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  1. No, I spent way too much already this year on cameras.   I own 12 cameras.  Saving up for a Joker 1600. Lighting and lenses and grading at this point matter more than camera choice.  They are all about the same by now.  Some handle highlight info better than others - but the easier way to improve ones imagery is with glass and lighting and learning how to grade or working with a good colorist.  

    It's a new era of digital cameras.

    Cool. Doing one-man docs I've got the added cost of sound to start thinking about before a big solo shoot next year in London, but I think we all know the lens+lights mindset is the healthiest mindset to have right now regarding gear. I recently tried out some vintage glass for small money and was kinda blown away by how much character it adds to footage.

    Either way, would be stoked to see a few more random creatives projects from you, really enjoyed your short little dog narrative in NY a while back.

  2. I hope an update does happen soon. That way, hopefully, the A7s receives a price drop.

    Still love the A7s. The image is beautiful...far better, of course, than it is after Vimeo compression which always destroys the image. If it drops a lot it would be well worth picking up. I shot some low light footage in an installation with it a few weeks back, and a friend was also shooting there with a C100. The C100 footage is basically unusable but the A7s is beautiful. It really hit home what a powerful camera the A7s is for the price.

  3. My BIG question right now is whether to sell the 5D Mark III. I never take it with me (the A7s is always the number 1 choice) and I've only used it for photos once in the last year. What do you guys think?

    The A7rII might be a choice later this year depending on what the A7sII looks like and on the upcoming reviews. I miss taking stills on vacation.

  4. The most important test ill do is skew and jello from full frame to 35mm mode and compare w a7s and nx1. Also see how the still images look and compare w the sony f3 to see whats the better buy. 

    You buying/rent one Ed? Your A7s SLOG2 tests were redonk good.

  5. When you talk about stabilization the proof is in the pudding, specs are useless. Two stabilization systems could perform better than one or worse. You must try. 

    I suppose the Sony IBIS will probably be studied to work well with Sony OSS. But with Canon IS, who knows?? And if you put all of this on a gimbal, who knows?? The video posted by Gregormannschaft seems like Canon IS 24-105 a very good combination!

    The 24-105 and the IBIS looks like a fantastic combo for doc work. For anything a little more creative, pairing an old vintage lens with lots of character with in-body stabilisation is really appealing to me. Wouldn't be perfect, but definitely a lot better than no IS at all.

  6. I'm liking the colour from this camera so far as opposed to the A7s. Could it be that everyone has learned to grade S-Log 2 suddenly? Or have Sony improved the colour science?

    I've definitely had some moment watching the test footage, particularly Davide's film above, where I thought 'oh this feels real' that I seldom had with A7s footage.

    It looked great but this A7s footage myth is getting a little bit ridiculous. I've done plenty of pieces with pleasing colour.

  7. Its not a Macro but the m42 Jena 35mm f2.8 has a close focus of almost nothing, the ND bumps the subject if I have the Xume adapters on.Since its m42 you can also unscrew it and get closer (works on your 50mm as well).

    On my 10mm C-Mount I can unscrew and literally have the subject touching the glass.

    Funny you mentioned that lens, just stumbled across an article on the 2,4 version which apparently has a focusing distance of 19cm which is amazing. I've bid for on on eBay but will now keep an eye out at markets. Cheers!

  8. If the A7r II has stabilization internally and Canon EF glass has stabilization.... What would happen if you use the A7R with Canon EF glass with Image stabilization? Add in a shoulder rig too. I'm not stupid it won't be like a DJI Ronin or Steadicam, but what would it look like when running and other things?

    It would still move, a lot. Rigs cut down mostly on ugly micro jitters you get when you hold things handheld for prolonged periods of time and give movement a different feeling.

    Ok, you've asked this question everywhere and I think you mean what would happen with the A7rii if you paired it with a Canon Lens with IS. Well, this:


  9. It is a good price. The lens is sweet! Very low contrast and kind to colors compared to some of my vintage 50mm. Love the wide but short design as well.

    What mount was it?

    (mine was $12)

    $12, nice! It's an m42 mount, the guy also had absolutely zero idea what lens it was which was kind of funny, even had a Helios 44-2 sticker on it. Great thing is it has barely a scratch on it, must have been lying packaged somewhere for the last 20 years. Took a few test shots last night and it has a lovely creamy look with, like you said, little contrast which I'm liking a lot.

    Vintage glass is great! I'd love to find a decent old macro for a similar price bracket.

  10. I found a used 1dc for $2600 today. If I was buying a large frame 4k shooter today I would have a tough time passing on that over the a7rii.

    (Im having a hard time passing even if I'm not looking for any new camera ;) )

    Where are you finding these ridiculous bargains?!

