back.

    Being a seller on the other hand, watch out!

    Never sell anything for more than you are ready to loose. A seller has 0 protection and a buyer can trick you and get both the product and money at any time they choose. Nothing to stop them. 

    Sellers beware.  

    Does this really still happen?

  6. Hy Andrew.

    For your own sake you should stop using titles like "All you need to know", they are very disturbing and false by any means.

    You did not even mention one of the most important questions that must be answered: how long can you record before it overheats in 4K/daylight situations (with and without IBIS activated)?

    Second, how long does the battery last while internally recording 4K (without and with the battery grip).

    Best regards.


    Given that the camera isn't out yet common sense would tell you that 'All you need to know' would likely refer to the launch specs. The answers to your questions will likely come when there are review units out there or the general public get their hands on the camera. 

    Have a little patience.

  7. I did a lot of weddings. You may detest them, but you hardly find better occasions to test your equipment and your skills - as well as videographer as as storyteller. A wedding is as good a proof of a camera's strengths and shortcomings as any image video or fictional short, imo.

    As I said, nothing against the folks who shoot them. Great source of income, plus a lot of them are beautifully made.

    As an average Joe, I just can't ever imagine wanting one.

  8. After I overcame my first enthusiasm, I took a look at the former work of this wedding videographer, which was shot with BMCC and BMPCC. What we have here is a guy who is a skilled colorist. The resolution is good, the DR is good (but not sensational, he always crushes the blacks!), but what really shines is the guys' taste in finding just the right colors.

    Though personally I'm convinced that the camera is worth every cent of it's price (and feels good in the hands, held it on IBC on monday), I don't think this particular clip proves anything.

    Meanwhile, there is a UHD clip by the same man:

    Nothing against folks who shoot weddings (a paycheck's a paycheck) but the couples who participate in these things for their special day are absolutely mad. 

    "Stare into each other's eyes and nuzzle your noses together while I get the exposure right" would have me and my partner bursting into laughter.

    "Next up, please do a pretend marital fall-n-catch and then have a snog" would be the final straw.

  9. This camera looks awesome, but yeah, probably have to tack on another grand for shoulder mount, extra batteries, memory cards - still a bargain as far as I can see. I also can't wait to see more footage.

    Try 2.5k. But even then, it looks like a pretty good option.

  10. Lens like 50 F1.8 II、 85 F1.8、24-85 show terrible mechanical sound,even some USM lens not working silently,I think that is why canon developed STM

    The 24-105mm L lens is incredibly crackly when you have IS turned on.

  11. You could consider BMPCC as consumer. But no other than that there is no cheap 10bit. Sony is capable of a camera like that and with the A7sii they have proved that they can really disrupt the market. My shocking reflects mostly my gear headed unreal expectations. 

    I have the same affliction...meaning I'm now looking at Blackmagic. For an extra 1k euros you could get a Ursa Mini 4.6k EF mount...albeit bear bones.

  12. I was looking forward to this announcement and now I'm not so sure what I think. All the obvious improvements are there, IBIS, 4K plus that nice extra of 1080p 120fps. And, of course, I look forward to seeing some consumer footage. But I had kind of hoped for less rolling shutter...or slightly increased MP count...

    I might save (a lot) more and look at the Ursa Mini at some point. I can't quite get over the fact that some of the most impressive and filmic footage I've seen is from Blackmagic.

  13. I have the Impulz Ultimate Package and am also a little confused. But that's alright because normally you learn something next...

    So use add a FilmConvert Alexa profile to the footage. Then add a LUT from Impulz to go from rec709 to Cineon? Would that be the LUT named 'Alexa Rec709 to LOG-C_Impulz.cube' in folder 28 of the Impulz pack, Ed?

    Apologies, the rec 709 labels + Cineon labels + the CIN/FC/FPE and VC tags at the end of the LUTS in that package always confused me.

    In the past I've gotten interesting results by simply adding FilmConvert and throwing an Impulz Sony Cine 4 .FC LUT on top.

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