  11. I would highly recommend the Fotodiox "Though E mount" it fixes all the issues with play and wobble

    Cheers! Although getting fiddly with cameras never ceases to scare the shit out of me. With other smaller lenses there is no play so I'm not worried about it too much yet but will keep it in mind for the future.

  12. You can currently buy a new A7S on ebay for $1799... Prices are dropping, and will continue to do so as word gets out just how capable the A7Rii is for video.

    I meant selling the 5D Mark III....which still goes for around 2000 here on eBay. I could sell both and have some cash to spare to invest.

  13. Andrew, 

    And what if it is true?

    what if Sony gives you a a7rii like cinema 5d and you think wow it's fantastic and more than a7s, wouldn't you say it? 

    I mean, we can split on those guys cause they got the camera early and give us a test, and split on them cause they say the camera is fantastic. It might just be that....


    I'm sure he'd admit it, but he's right, Cinema 5D should point out the glaring issues that still exist with rolling shutter. Everything else does look quite lovely though. I haven't touched my Canon 5D Mk.3 in close to a year and would love a camera that takes nice stills and great video. I'm always choosing between the A7s and 5D before I head out and the A7s wins because video is so much better.

    Is it worth selling? Probably...right? Stupid to have a camera worth around 2000 euros just sitting there.

    And a question for Andrew, or anyone else in Berlin/Germany, is there a good shop online or physical that is worth looking at for purchasing cameras?


  14. Well this fresh review sums up my thinking pretty well

    "Now, if you are in a rush and have no time/patience to read my full Sony A7rIIreview, let me summarise it for you in two sentences:

    – Sell your A7s (or any other photo camera that shoots video you currently have)
    – Buy the new Sony A7rII ….

    Sony’s engineers did a remarkable job getting it right. I can’t remember myself having so much fun shooting and then looking at the footage with any other photo camera that shoot video since starting reviewing those cameras. (I currently own the Sony A7s andCanon EOS 1DC)."

    https://***URL not allowed***/sony-a7rii-review-first-impressions-footage/

    Ugh, it's quotes like this that annoy me. I love my A7s, but it is tempting. I have a Canon 5D Mark III lying around that I havent used in a year...and my A7s. I could sell both and have about 700 euros to spare and to invest. Hmm.

  15. From the tests it seems the A7R II is the best of A7R + A7S, so they either make the A7S II the ultimate camera you will ever need or it seems useless!!! 

    Again, I'd wager they add even more video features like a range of slow motion options.


    Would someone check if there's any flex in the lens mount, please?

    This video posted recently at Vimeo shows an A7s (supposedly the most solid of the first generation A7 series)

    with disturbing amount of play:

    Interesting. Recently my metabones adapter has started to rotate just ever so slightly when mounted with a 24-105mm lens, quite a big lens for the A7s. There's no up or down play, but perhaps some A7s mounts are weakening over time. 

  16. Is it me or a7rii kills a7s in video?

    better DR (test was done and 1stop better)

    internal 4k

    FF 4k super clean

    S35 with same if not better than a7s low light. Crazy no?

    not to mention stills.

    so yes a7sii will have FF 4k internal full readout and probably better slowmo but then the stills will be no where near as good as A7rii so it seems if you also care about stills like me the a7rii is the way to go.

    and if you want slowmo then get on top of a7rii a Rx100iv.. Because a7sii will for sure not be better in slow mo (maybe as good but I doubt they do full readout 120fps) so...

    Sony will leave something extra for the A7sII I reckon, and it could be adding that incredible slow motion. I currently have a Canon 5D Mark III and a Sony A7s and I'd like to get rid of the 5D but haven't yet because I dont want to lose that stills ability. The A7rII does look great...but video comes first so if the A7sII has incredible slow motion thats probably a better option.

  17. Dear Andrew,

    where you'll pick up your camera? I would like to have one too on wednesday!!!!! Also in Berlin.....

    Wo bekommt man sie? Ich habe einen Foto/Filmjob und meine Canon 5DmkIII vor ein paar Wochen verkauft (nach vielen Jahren Canon!!!).



    I imagine the Sony store at Potsdamer Platz perhaps?

  18. Aren't most people going with www.squarespace.com these days? That's the impression I got.

    Not sure what's wrong with hosting your own Wordpress site from a server though.

    Think that could be an option but I REALLY suck at the tech side of these things.

    Looks like Squarespace could be an option, my university gets 50% off a yearly price, too.

  19. Hey all, my Cargo Collective membership just lapsed and I wanted to ask you all if you use a portfolio website for your work that you recommend?

    Cargo is alright, but the layout isn't particularly impressive and the price is 'kind-of' high.


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